Wilpons Screw Up T-Shirts

On the first day of full team workouts Jeffy Boy Wilpon handed out Met orange t-shirts with the Underdog logo on the front. If you’re too young to know Underdog was nothing short of one of the greatest childhood cartoons ever. It was a dog in an oversized superhero suit. 

Now you can argue whether or not its appropiate for an owner of professional team in the largest market in the world labling his team underdogs but to me Jeffy Boy swung and missed on these shirts. Instead of putting the easily recognizable Underdog himself on the short Jeffy opted for just the cartoon “U” that appears across Underdogs chest.  

BMF has been a lifelong Underdog fan and even after reading the headline I had trouble figuring out what the Hell that weird looking “U” was. So instead of making great looking, easily identifiable shirts Jeffy decided to go with an obsure reference to the loveable character. 

Jeffy Boys genius strikes again. Good lord I pray the Willons lose ownership before this tool get complete control. 

David Wright also worked out in a Michigan football jersey as a result of “settling a bet with Fred Wilpon” 

Hmmm i wonder what that bet could have been…

Perhaps Wright wagered he’d never finish 2011 as a Met


Wright wagered that Reyes would indeed be back.

Wright gambled the Willons would in slash payroll to Padre levels only to lose when the Wilpons went Oakland A’s.

Wright bet that less than 98% of Met fans hated the Wilpons

Wright rolled the dice declaring that someone somewhere in the world would have something nice to say about Jeffy Boy 

Wright thought the Mets wouldn’t finish the season as a laughing stock 5 consecutive years.

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  1. CowCrusher Says:

    Hey, are the “energy” pills U_dog used considered PED’s. Will Mrs. Met be replaced by Sweet Polly Purebread?
    Is Simon Bar Sinister working in the Bronx?
    Or is Harry and the Frog codenames for jeffy and Fred?

    Inquiring minds need to know! :-D

  2. Bitter Met Fan Says:

    So when everyone who knows anything about baseball calls the Mets underdogs its cool. When the fans are bashing the team and saying they’ll be in the basement and 20 games out by the end of April, that’s cool. But when the owners acknowledge it and “embrace” it and try to use it as a form of motivation, that’s uncool? I think its a good idea. I know they’re underdogs. You know they’re underdogs. They know they’re underdogs. why not turn a negative into a positive, make the team inspired to prove their naysayers wrong. Robin Ventura, the new White Sox Manager is embracing the team being called underdogs. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/baseball/whitesox/10313147-574/white-sox-embrace-underdog-role-after-failed-season-as-favorites.html

    Its a double edged sword, the fans all call them Underdogs and basement dwellers. When the Wilpons say they believe the team can compete, the fans call them delusional. Then the Wilpons accept the underdog label their fans have given them and they are now getting bashed for that. Yes, ownership sucks, but com on I don’t want them here any more than you do but this is ridiculous.

    As for the bet, if you actually READ any of the the articles that actually SAID what the bet was about you’d know that Wright lost a bet with Jeff Wilpon that Virginia Tech would beat University of Michigan in the Sugar Bowl.

    Another crack job by BMF. Read the headline, ignore the article, make up your own facts.

  3. BlondiesJake Says:

    Hey, Bitter Met Fan, you clearly read the headline, ignored BMF’s article and made up your own facts because he’s not bashing ownership for accepting the underdog label, he’s bashing Jeff for just putting the “U” on the t-shirts, saying it makes it hard to know it stands for Underdog because it’s an obscure reference.

    For those not familiar with Underdog, here’s a wikipedia link with information that may or may not be correct http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underdog_(TV_series)

  4. Bitter Met Fan Says:

    Mr.BlondiesJake Its hardly an obscure reference. It was a popular cartoon long ago, so a majority of fans 30 and over should recognize it. Not too long ago it was a popular kids movie. Not a good movie or mainstream popular, but it got enough publicity that a younger generation is aware of it. Besides, if Jeffy boy put the picture of Underdog on the shirts, it would result in a copyright issue. The “U” used isn’t an exact replica of Underdogs “U” so the copyright infringement is a non issue.

  5. CowCrusher Says:

    Whoever came up with graphic did not do a great job. Our pal Darren over at the www.the7line.com has put together a fine collection of apparel while you would think Jeffy and the Mets could of put forth a product just as good or better but they did not.

  6. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    That “U” on the shirt is for “Under the basement”! We are gonna suck so bad we will be falling off the sports page, we will be so far back!

  7. ACE Says:

    That Wilpon is insane. U t-shirts? How about C t-shirts for cheap. B t-shirts for broke. S t-shirts for stupid. U t-shirts are for the fans. That’s U for ulcers.

  8. BlondiesJake Says:

    Bitter Met Fan, you’re now 0-2 in reading comprehension. I didn’t say it was an obscure reference, BMF did. I merely pointed out that BMF wasn’t bashing ownership for embracing the underdog role but for the t-shirts with just the U on them.

  9. CowCrusher Says:

    Easy does it FMFR,
    Looks like you have been taking in too much sun and cheap-azz NASCAR BEER! :-D
    It’s still way too early…don’t you listen to the “Schmooze” on WFAN via the internet?..he’s not ready to jump off the Queensboro Bridge..at least not yet…and the Shea bridge don’t look too crowded..yet!

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  11. Movado Says:


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