Johan? Is That You???

Um, don’t look now but Johan Santana just tossed 2 scoreless innings in his first post-op action.

Yeah, it’s “just” a spring training game, and “just” the 2nd game of March but I don’t think there can be ANY “just’s” when Johan is returning from shoulder surgery.

If he can somehow regain Santana form, and thats still a BIG “if” … thats a HUGE shot of adrenaline in the collective Met heart.

Torres continues his spring surge with 2 hits, including a triple, 3 rbi and a run scored. WOW! Can the regular season please hurry up and get here so we can unleash him on the NL.

Maybe its because we haven’t had a new star in 2 years that I’m merely a fan starving for a hero - but I am VERY HIGH on Torres’ 2012. 

The guy has a lot of ingredients of a player about to have a big year.

3 Responses to “Johan? Is That You???”

  1. Lord Charles Says:

    Apparently hit 92 on one gun. Obviously, guns can vary dramatically, but to hit 92 on ANY gun this early is an amazing sign.

  2. John In Athens Says:

    No runs, a walk, and a hit over two innings.

    I’ll take that as a good sign.

  3. Howard Says:

    I totally agree. Having Johan on the roster pitching everything 5th game totally changes the entire complexion of the team.

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