This is going to be a brutal season watching Jose play for the Fish and AGAINST us. Maybe my heart will change but I cant see myself rooting against Jose… EVER.

I guess it’s tied into a deeper hatred of our pathetic and incompetent ownership group who couldn’t run an honest enough business to be able to afford arguably the best player in the game when he wanted to be a Met… at least until Fred ruined that with the magazine article.

An early, rainy exhibition game is one thing, regular season will be the real test of emotions.

TC said he spoke to Reyes before the game and was asked about Wright by the ex-Met. Terry “thought it was real cool that he asked about him” 


Of course he’s gonna ask about his injured buddy. I would be shocked if he didnt.

Matt Harvey went down, Val Pascucci too. This poor bastard Pacucci may never sniff the Bigs again yet everyone I know roots for the guy. 

Matt Harvey… how good can this kid be? Collins said he’ll never use out of pen (which I fully support) but there’s already talk he could come up as soon as someone goes down. He might surprise but its not fair to expect anything more than growing pains if the kid does make it to the show this year… 

Which in a rebuilding year ain’t so bad.

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  1. Met_Maven Says:

    I can’t hate Reyes. He wants to win, the Mets don’t offer him that opportunity. The Wilpons didn’t make a legitimate offer, the Marlins gave him what he wanted in terms of contract and quality teammates. Granted the Marlins will probably trade all recent signings within the next few years as lack of attendance / revenue will force them to get rid of those players they can’t afford.

    Slightly OT, but has anyone heard the Marlins new team song? It may be the worst thing in baseball… next to the Mets medical staff of course.

  2. Chris Says:

    Can’t tell if that is worse or better than their old song

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    “Which in a rebuilding year ain’t so bad.” I am glad that someone wants to use the “R” word this year. I wish the Mets would acknowledge that we are in a “Rebuiding Mode” for the next to years.

    Don’t try to tell me that this team is going to be competitive and fun to watch. Nobody likes to watch a basement dwelling team!

    This team really SUCKS! They are worse than I even thought! They have lost 6 in a row and are 1 game away from the basement and we still have two weeks to go.

    Yes I understand its Spring Training and the games don’t count. Yes I know we have injuries and they are part of the game.

    It would be nice if this team could go on a little winning streak at the end of spring training, just for a mental lift and to have a little ‘MO” and confidence heading back to N.Y.

    This team looks totally overmatched from the start of each game. There is just something wrong.

    If you are a competitor, losing all the time still sucks. I hope they can turn it around in the second half to get ready for the regular season with a few wins!

    I am sorry this team is “Borderline Unwatchable” and seems to be getting worse every game!

  4. CowCrusher Says:

    Looks like we are stuck with the Nats AAA affiliate here in the ‘Cuse for at least two more seasons after this one. The one bright spot is hopefully Davey Johnson will be passing through but that is it. Anything can happen between now and then but at least the Bisons do play a lot of games here against the Chiefs and more and more Metropolitan fans are emerging.

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