Wilponzi’s “Inbezzled” Money - BMF Heartbroken over Settlement

I was crestfallen when I first got news the Wilpons settled the clawback lawsuit and now suddenly were locked in to remain owners of the Mets forever.

According to Fatcessa the Met owners comprised about half of the silent investors who bought a total of twelve 20M dollar shares. 

This was because they couldn’t legally use money from any other business to support the Mets during this entire debacle so they “inbezzled” their own money into their own baseball team.

I don’t know if any of that is true, nor do I know how that fat pig Francessa would know any of this but it sure does make sense.

Personally I’m heartbroken because I know this ensures that Rich Rich Jeffy Boy Wilpon will eventually take full control of the franchise. And once Fred is dead and buried there will be no safety net to protect us all from Jeffy Boy getting involved again in player personnel decisions.

I’m convinced he’ll try and be Jerry Jones only he doesn’t have any of Jerry Jones’ intellect, moxie, or savviness.

I really fear the day when Fred passes away.

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  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I disagree. I think the news is great for the Wilpons and great for the Mets. The Mets have been completely hamstrung by this Madoff lawsuit for a significant amount of time now, and finally that monkey seems to be mainly removed from their back. They’ve wisely chosen to try and maintain control of the team, and seem poised to do so. I’ve never really understood all the Wilpon hating in the first place. You can argue that he has hired a succession of baseball people who have not managed to bring home a championship in 25 years, but it’s hard to argue that the Wilpons as owners have not been actively seeking to build a championship team during that time. Fred Wilpon has co-owned or owned the team since 1980. During that time the Mets have been active participants in the free agent market– acquiring many of the biggest names available in given years. From Bonilla and Murray to Vaughn and Alomar, from Piazza and Delgado to Wagner, Glavine and Beltran, from Santana to Bay, it’s hard to argue (although many of these signings were a bust, some spectacularly) that Wilpon has not been trying to bring a championship club home. On his watch they traded for Hernandez, Carter, Cone, Saberhagen, Kent, Olerud, Piazza, and developed talent from Doc and Daryl to Wright and Reyes. Even now we have some exciting young players like Davis, Niese and Duda on the big club and several excellent pitching prospects down on the farm. Fred Wilpon’s ownership has given us some great clubs from the Davey Johnson Mets through the Piazza/Valentine Mets and again as recently as 2006-2008. It’s only in the past couple of years, as they’ve faced this financial calamity that we’ve entered to Boof Bonser era. Now maybe they’ll be able to put that behind them, and have the financial assets to build a wining franchise. Alderson seems to be a bright guy, Collins an okay skip– I say let’s see what happens going forward.

  2. JJ Says:

    According to Fred Wilpon now that the Madoff issue is resolved he’s “going to the spring training camp, and trying to bring the Mets back to prominence”.

    That’s like the captain of the Titanic coming back from the dead and saying now that he’s alive he’s going to the Atlantic Ocean and trying to raise that doomed vessel.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Just glad that it is over and we can finally talk about baseball. I don’t think it is really going to change anything this year.

    When you talk about decent basball teams you talk about pitching and strength up the middle. Our pitching is OK if everybody has a good year and that usually will not happen.

    Pelf is a complete mess. He is so bad that the staff was giving out batting helmets to fans on the berm so they woudln’t get pelted by all the home runs he has given up.

    Santanna seems ok but he is not ever coming back to his old self I believe. He will not start opening day. I think that will go yto Niese.

    We also seem very weak with “Strength up the middle”. Thole, Tejada, Torres, and Murphy do not seem to scare anyone, including the Astros
    I honestly believe this team is going to be alot worse than even we as Met fans believe. They look pathetic and almost like they are defeated before they even take the field.

    They need to make a serious run NOW and get the winning feeling and carry it to the start of the season.

    Met-Mavern put this season in perspective for me yesterday. “Don’t take this season too seriously, it’s not worth it this year.”

    You might also consider finding a hobby!

  4. Nomore Manana Says:

    dude formerly known…

    nothing personal, but you are the biggest problem. “you”, i should say, doesn’t mean you the individual. it’s fans like you who think relentless loyalty and optimism is somehting to be admired.

    fred wilpon has f**king destroyed the new york mets. period. end of report.

    there is NO REASON FOR OPTIMISM with respect to this franchise.

    however, optimism costs nothing and i should clarify: you are a problem if you spend $$ on the mets. if you simply think, feel, ans post optimistically, no harm done. if you got to citifield and/or buy mets gear, you are enabling your abuser, fred wilpon.

    once again - i will say that anyone who was born into loving the mets and wants to die that way needs to step away from this wretched franchise. help it hit rock bottom by not supporting it financially. fred wilpon only speaks one language: money.

    i personally am almost over the wall and gone forever. let’s see if we can drive attendance as low as 1.5m in 2012/2013 and push fred into selling. i’m not optimistic about this. i think ny met kook aid drinkers will keep the wilpons afloat and that we will reach the 50 years without a WS mark with ease.

  5. USMF Says:

    Nomore Manana- nothing personal, but you gotta calm down and get a clue.

    What did Fred bang your Mom and not call the next day?

    Like him or not, Wilpon has tried to win…he’s spent more money and the largest percentage of his profits back into the team. This is one of the few owners who care about winning more than making money.

    He’s made mistakes and gambled big on risky players, but Fred’s biggest mistake is caving to the fan base and spending big on FA’s instead of stepping back and developing talent.

    As for your idea of stepping away and “help it hit rock bottom by not supporting it financially” is the stupidest idea ever.

    MLB has built a system that makes sure that each franchise will make money no matter how good or bad they are or how many people got to the game.

    Even if you got 75% of the fan base to boycott the team, all you’re gonna do is reduce profits forcing the team to cut payroll.

    If not winning, not drawing fans, making bad FA signings or being a @sshole of a owner is enough to force owners to sell, then Detroit, Oakland, Boston, Seattle, Minnesota, KC, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, Tampa, Texas, San Diego, Pittsburg and Miami would be forced to find new owners every year.

    If you really hate this team so much, then just go away…go cheer for the Yankees like all the other front running losers.

  6. Matt Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Manana. The only way to get the Mets to change their ways is to boycott the team. That means not going to the games or spending a cent on the team.

    As Bill James has said, the teams with money have lazy management because it’s easy to throw money around to paper over problems. The small market teams have to really do their homework (i.e. Tampa Bay). Alderson had a good track record in Oakland, but I have my doubts that he can change the Mets top to bottom by himself. Seeing stories about his son getting hired as a scout also makes me question if he really gives a sh!t or is just in this NYC job for the money, a la Mike D’Antoni.

    Bottom line, don’t go to the games.

  7. USMF Says:

    Matt, Alderson had a crappy record in Oakland…the success he had there was when the team had one of the biggest payrolls of the day and the roster was filled with roided up players.

    Once the new owners cut spending, the team (which was already on a downward slide) completely tanked.

    Look at his tenure in San Deigo, they were a playoff team and Sandy quickly turned them into a 60 win team.

    Do some real homework before you believe the Alderson hype.

  8. Howard Says:

    I am sick and tired of the Madoff thing.

    Now rosier topics like Mike Pelfrey. So he feels real good after giving up like 25 hits in 4 innings. When does he not feel good? Pelf has the logic down; he got destroyed in spring training previously and started the season 9-1. So with a couple of more spring training outings like 10 runs/3 pitched innings, can we expect a 10-0 start?

    I see TC being on the DL this year with a stroke.


  9. USMF Says:

    Yes…lets actually talk baseball…

    What’s more worrisome, How many injuries that have kept key players off the field, how poorly the “improved” bullpen guys are or how sucky Pelf has been (or the fact that he seems to be OK with sucking).

  10. ACE Says:

    The Wilpon’s stole those people’s money. They knew what was happening and they paid because they knew they were getting off easy. They are now free and clear to steal our money now. Embarrassing.

  11. Matt Says:

    USMF, I certainly have doubts about Alderson, but he does offer some reason for optimism. For one thing, on his worst day he can’t possibly be as bad as his predecessors (Minaya, Duquette, Phillips) who were total incompetents. I think every Mets fan can agree on that.

    Having said that, I think there is a decent possibility this could be a 100 loss season once the inevitable injuries and player underperformance kicks in.

    The best thing the Mets will have going for them is payroll flexibility in the future and POSSIBLY some decent young pitching.

    That’s the “hype” I am buying into for this year.

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