Johan! Tebow! Johan! Tebow!

Wow it was a BIG day to be a Met/Jet fan as Santana suddenly, and arguably miraculously, roared back to ace like stature firing 6 stellar innings vs the Cards.

I still find it hard to believe Johan can be a dominant pitcher again but after today I think anything is possible.

Conceptually Tim Tebow isn’t a guy I would root for. A squeaky clean God warrior isn’t generally my cup if tea but I found myself tuning in and rooting for him like crazy. Turns out I love him… As a Bronco. 

As a Jet I’m not so sure. I believe in Sanchez. Last year he was still a young QB and deserves more time to develop. Tebow looming behind him can either be highly detrimental to Mark’s psyche or the competition could prove to be a good motivation tool.

I really just don’t know what to make of the Jets… Other than they’ll definitely be doing another Hard Knocks on the Jets come August.

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  1. USMF Says:

    OK I’ll start with the Jets…I’ve got some numbers for you all…

    34, 34, 30, 37, 17, 45, 29, 19…those are the points allowed by the Jets supposed Juggernaut defense in the Jet losses last year. I’m sorry, I don’t care who you have at QB, nobody is going to make the playoffs giving up that many points per game.

    I’m not saying that Sanchez doesn’t need to improve, because he has to get better…but not too many QB’s can start out of collage and become MVP type players, it takes a few years to really learn the most difficult position in professional sports.

    The Bills add Mario Williams and Mark Anderson, the Eagles add DeMeco Ryans….the Jets add a QB who can’t throw? Really?

    As for Tebow, I don’t understand the deal…I don’t care one way or another about the guy, I’ve rooted for him just because people love to hate him. But lets be honest, he’s not a good QB and the main reason for the Broncos success last year was because of the strength of their D and opposing teams strange habit of doing something stupid at the end of games to hand the win over.

    As for the “Tebow/God” thing…I don’t care, I think it’s more of a media hyped topic than anything else…yes the guys is religious, who cares…he doesn’t force religion on me…he prays on the side line-any big play, you’ll usually see a few guys saying a little prayer…and praying on the field-any game I’ve been too I’ve see a huge huddle of players praying on the field.

    As for the “thanking God” all the time, I couldn’t care either way…it doesn’t effect me in any way…Christens and other religions get a bad rap because of a few extremists use God as an excuse for doing bad things that are not godly. I personally have my own reasons for not liking the Christen Church, or any organized religion, but most religious people I know are good decent people just trying to live their lives. If we are supposed to be tolerant of all people, white or black, gay or straight, rich or poor, Jew or Muslim…than why has it become OK to be intolerant of Christens? I find it funny when I see the people who preach tolerance tend to be the most intolerant people I know.

    Anyways…back to the football part. Tebow isn’t a good QB and we all know that as soon as the Jets lose a game or Sanchez throws a pick, or even a bad pass…people are going start going nuts to see this guy play…and until the Jets get a defense that can play D, receivers who consistently catch the ball, running backs who can run, offensive coordinator who can make a good game plan and kick returners who don’t muff the ball inside the 20…this team isn’t going anywhere.

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Don’t look now, but the Mets starting staff is really coming together. Dickey was en fuego this afternoon, Johan was great yesterday, Gee similarly impressive a day earlier, and Niese and Wheeler had excellent outings in their previous turns. Of course, Pelfrey sucked, but you can’t have everything. Anyway, despite the lousy spring training record, it’s nice to see some quality mound work from the starters.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Got my first Mets win finally as I went to the game in PSL yesterday. The Mts are looking much better. Just keep the ‘Old Mo” moving in a positive direction and lets peak at the right time for the start of the season.

    Attendance is way down thiis year in PSL. There were just over 4000 in the park on a beautiful day. I have been to about eight games there and the crowds have been very light. They used to average about 6500 last year.

    Not sure if it has to do with the fan apathy, raising ticket prices or the “Crappy Astros”?

    Tebow will be fine in N.Y. I am sure the Jets have a “Wild Cat Plan” or “Red Zone Plays” where they will use him as a change of pace. He will also push Sanchz to work harder and get better.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    SI picks the Mets to finish last.

    Best case they stay in wild card race until Aug.

    Worst case loss 100 games.

  5. Jim Says:

    If the Mets can avoid injuries, play decent defense and get quality innings from their starters, I see no reason why they can’t win 70 games.

    And yes, I’m a Met fan, have been for 30 years, but I’m a realist too. This team is years away from playing meaningful baseball in June.

    Once again, the Jets make the noise in the offseason, the Giants make the noise in the postseason.

  6. Roy Says:

    @USMF True the defense wasn’t as great last season as they were in previous season’s but the offense giving the ball up on their own 30 yard line really doesn’t help matters. Those numbers are only indicitive of where the offense gave up the ball. Can’t expect any defense to stop an NFL Team with the ball handed to them on 30 and goal. You can also erase the 17 and 19 point losses because as far as I’m concerned if your offense can’t make three TD’s then the blame is put on them. Numbers never tell the whole story..

  7. Roy Says:

    Just got back from Atlanta Braves- Mets at Disney and while there were a few bright spots- I thought Niese was OK and Thole but Batista and Tejada were clueless especially Batista..Everyone was pretty much putting the ball in play or getting on base except for Tejada which is not too good since he is leading off…Can we at least beat the Nats?

  8. Roy Says:

    Florida Met Fan Rich Says:SI picks the Mets to finish last. After seeing these games and seeing them today live it is pretty easy to see that. There is no spark (Reyes) or any guy like him to give us a spark..

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I was also at the Mets game yesterday. It wasn’t very pretty. The Nats have not one a game in their last ten!

    Got a week and a half left to start playing inspired ball and head into the season on a positive note.

    Just look ing for them to play hard and fundamental basball and win a few to start the season fast.

  10. USMF Says:

    Roy, I went back and reviewed all the Jet losses…There was more fumbles and muffed punts deep in the Jets zone than INT by Sanchez. I only saw two cases that a Sanchez INT led to a difference making score… strangely it was vs Miami and Denver (the two games that the D didn’t completely suck).

    Sanchez’s other INT’s usually came during blowouts and had little effect on the outcome.

    Sure Sanchez needs to improve…he needs to make better throws…but I’d also argue that the O line needs to improve, the play calling greatly has to improve and special teams need to improve.

    Adding Tebow doesn’t fix any of these issues…

  11. Roy Says:

    USMF- I agree but even though the offense are the ones kicking the ball to you the fumbles and muffed punts should be blamed on the offense not the defense. Those are offensive players even though they are on special teams. Once again you cant blame the defense there. I believe in Sanchez and if its stats were talking hes improved. I also believe that Schottenheimer calling almost 70% pass was ridiculous and the main reason our offense was inept. How the hell can play action work when you do that? and it seemed like everytime they ripped off a good run he went back to pass. Hunter was also garbage last season but we have OL help coming in the draft because this year it is filled with good OL players. I think we’ll be ok on offense as long as Mark accepts his role. It really is up to him and his ego. Tebow does add another dimension and the guy has heart when a guy like this is available you just cant pass him up…Alot of Jet fans are saying we don’t need Tebow or that he doesn’t fix any problems but the draft is full of problem fixers OL LB..

  12. Roy Says:

    Rich- Batista and Tejada were awful yesterday. Tejada looked bad swinging although one of his K’s should have been a walk.. One of the worst calls Ive seen all spring..Well maybe we will beat the Nats this year..

  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I take it BIG PELF is out of the running for opening day starter. He gave up five runs and was able to lower his 14.90 ERA!

  14. Roy Says:

    I dunno it seams the way this team plays ball it’s like they just dont care…I really think they know they dont have anything and dont believe they have a chance of winning least thats what it looks like..

  15. Kamala Schumann Says:

    Occasionally you stumble upon some ideas that generate further thinking - the right post at the best time! Thankyou

  16. JoMama Says:

    I can’t stand Tebow and I can’t stand Sanchez. They are both 2nd string QB’s - AT BEST. No one has regressed like Sanchez these last few years, adding proof to the fact that SC produces primadonna’s and not NFL QB’s. So what do we do with a guy that still can’t throw a 15 yard out? Extend his contract for 3 more years…what a joke. But forget football, opening day is coming up!!

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