Wilpon Jinx Infests Ike’s Lungs

Valley Fever? Really?? Ike Davis is diagnosed with some bizarre spores in his lungs called Valley Fever and we’re supposed to chalk this up to random bad luck?

No folks there’s a larger force at play here and BMF believes its called “The Wilpon Jinx”. How else could you possibly explain a franchise snakebitten as badly as the Mets?

No team in MLB– check that, no team in professional sports is as “unlucky” as our Mets and now we get word that Ike has a rare infection in his lungs likely contracted from breathing in soil in the desert.

It’s prob not so bad, but with whispers that this could potentially be career threatening it’s not the sort of news you welcome. He’s also supposed to avoid extreme fatigue another great buzz for your staring 1st baseman in early March.

And with the Met history of treating Ike Davis injuries this is exponentially more troubling.

When will the Wilpon Curse be forced to sell? 

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I guess the only way to answer that is when he “Gets hit in his pocket hard enough!”

    Story today about ballpark related-revenue down 30% since 2009 and premium ticket sales off almost 50%. I guess that is a sign of fans being disgruntled.

    Add David Wright and Scott Hairston to the list of the “Walking Wounded” already also.

    Went to a Nats/Astros game yesterday. They used 48 players in the game! Ever try keeping score to an early Spring Training game?…Talk about “Can’t tell the palyers without a scorecard!”

    Heading to the game tomorrow night. Would love to see us have a good spring and get out of the gate quick this year. The first part of the regular season schedule is tough!

  2. Bitter Met Fan Says:

    Actually, Valley Fever is common for people who live in the American South West. It’s not fatal and usually clears up on its own. The media is making a bigger deal of it than it actually is. My cousin is a doctor and this is what he told me about it : It’s rarely fatal unless your body’s natural defense system is weak, in extremely rare cases it can be deadly. Though the odds are slim it can be deadly even for people with a normal immune system. Valley fever can spread from your lungs to other parts of your body. Those at higher risk for severe illness include people with AIDS, pregnant women, people who take medicines that weaken the immune system, and people with diabetes. Filipinos, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Native Americans also have a higher risk. He also informed me that people can also die from the flu in severe cases, the odds just aren’t that big. While this is a somewhat unusual case, I’d hardly consider it a curse. As for Wright and Hairston, those things happen all the time in Spring Training. Better get those small injuries out of the way now than have it happen in the regular season, right?

    While I do want the Wilpons to sell, I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon. Wilpon said he plans to own the team for a very long time. After this Madoff victims trial is over, the Mets will have an influx of cash. When this all started, the Mets suddenly needed to raise money. Yet SNY (owned by the Wilpons) had enough cash to purchase 2 of the shares the Mets were selling. I guarantee once the trial is over, the Mets will suddenly have a whole bunch of money they can put into the team. Love ‘em or hate ‘em (and I hate ‘em) they do spend on the team, though not wisely. They’re not going to sit and watch attendance drop or become a team with no All-Stars when they host the All-Star Game next year. I’m willing to bet that by the time the 2013 season starts, the Mets will be spenders again. Hopefully Alderosn will be able to make better purchases than his predecessor. Though I’d love to take bets as to what will happen first, the Wilpons selling, or Met fans becoming rational.

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