Magic Shoulda Bought the Mets

Imagine how rosy things would be around here if the Magic Johnson led group to buy the Dodgers instead took control of the Mets.

We should be so lucky… But we’re not.


If the Mets won the WS at home and there was an on-field celebration with the WS trophy handed to ownership would the fans cheer or boo? 


Danny Herrera looks like he’s sneaking into the opening day roster due to a need to replace Tim Byrdak. Granted Herrera may only last a few days but I’m still happy to see this kid in the bigs. He’s a guy you can really root for.


BMF applauds RA Dickey for coming forward in his book to admit that he was molested as a child. It impacted him so much he was considering suicide as recently as a few years ago. That’s some heavy shxt right there. 

One more reason to root for RA this season.

15 Responses to “Magic Shoulda Bought the Mets”

  1. Paul Says:

    If anyone hates the Mets owners so much that they would even think about booing them as they were presented with a World Series trophy, it’s time for them to re-examine their priorities and find a different hobby.

  2. Lord Charles Says:

    ^1000% agree, Paul. That’s such a silly question to ask, especially when you consider that if the Mets won the WS it would, at least partially, disprove all the “legitimate” reasons to dislike the Wilpons (i.e. beliefs that they can’t or don’t want to build a winner).

  3. Patrick Says:

    I agree. If the Mets win a WS then you have to cheer for the huge comeback and hole that the Wilpons got us out of.

    And I love rooting for Dickey.

  4. Matt Says:

    I want to like Dickey, but he seems like a bit of a media wh0re recently. The Mt Kilimanjaro climb for charity sounded nice, but the press coverage seemed a bit over the top. I mean daily entries and photos of him during the trip in the NY Times? I thought it was “for the children” not about getting your mug in the papers everyday.

    Now this book where he puts out these abused accusations. I am skeptical because it’s well known that publishers will require the author’s to include “juicy” material or they won’t print the book. Does anyone believe everything in Jose Canseco’s books was true?

    Dickey seems like a nice enough guy. I think I speak for a lot of Mets fans when I say the guy should just shut his trap and go out and pitch.

    I’m also a bit nervous that all this attention will detract from his game and he will take a step back this year. Until two years ago no one knew who he was and if he doesn’t keep pitching well, nobody will care anymore either.

  5. USMF Says:

    Sorry, Matt…I completely disagree with you on RAD. Dickey comes across as a down to earth hard working guy who will say or do what ever he fells is right.

    As for the stories of abuse, I can’t imagine that Dickey would make that up just to sell a book. I’ve read some other books that got published by former MLBers that didn’t need juicy/scandalous stories.

    Besides, the only stories to keep the media busy now is, Wright’s and Santana’s health and when Sandy will trade them… How much Pelf sucks… how much the team sucks…how much Bay sucks…how much Wilpon sucks…there is nothing else to talk about…any distraction from how bad this season is gonna be is a good thing.

    As for Wilpon, if Steinbrenner can die a legion after all the crap he pulled and how hatted he was, the Mets fans will absolutely cheer for Wilpon if the Mets won the WS.

    As much as people hate Fred and despise his for what he’s done…Fred has put more percentage of money back into the Mets than any owner out there. He want’s to win and many other teams will trade their history for the Mets any day. And it’s not like the Mets had a storied history of winning before Fred.

    You can hate Fred all you want, but before you assume that he’s a evil crook…do some research on Fred, Madoff and Picard and this history of the Ponzie scheme. If Fred was involved, he’d be in jail. If he did anything wrong Picard would have taken everything Fred had. Don’t just read the half truth stories in the rags designed to sell papers.

    If you really care about all the poor millionaires that lost money to Madoff, you should be more mad at the SEC, Schumer, Dodd and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee because of all the Bribes…errr… donations Madoff made to them during the ponzie days.

    If the team starts winning games, fans will go to the park, if they make it to the playoffs, then they’ll forgive Alderson for all the cuts he made…if the Mets make it to the WS, people will not care about Fred.

  6. Lord Charles Says:

    “If the team starts winning games, fans will go to the park, if they make it to the playoffs, then they’ll forgive Alderson for all the cuts he made…if the Mets make it to the WS, people will not care about Fred. ”

    Exactly. In 2006, no one gave a crap about how horrendous the Mets were from 2002-2004.

  7. Bitter Met Fan Says:

    Me thinks Matt is just a troll. Do you really think that Dickey is just a media whore? Anyone, ANYONE, who has a book, movie, show, etc coming out has some media exposure. Being in NY that coverage is magnified. Being a so called “fan” of the Mets you should know that anything that is remotely related to NY sports is overly publicized. As for his climb being “for the children” how would the word get out if is wasn’t for the Media?? Matt, I don’t think you speak for a lot of Met fans when you say he should “shut his trap and pitch”. If you’ve ever listened to him speak, you’d know he’s a smart, well spoken person.

  8. USMF Says:

    As bad as the collapses were in 2007 and 2008 and all the injury problems that sunk 2009-2010 and the slashing of payroll in 2011 and 2012 and the whole ponzi mess…

    …to me, the early to mid 90’s are still the darkest days in Mets history. Losing Straw, Doc and Cone and seeing them win in the Bronx and seeing players like Bret Saberhagen, Bobby Bonilla and Vince Coleman hurt so much worse than anything Omar and Sandy have done.

  9. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Well, at least since the end of Frank Cashen’s run. Not old enough to remember it well (or at all), but from about ‘77-’83 it was pretty ugly in Shea, too (7 straight years with less than 70 wins).

    Really, the Mets only “good period” was from ‘84-’90. It’s too bad the current division set-up wasn’t in place then, because the Mets would have made the playoffs all seven of those seasons, instead of only twice.

  10. JJ Says:

    I was there LC…and you’re right it was ugly…but you may now have the chance to live it yourself.

  11. USMF Says:

    LC, I was born in 77, so anything before the mid 80’s doesn’t apply to me…

    The 1997-2000 weren’t too bad…they had a quick turnaround and made the playoffs for three straight years…sadly, they were overshadowed by how good the Braves and Spanks were.

  12. Matt Says:

    USMF, fair point on Dickey. The team does need some positive news.

    Maybe I am reading too much into it. Books for active players always seemed odd to me. Reminds me way too much of loudmouths like Keyshawn Johnson and Rex Ryan (no offense to any Jets fans here).

  13. USMF Says:

    Those two plays in the first are good examples on why Tejada isn’t as great a fielder as people want to make him out to be…a MLB SS has to get to those high choppers up the middle…

    Great play by Murphy on that pop up though…

  14. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I will worry about that when the Mets win the World Series

    I hope I’m alive to see it!

    I am just hoping we stay out of the basement and get to 4th place!

    We already seem pretty comfortable and content in the Spring Training cellar!

  15. JoMama Says:

    The last thing RAD is is a blowhard. Dude is eloquent and speaks well.

    “Mets in the WS” - that’s just funny to say. What do you guys think the Vegas odds for on that?

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