Turner over Murphy?

My head tells me we’d rather have Daniel Murphy’s bat in the lineup over Justin Turner but there’s a large part of my heart that would prefer to see the second base keys handed to Turner.

I know I’m always so down on Murphy and I can’t exactly explain it but I’m just not “sold” on DMurph. I like .300 hitters so it not a logical thing I just like the intangible JT brings to the game.

Turner just exudes scrappiness. Murphy is scrappy too but JT just brings a little more Lenny Dykstra to the game.

Turner banged out 3 hits wednesday so we may have a competition before spring is over.

I think i also have a hard time envisioning  Murphy staying healthy for 162 so I betcha Turner gets his AB regardless.

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  1. USMF Says:

    Sorry BMF, you’re way off on Turner v Murphy…Turner is a nice player and may be good in a line up that’s completely stacked, but Murph is a much better and proven hitter.

    It’s not like Turner has a huge resume at 2nd either…he may look a bit more “natural” at 2nd, but he’s not that experienced or is his glove anything close to being good let along strong enough to dump one of our best hitters out of a starting position.

    Don’t let one good spring training game make you believe that Turner is anything more that what he is. He’s a good bench player who can get hits to right field. After his hot start last year, he quickly came back down to earth.

    With consistent experience and a little bit of getting conferrable and calming down, Murph will be fine at 2nd, he fields and throws well and has surprisingly good range to his left.

    Sadly, we have to expect that fact that either Wright or Murphy will be traded as soon as Valdespin or Havens show they are ready to play at the major league level.

  2. USMF Says:

    I know it’s only his first start this spring so I won’t mention how crappy and unimpressive Pelf looked…

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