Let the “Real Games” Begin

Well not “real” as in games that count but compared to an intrasquad game a contest between the Mets and Nats on Mar5th is a “real” game.

Who cares its early spring training this is likely a preview of the battle for the NL East crown  – uh rather, I mean, last place. Either way its great to have baseball back and I cant wait to begin seeing games on TV. Haven’t seen a spring tv schedule yet but I have to wonder if the Mets will be showing fewer spring games this year in a cost cutting move. I

The SNY budget has alway allegedly been completely separate  but you have to wonder if its really cost effective to air games.

I mean how much can you possibly get for early spring games from sponsors? 

Now Wright has tender ribs and will sit out a few days and whats worse is there are whispers in the organization that this Valley Fever is potential a bigger problem than first admitted.

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  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    The airing of games is what pays the bills, isn’t it? Once you own the network, the broadcasting equipment, etc. and have the announcers on salary, it’s not like there’s any big expense to telecast games. Looks like they’re scheduled to be on TV 14 times this month, including 4 this week.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Play Ball! Even though I am going to tonight’s opening night game, I am just not feeling the burst of hope and optimism about this team.

    I can’t put my finger on it but this year just seems different, even with zero expectations about this team. It just doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies.

    The black clouds are already hovering over this team and spring training hasn’t started.

    Anybody else feeling this way?

  3. USMF Says:

    Wilpon/Mets and co-owners in SNY with Time Warner and Comcast. Even if the Mets are short on money, the cable company’s still got cash…the TV equipment should already be in place and to have a small, low paid camera crew shouldn’t be that hard to pull off.

    Even though there’s little to hope for this season, I’m geeking pretty hard for baseball…I’m most interested in watching Matt Harvey pitch tonight.

    And you have to chill out on this Valley Fever stuff, you’re sounding like my Mother-In-Law. Ike hasn’t shown any symptoms… it’s easily treatable, especially when caught before it starts showing up…even if it hits him, it’s no worse that getting the flu…at worst, he might have to rest a couple of weeks…looking at the timeline, he’s probably had it for a while so it’s pretty close to being out of his system anyways. His blood even came back negative, the Dr. just thinks it’s a possibility, so they are being careful.

  4. Big D Says:

    WILPONZI !!!


  5. Met_Maven Says:

    Even with the judge ruling that the Mets may have to pay up to $83 million, it looks like things might be turning around for the Mets. First Picard went from demanding $1 billion (which I’m sure he asked for in his best Dr. Evil voice) then the judge dropped that amount to $386 million and today that dropped to $83 million. They won’t have to pay anything because they must prove that the Mets’ owners “willfully blinded” themselves to Madoff’s fraud to get more. How can they prove that? They need hard facts and that’s hard to come by in a case like this. Since it started that’s what most lawyers on sports radio and ESPN have been saying. With any luck, the Mets won’t have to pay anything and they can start putting money back into the team.

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