Mets in Spring Last Place

While its true you can’t put too much stock in spring training wins and losses there are certain years when BMF feels its more important to win Grapefruit games than others.

If you’re a quality playoff caliber team heading into the season you can easily shake off a bad spring record and turn the engine over when the regular season bell rings.

But when you’re a team that’s rebuilding, or a franchise thats been stripped like the Mets it becomes important to “learn to win” in spring.

We’re currently the worst team in baseball with a 3-11 record..

I’d be great if we can start stringing some W’s together and avoid getting our asses kicked the entire spring. 

We need confidence and we need to believe we can win if we’re going to make any noise at all.

9 Responses to “Mets in Spring Last Place”

  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    The Madoff debacle is finally over. Now, Let’s Go Mets!

  2. JJ Says:

    Sad day…Wilpon settles and won’t pay anything for three years. The only hope was financial disaster which would cause them to sell or have Selig get off his ass and make them sell. Now we’ll be subjected to Jeff de Roulet running the team for the rest of our adult lives….damn…

  3. Nomore Manana Says:

    “The Madoff debacle is finally over”

    But the Wilpon debacle is alive and well!

    Why are you celebrating? The Wilpons just got stronger than they were 24 hours ago. This is horrible news for Met fans.

    Now, I must get back to helping destroy the San Diego Padres.


  4. ACE Says:

    Was an afternoon with Mr. Met a part of the Madoff settlement?

  5. AJW Says:

    Well we Met fans can always look forward to the amazing promotions at Citi Field this year, Turn ahead the clock night “2″ featuring your 2345 Mercury Mets!, Fred Wilpon bobblehead night sponsored by Schmuckers Jam, Saratoga Night sponsored by the Met team doctors, and Mets fan appreciation night sponsored by Bon Vivant vichyssoise.

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The only noise that you are going to hear from the METS is the Bang When this team hits the basement by end of April.

    You are getting just a little taste of it now as they are the worst team in Spring Training.

    They just plain old fashion SUCK!!!

    A hard team to love and a harder team to have to watch!

  7. Met_Maven Says:

    I’m going into this season with zero expectations. The only expectations I have for them is to see the young kids get a little better and hope they can finish with 70 - 77 wins. I’m not going to let this team ruin my summer by bitching about a bad team being bad. Who knows, the kids may surprise us. I for one am willing to accept this season will be bad, but not the worse. There will be games that they will blow in the 8 & 9 innings which will frustrate us. There will also be games they win in the 8 & 9th inning which will surprise us. Don’t take this season too seriously, it’s not worth it this year.

  8. CowCrusher Says:

    As bad as FMFR aka “Mr. Sunshine” sees the team, at least ticket prices will be a bit lower and hopefully so will the burgers and beer!
    Yes. We will have an abysmal year, we have to. It’s in the script spoon fed to us every day by the “sports syndicate”. If you can’t buy a WS the old fashioned way, then what good are you? It’s all part of the “charm” of being a New York Metropolitans fan.

  9. Jon Penigar Says:

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