Steady as She Goes Big Pelf

As far as fan base fuses go BMF believes the Shea Faithful have a pretty short fuse these days when it comes to patience. 

So I’m sure there is a sizable contingency out there ready to throw their hands up at Pelfrey’s thoroughly unimpressive outing on thurs - 4R, 6H in  2.2 IP. 

But if anyone needs reminding - and I’m speaking to myself, Big Pelf, and Met fans at large - YOU CAN’T PUT ANY STOCK IN a Week 1 spring outing.

So what if his pitches were flat? He was instructed to work on his slider so thats what he did. 

Alls I’m saying is sit tight Met fans before you sour on Pelfrey. The dude has the talent he’s just gotta maintain focus and consistency and I’m a big believer fan support can be a deciding factor one way or the other.


Meanwhile Torres has come up sore… i guess that why you don’t begin stealing on the first pitch you see from first in spring afterall.

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  1. USMF Says:

    So you get overly excited when Torres and Turner have a good ST game, but you ignore the poor performance from Pelf?

    I don’t worry about the box score in spring, rather I worry about what I saw.

    Pelfs fastball showed close to mid-season velocity but was very straight and up…his sinker looked good at times, but the really good ones were not chased and were low balls and the others got left hang high and over the plate. Just like last year.

    What ever is happening, guys pick up the sinker right away and follow the “low let it go, high let it fly” mentality…He has no other pitch to keep guys off balance.

    That’s not good results from a guy who worked on finding his sinker again all off season.

    My interest was peeked by Lucas May…I don’t know if he can catch, but he sure looks like a hitter.

  2. Howard Says:

    Did anyone see how Santana looked today? I missing the beginning of the game. If you saw it, please post how he looked.


  3. Met_Maven Says:

    Looked as good, if not better, than his first appearance. Good control, hit 90 on the gun. Can’t wait till he’s back full time!

  4. USMF Says:

    Santana looked really…his velocity averaged about 1mpr better than his first outing…he showed much better command on his pitches.

    He seems to be throwing more over the top than he did before he went down in 2010. He seemed much more fluid with better follow through this time which is probably why he had a little more speed and why he had better command and was able to keep the ball down in the zone this time instead of leaving everything up in the zone.

    The real great thing I see is Johan looks like himself out there…he doesn’t look like he ever had surgery and he looks to be in total control.

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