Pelf Looks Great and then…

… well, let’s just say then he looked… less than great.

The big man was cruising through the first couple frames and really had me believing this was the turn around point for him, but then it suddenly went south. 

I guess the good news is it wasn’t a complete meltdown, he didn’t tell at himself, nor did he start frantically licking his hands. But Pelfrey looked very hittable yet again in what has been a brutal spring with an ERA north of 11.00.

Rumors are surfacing the Mets are looking to trade him which wouldn’t shock me, but his trade value is frighteningly low right now.

The irony here is I think the best move for Big Pelf would be a fresh start away from the pressure of NY and the curse of the Mets.

Btw does anyone else find Joba’s “excuse” of snapping his ankle while jumping on a trampoline a little suspicious? 

I’m just sayin’…

4 Responses to “Pelf Looks Great and then…”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    “pressure of NY”…really?…this year? There is zero expectations for this team. Everyone knows if this team finishs out of the basement it will be a miracle.

    We are way past the pressure era with BIG PELF. That was last year when he was supposed to be ‘The Ace” and our oprning day starter.

    I say take the “bag of balls” and a “used fungo bat” for him and be on our way. I will even throw in my used “GO BIG PELF” shirt to sweeten the deal!

    This guy gives up 5 runs in five innings and lowers his ERA by almost 4 runs to a stellar 11.00.

  2. AJW Says:

    A little suspicious BMF? just like Richie Allen’s car pushing injury, Jeff Kent’s truck washing injury, and Darrryl Dawkins dish washing injury.

  3. Roy Says:

    Rich, i’ll trade Pelfrey for a dead Hall Of Famer, and Chico Esquela.

  4. Roy Says:

    POLL: How Many Mets Fans agree that Gary Meyers of The Daily News Is a complete idiot?

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