BMF Takes the OVER on Mets

Word is the Vegas line on the Mets is 70.5 — which means the over/under for losses is 91.5 — OUCH.

BMF would consider myself among the more pessimistic of  Met fans these days but 70.5 seems pretty bleak even to me.  

Granted our division will be the best in baseball with pretty much every team reloaded. But I think the Mets will have scrap and talent to win 75 games. 

I can’t really expect more than 8 wins from Santana this year. Yeah I know he’s “healthy” but….

CAN he win more than 8? It’s definitely possible but can we EXPECT more than 8? I don’t think so.

But I’m still taking the over on 71.5… even though the smart money is prob taking the under ; (

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  1. Original62Fan Says:

    You certainly are a pessimistic bird, but I agree that 70.5 is way too low. Sure, all other teams in the NL East appear to have made themselves better, but the Mets aren’t going to lose EVERY game to them. Plus, we can still beat up on the Cubs, Astros and Pirates.

  2. Met_Maven Says:

    I can see the Mets having a record close to what they had last year, somewhere around the 77 win mark. Not great, but all things considered, it would be better than most of the baseball world expects. Phillies have gotten older which means the odds of them getting the injury bug increases (its possible), Reyes is an injury waiting to happen as we all know, and who knows how the Nats and Braves will pan out. I’m not saying all those teams will falter, but things might work out where we could win the season series from at least one of them and maybe split or come close to splitting with the rest. I think Johan could win 10 - 12 games if healthy, depending on how often he pitches.

    I love that Spring Training is here!

  3. USMF Says:

    I think this team better than we believe it is, and they not close to being the worst team in the NL. The finial records won’t properly reflect the Mets strength, I’d believe that if the Mets played in any other division, they’d have a legit shot at competing.

    What scares me about this season is two things…

    #1. The first two months the Mets schedule is brutal. They could buried very quickly and that will demoralize the team and the fans before the kids are out of school.

    #2. There is no room for error. The team isn’t bad if things break right, but the roster is have 25 question marks and there is very little depth (especially in the rotation) They need everything to go right and can’t afford one thing to go wrong. History has shown that no team can ever go a full season without something going bad.

  4. Original62Fan Says:

    “History has shown that no team can ever goes a full season without something going bad”

    The ‘86 Mets only had two things go bad for them that year. A bar fight in Houston and losing the season series to the Phillies (who finished in 2nd place 22.5 games behind)

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:


    Great Assessment by USMF. I am all about pitching and I am very concerned A) Santanna is no where ready from what they claim him to be. B) we have no plan B as far as starting pitching goes.

    Hopefully this team will get some kind of “Pitching Insurance” with the new rule that takes effect at the end of Spring training. I think you are going to see ALOT of players let go.

    As far as the schedule, we could be out of it by mid May if everything doesn’t break right for us and we get a couple of injuries.

    We have zero depth and a bad bench! that doesn’t bode well when we start to get injuries and you know we will.

    I think this is a “Basement Bertha” team and we only finish ahead of the Astros in the NL.

  6. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Forget the wins ..

    Just want to see some development from players we hope will progress and be part of the solution … guys like Parnell … Ike Davis… Duda .. can Gee and Niese be consistent? … can Tejada play everyday?.. this is why I will be watching … that and drugs, and the fact that I’m so die hard I can’t help it .. and plenty of USMF brew …

    we have so many questions .. which is usually the kiss of death to expect to win all that much but progress from the young guys I think is more important than 77 wins or 70 wins etc …

  7. CowCrusher Says:

    Working on my first batch of “home brew” as we speak. It’s “porter” …so keep your fingers crossed….I am shooting for a decent abv …we are going to need it! :-D
    Hey, who says the rest of the Division won’t have their share of injuries?
    One strained hammy in Miami, coming up?

  8. CowCrusher Says:

    Hey USMF,
    Can we put a “smoker” in your box? That’s best way to do up some fine ribs and chicken!!

  9. USMF Says:

    CC-when I get my Box, ribs aren’t the only thing we’ll be smoking…

    Plus, the fridge will be stocked with plenty of Saranac (My personal fav is the caramel porter) we’ll have plenty of Guinness and Tullamore Dew too…

    We’d force fan to drink Natty Ice…

  10. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    that doesn’t sound good at all !!

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