Big Pelf is That You???

OK so it was against an Astro “B” lineup… and even that may be generous to say, but Mike Pelfrey looked every bit the dominant pitcher we’ve all seen and some of us still believe he can once again be.

1R, 3H, 0BB, 3K in 6.1 IP is a great way to start heading into the regular season. I guess since you can’t put too much stock in bad spring outings we shouldn’t get too excited by a good game… but BMF is pretty excited to see this from Pelfrey.

The Grand Salami from Wright is VERY encouraging too. So long as David is putting the ball over the wall the presssure on his head will decrease dramatically. 

Word is Mike Nickeas will be Thole’s back-up, another Collins move I fully endorse. Screw an old veteran backup backstop. We’re not winning anything this year so lets get as many youngsters up here to see what they’re made of and get them some big league experience.

Meanwhile I have a feeling Josh Thole is going to surprise people with his offensive production this year. 

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We could almost be in contention this year if we played the Astros every game.

    BMF lets not get to crazy about the “BIG PELF” thing. I was at the game last night and I actually think I could have come out of the.crowd, took eight warm up pitches and gotten that lineup out! If I were you, now would be a great time to raise the price on the “GO BIG PELF” shirts

    Great boost to Wright to hit one out. I especially like the way Thole looks behind the plate and that he is actually throwing some base stealers outt!

    Can Met fans start a petition to keep the Astros in the NL? After all who are we going to be able to compare ourselves to next year!

  2. USMF Says:

    It was a positive outing by Pelf, he located well, kept the ball down and didn’t mess around…I do wonder why he only pitcher 70+ innings. He was looking good and at this point of spring, he should be getting around 90 pitches.

    Good to see Thole back to playing D the way he did two years ago…people forget how good he was at throwing out runners and catching the ball in 2010. When you look at how both Tholes and Paulino CS numbers took a big hit…and look at the splits between Pelf and the rest of the staff, I really believe that Pelf was the biggest reason for the poor SB numbers last year.

  3. Marvin Lesman Says:

    Can we finally get rid of this guy???…he has a good outing against a really bad team and all of a sudden there is hope…for gosh sake WTF - let him go

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