Chris Young is Back

BMF is 1000% for inking Chris Young to a minor league deal. I would really hesitate to pay him big league money since it’s a real longshot for the guy to stay healthy for a full season but when healthy he’s a helluva pitcher.

Nice to see Johan go 5 innings. Nicer to see Wright back in action. I really have to wonder if these guy have good/great first halves will they be traded?

My guess is with the Madoff trouble off the radar the Wilpons now have the ability to retain Wright and would. Johan on the other hand I would think he’s ripe to be sent packing for youth.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Sorry I can’t agree with the Chris Young signing at all. If the Mets were flush with money I might think this was worth the risk.

    However, I do not see Chris Young being able to contribute much if any to the 2012 team. He must have come real cheap for the Mets to do this.

    I would have rather have saved that money and seen what was coming in the next few days with the massive cuts coming and the new rule which takes effect this year in a few days.

    As far as Santanna, who wants to take over a 21 million dollar salary on a pitcher coming off shoulder surgery. I belive we are stuck with him for the length of his contract, unless the Mets want to eat 3/4 of his salary in a trade.

    Wright should be and will be gone as soon as he has some kind of hot streak and the Mets can get any kind of value for him. I don’t think he has been right since he got beaned awhile back.

    March showed that this is not a really good team at all. In fact it is not even a middle of the road team. The real problem ehat stood out is that we have ZERO depth. How can such a crappy team already have their starting line up set so soon? There was not even really a battle for any starting positions.

    We can finish in last or fourth place without these two guys for the next two years so I am all for stockpiling prospects.

    I am actually kind of tired watching this team and I will be at the beach alot more and paying less attention to them this year.

    Sorry there is only so much bad and losing baseball even a Met fan can take!

    “Don’t let the Mets ruin your beautiful summer or spoil a perfect day!”

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Duda be raking the ball!

  3. Matt Says:

    I agree with Florida Met Fan Rich, no reason to even pay remote attention to the Mets this season. Once a few starters go down with injuries, the big club will be like watching a Triple-A team.

  4. Matt Says:

    if anyone is willing to take on Santana, even assuming the Mets will pay 3/4 of his salary, Alderson should get executive of the year. It would be an even bigger heist than the Beltran deal.

    I’m sure the Mets are salivating at those last-minute cut players that will come dirt cheap. They should call that the Mets rule.

  5. Bitter Met Fan Says:

    No reason to pay attention to this team anymore? So does that mean no reason to look at the up and coming kids? No reason to check out the Met blogs or keep up to date with all the goings on, right?

    Come on! Anyone who says they’re giving up on this team and says there is no reason to even pay remote attention to the Mets this season is full of crap. You will be here every day talking about how bad the team is. Or, should they go on a win streak, you will all act like you never said anything about not paying attention to the team this year.

    Are they going to win the NL East? No. Do they have the ability to realistically contend for the Wild Card? Again, no. But they never promised us that for this year. No one should realistically expect that this year. This year is about letting the kids play, evaluate the big contracts (Wright, Santana, Bay) and see who can be traded and what can be done to make the team better for 2013 and beyond.

    But go on, say you’ll boycott the team. The real fans will be with them day in and day out.

  6. Matt Says:

    When I say not paying remote attention, I mean not wasting time watching the games of a lousy team, buying merchandise, i.e. giving a penny to the Wilpons.

    I’ll still tune in to the Met blogosphere to hear what is going on.

    If management ever puts a decent product on the field, then I might consider paying attention again.

  7. JoMama Says:

    Right on Bitter! Who are these clowns, Tankee fans? Maybe they root for the Lakers too - Jesus, we haven’t played a single inning and you’re already throwing in the towel? I’m no where near NY and will still watch 90% of the games, wife and infant daughter in tow - that’s what being a Met FAN is all about - loyalty. You don’t turn them on because they’re winning, you turn them on because you’re a fan. This is just a pathetic excuse and I hope some of it was in jest.

  8. Marvin Lesman Says:

    We sign him and the baseball world yawns

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