At Least Collins is Talking About Injuries

BMF was happy to see that Collins is speaking frankly on his frustration in the Mets mounting injuries. Per MetsBlog count no less that 14 Mets have been sidelined this spring for one ailment or another.

It sounds crazy to say but this may be progress for the Mets. In the past we were just told to accept it as part of the game. I’m sure management was displeased in the past but I can’t ever recall Willie or Jerry publicly challenging his team to stay on the field. 

Some may not like Collins’ candor but IMO its refreshing. 

Collins feels like one of us. He want to win badly and he’s all gung- ho to lead the troops to victory. And if your troops keep calling in sick you need to make your feelings known loud & clear that you’re not having any of this B.S.

I never for a moment disliked Collins but he sure is growing on me.

2 Responses to “At Least Collins is Talking About Injuries”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Haven’t seen the Mets win a game yet, while I was there! Home,Away, Day, Night I am 0 fer!

    Heading to Lakeland and Tiger town today and hoping to get off the snide.

    Big Pelf was filling the berm with Gopher Balls yesterday!.

    Tell those players to take two pills, Man Up….and call me in the morning!

  2. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Unreal on the injuries!! for a team with little or no depth not good .. WTF? the Madoff $’s just gave us bad karma ..

    BMF - speaking of bad karma… Cuse too? should never have left the Big East ??!!!

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