RIP Gary “The Kid” Carter


We all knew it was coming but it was still incredibly sad to hear of Gary Carter’s passing.

Man I remember hearing the news on 1010 Wins radio when the Mets traded for him. He was he Expos best player, a perennial All-Star and somehow Frank Cashen fleeced them and pried away the best catcher in the game.

I remember jumping for joy because Gary Carter felt like he was the final piece we needed to win the World Series.

Sure enough,  Opening Day his first season in NY he hit a walk-off HR and Shea went bonkers.

Sure enough, Kid kept that game six alive by sparking the legendary rally with a clean single up the middle.

At one point I joined a Met fan club of some sort and received an autographed picture of Kid and Dr. K. It’s always been one of my most prized collectables and now more than ever.

I’m trying to think if we’ve lost anyone else from that ‘86 team… I don’t think so. Even Frank Cashen is still kicking as far as I know.

It’s bizarre to see someone of Gary Carter’s stature pass away.

To this Met fan he’ll always be a hero and a legend.

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  1. john smith Says:

    I think Bill Robinson 1st base coach died awhile ago

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    well said, bmf. rip, gary.

  3. JoeG Says:

    I was at that opening day 1985 game-best game I ever attended-thanks for the memories-RIP to the Kid!

  4. CowCrusher Says:

    Although I did not know about Gary passing til this morning, last night I put out my Mets Nike Golf Shirt to wear to work today. Eerie, man.
    Rest in Peace, Kid….you will be sorely missed by many a Metropolitans fan.

  5. foxster Says:

    words fail me. good bye Kid.

  6. Phantom Says:

    I don’t think we realized just how great a man he was when he was with the team.

    Great player, and a better man.

  7. Met_Maven Says:

    Made it out to the Shea Bases in the CityField lot last night. Darren from The7Line organized a candlelight vigil for Carter. There was a decent amount of people there, sharing their favorite Carter stories and celebrating The Kids life and career. Really good job by the fans who came out. I hope the Mets do a good job come opening day in paying tribute to the late, great number 8.

    RIP Gary. You will be missed.

  8. Phantom Says:

    Met maven

    What are ” Shea bases “?

  9. IrishMike Says:


    The locations of the bases (and the pitching rubber) at Shea are marked in the Citifield parking lot. I’m assuming the gathering referenced above happened in that section of the parking lot, e.g. the old Shea infield.

  10. CowCrusher Says:

    Let’s see a bunch of skankee fans bother to take the time to honor one of their own that was on the same level as the Kid?
    Chances are very few would bother to show up provided they could find somebody who played for them within the last 30 years.

  11. IrishMike Says:

    Ah excellent CowCrusher back to finding a way to make everything about (his secret favorite team) the Yankees.

    Seriously dude - what does Gary Carter’s death have to do with the Yankees?

  12. Phantom Says:


    Get the hell out of here

    The Yankee fans remember their players, incl those who died young, very well

  13. CowCrusher Says:

    Nice try IM..nothing could be farther from the truth.
    Phant ….was Munson or that other guy who crashed his private plane on Cater’s level?
    No disrespect to Munson, while he was definitely a decent guy, he isn’t the Kid….and sadly, most so-called fans in the Bronx would not even know who Thurman was.

  14. Phantom Says:

    Munson was a very good catcher, and leader.

    And the Yankee fans remember him well. You see fans wearing Munson No 15 shirts there all the time.

  15. CowCrusher Says:

    One more point and perhaps USMF will vouch for me but Carter’s death was completely ignored by the CNY media…however if it was a member of that other team, it would of been a non stop media blitz.
    To their credit a good number of true fans had the decency to call into the FAN to pay their respects.

  16. CowCrusher Says:

    I don’t disagree that there are a number of fans of ALL teams that appreciated Munson and what he brought to the game, however those folks you mentioned most likely to live in the NYC market.

  17. Met_Maven Says:

    It saddens mew that some people here have to drag the Yankees into this and if they would do the same when a player from their past passes. As Met fans, shouldn’t we pride ourselves on not being as “classless” as we say the Yankee fans are? Why drop to “their level” by bringing them into something that has nothing to do with them. Instead of trash talking, we should be honoring the Kid, he was a class act and would have no part in any bashing like this, especially when the other team literally has nothing to do with it.

    RIP Kid. You’ll always be my favorite. I can see you smiling upon the new stadium and the up-and-coming kids. Hopefully, you’ll be the guardian angel that will keep watch over the team!

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