Baseball is Back, Baby!

Congratulations Met Fans we made it through the death march of yet another baseball winter. Spring is officially in the air, the Mets are playing games and the fantasy baseball machine just kicked in.

Yeah we lost 3-1 to the Nats but BMF is already an Andres Torres fan. It didn’t take any more than the 1st inning of a new spring season when homeboy took off and stole second on the 1st pitch he saw on the basepaths. Damn, thats a great way to make a good impression on a new fanbase. 

But Torres wasn’t done. When Murphy promptly singled up the middle Torres came dashing home sliding aggressively  and colliding with the catchers leg. This dude is balls to rye wall and it’s the FIRST SPRING INNING OF THE SEASON!!!!

BMF  loves Torres already! 


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  1. Howard Says:

    It is good to have Mets baseball back. And I will be keyed onto Johan’s performance looking for him to 1. not get hurt 2. show some velocity 3. show me that he is not straining out there.

    In regards to yesterday, I was not that impressed with Matt Harvey. I had gone to a lecture given by Adam Rubin a month ago or so and he told us that many scouts only see Harvey as a 3 or 4 in a rotation and that the real gem is Wheeler. When you see a top rotation guy pitch, you generally just know it. You do not need to see the stats after the game. He just has it. I did not see it with Harvey.

    Although Bobby O told us yesterday how a hitting drill instituted by Jerry Manuel totally screwed up Bay’s swing and how he was now showing his skills once again in camp, I once again saw a guy striking out on a curveball which he missed by about 3 feet.

    I love Ike’s swing. If this guy can stay healthy, I see big numbers from him.

    But today is Johan day. We all know what a healhty Johan in the rotation would mean to the Mets season. I am sure most Mets fans like myself are anxious to see what Johan looks like today.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Great time last night at the game. I just loved the new right field terrace renovations. The terrace and the deck above the berm are now the place to be, and the seats are only $8.

    Met Darren from the, and Shannon from Metspolice was also there.

    It was good just to have baseball back! The fans at the stadium were kind of laid back and reserved, as most are not expecting much from this team this year. The general theme was “Let the young players play”and we will take our lumps this year.

    Was expecting a little bigger crowd as they usually average aroung 6500. Not sure if it was because it was a night game, or if was fan indifference.

    We will know better after a few more games.

    Heading to the new Marlins Ballpark tonight to see them open their new stadium vs. the U of Miami! I hear the stadium is spectacular. I hpoe to see Reyes play.

  3. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Howard ..good call .. Bay looks in midseason form!! what happened to this guy?? never seen a guy swing and completely miss like Bay?

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    FMFR: After six months of complaining about the tichet prices, the club, and everything else, you expect us to believe this posting comes from our own FMFR? Who are you and what have you done with or FMFR? Oh, that’s right– it’s Spring and “here comes the sun”– Make sure to stock on the Lithium by Opening Day, however. :)

  5. Howard Says:

    Well, watching Santana this afternoon provides some hope. For a guy who has not pitched in a long time, he was awesome out there. He threw consisitently 87-88mph with the fastball, great change up, had great control, and just had that Santana presence on the mound that the top pitchers have.

    Lets hope he feels good tomorrow.

  6. USMF Says:

    Very nice showing by Santana…velocity was pretty good for this early in spring…I was worried that he couldn’t hit 88mpr ever again.

  7. IrishMike Says:

    You have to like how Johan looked. Long way from here to getting batters out in the regular season but this was all you could ask for today.

  8. Met_Maven Says:

    Great first outing by Santana today! With any luck, I’ll see him get a W on Opening Day!


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