There Goes the BMF “Nose Bros” Headline

I was shocked to hear John Niese went and got himself a nose job this winter. I guess Beltran told him he should do it and may be stuck with the bill after agreeing to pay for it.

As a longtime sports fan BMF has heard a LOT of medical reports, especially being a Met fan in the 21st century, but I’ve never heard of an off-season vanity nose job before.

Niese now says he can breath much better when jogging so perhaps this will help on the mound as well which would be great … Too bad my favorite never been used BMF headline just went by the boards with this announcement.

Thats right ever since last May when it came to me, I’ve been waiting to bust out a “Nose Bros” headline on a day Niese pitched well and Ike Davis  contributed with the stick. 

I figured I would be able to run a Nose Bros headline in one form or another within a week or two, three at the most.  But then Ike went down with a bruised shin, the Mets botched the recovery and BMF was forced to sit on my Nose Bros headline all winter.

Now with spring training fast approaching, news breaks that Niese “nose jobbed” this winter unwittingly  rendering my headline useless.

Dammit this was one of the few things I was looking forward to in what is sure to be another losing Met season.

Damn you rhinoplasty - DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!

12 Responses to “There Goes the BMF “Nose Bros” Headline”

  1. Patrick Says:

    If Niese doesn’t pitch well then we can start blaming plastic surgery. Ugh! Thank god for fantasy baseball. I’m going to dive into fantasy and the Mets season will fly by and I don’t have to watch.

  2. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    SO FUNNY .. read this story in the Post and knew .. KNEW BMF would be writing about it !! ..The Mole recommends and offers to pay for a nose job for Niese ?? hilarious !! Doctor in Bensonhurst offered 2 for 1 for Ike Davis !! hell why not Jay Horowitz? the Mets are a team with big noses!! which, of course, means absolutely nothing based on their record last year…

    the “Nose Bros” .. and “nose jobbed” were good BMF but we want more .. this is up there with the “LINSANITY” headlines the papers are enjoying right now !!

    you can do better !!

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Well with all these schnoz’s around on this team, maybe we can NOSE somebody out for 4th place!

    What a great day! The Met flag is flying on the flagpole. The sun is shinning brighter. The air is smelling cleaner. The food tastes better. The Beer is colder!

    Baseball is Back!

  4. USMF Says:

    From the sounds of it, Niese must of had cleft palate issue with his nose that hurt his breathing.

    I believe that this is one those things that LosB did behind closed doors as a leader that nobody ever saw.

    And Please people…we all know that Beltran has a big mole on his head. Can we please stay away from the Mole Jokes? We all know, Beltran has a mole…if he doesn’t care, then why should we? I’ve already read some pretty immature comments about it. I know the internet is a fantastic place to bash people and make over the top and out of line remarks about people, It’s not funny, it’s not cool, you look like a j@ck@ss.

  5. Met_Maven Says:

    USMF I agree with everything you said 110%

  6. Helix Says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one wondering about John’s “Rocky Marciano” nose. Seriously, that must’ve been some liability in the teenage years.

    From what I’ve heard from those who’ve had sinus surgery, the difference is night and day. Most of us take breathing freely for granted, but for those with deviated sceptums and such, life must suck to some degree. Good for Johnno… it’s just sad to think this is what substitutes for good news in Mets Land these days.

    And no, in the Newsday poll, I don’t think Johan will be ready for Opening Day, no matter what Terry Collins sez…

  7. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I agree .. I”m a jackass .. and love the freedom that I can say whatever I want and you have the choice to agree or disagree

    but calling me a “jackass” .. how is that “cool” either? ..or “not funny?” or not exactly what you are condeming ?

  8. USMF Says:

    No Matt, you’re not a jackass…my comment wasn’t directed at you.

    I’m all for freedom of speech and I don’t care how terrible or racist or controversial or how much I or you or anyone else disagree with what’s being said. I think that everyone has the right to say what they want and if you start censoring one person and his thoughts, then you have to censor everyone.

    That said, I also have the right to call out people for being @ssholes, even if it’s preventive. I’ve read on another “national” site some pretty horrible comments about Beltran and Niese…these thing were completely over the top and uncalled for and unnecessary. I just want to make sure that BMF doesn’t get pulled down to those levels.

    Come on Matt…we’ve been on this site together for six years now…we’ve had a lot of fun at each others expense…Even though we’ve never meet face to face (or even know each others real names) I consider you a friend, or at least a good a friend you can have talking non-intelligible Mets stuff and other random BS that popped into our perverted minds over a Mets message board could be.

    Win I win the lotto and buy my $20mil share into the Mets, you’ll be invited to hang in my box and drink my beer…but only the cheep stuff.

  9. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Well wait now USMF .. exactly what beer do you drink my friend?

    who am I kidding? I’d drink anything …

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    Even though one could call themselves a “beer snob”….as far as a vote for the “cheap stuff” to be on tap in USMF’s box, I suggest good ol’ Utica Club from Matts Brewery aka Saranac….located in Utica NY…yes, the same good people who have the contract to brew Brooklyn Brewery’s common line.

  11. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    LOVE Matt’s Brew !! and not just because of the name

  12. CowCrusher Says:

    Make sure you do the tour and order some chicken riggies and halfmoons….have a few pints as well to wash it all down….trust me, those riggies can be hot!

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