Ike Oughta Know Better

BMF had to laugh when I read Ike Davis’ tweet:

“why does everyone think we’re going to suck? It’s February.” #Mets

I guess Ike is more innocent and naive than I thought. He’s also blissfully devoid of any real grasp on Met history.

Word is free agent Scott Kazmir will hold a workout for MLB scouts in Houston. The Mets would likely send a scout which I’m relieved to see is still in the budget but do we really want Scott Kazmir? 

I dreamt of his return for years but now I have the distinct feeling that this is an opportunity best left on the table.

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  1. foxster Says:

    speaking about availbity, how’s about Vince Coleman or Pepe Manguel? i’m certain that with enough money on the table, at least one of these former Met “Stars” might just be convinced to try another go-round with the 2012 Mets.

  2. ACE Says:

    The met’s scout is traveling to the Kazmir workout via a super saver ticket on greyhound. He should be there by next Wednesday.

  3. Luis Says:

    Pass on Kaz..

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Ike: When you a playing first base, turn your head 90 degrees and look at the that dirt bump, its a pitching mound.

    If you haven’t noticed, we have NO pitching. Santanna is not going to be ready to start the season, although the Mets will have you believe he is going to be the opening day pitcher.

    Why do you think we are scraping the below the bottom of the barrel to scout Kazmir?

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    I think Ike’s attitude is refreshing. Do you want the guys on the club to get all depressed before spring training even begins? There’s some talent on this club, lots of good young players with upside. Let’s see what they can do. I don’t think they’re going to suck. And FMFR the rotation isn’t that bad. Whether Santana starts the season or not, Dickey, Gee, Niese aren’t as bad as you’re making them out to be.

  6. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    RIP “Kid”

  7. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Gary :(

  8. Patrick Says:

    Kaz is ready for a come back.

  9. Met_Maven Says:

    The Mets were supposed to “Suck” last year and be 20 games out come May. If I remember correctly, Mid July they were above .500 and around 10 games back in the division, and even closer in the WC. We had no pitching, no Ike, no Wright. For a majority of the season it was he Buffalo Bisons out there and they played hard, kept hopes alive and finished close to .500 when they lost KRod & Beltran in the 2nd half of the year.

    My question is, WTF is wrong with Ike tweeting “why does everyone think we’re going to suck? It’s February.” #Mets

    Seriously, what is wrong with a player having faith in his team? I’m not expecting the Mets to win the World Series. Hell, I doubt they’ll make the playoffs or be contending for the Wild Card after the ASB. However, these kids could surprise us. They could contend for the WC. They could inish the season at or above .500

    As TDFKABL said, the pitching staff aint that bad. Lets watch these young kids grow into MLB Players and build around them. Maybe in another year or so we’ll be ready to win with them and one or two FA signings. A big payroll doesn’t translate into contention. Its a group of guys who play hard and fight to win every game. These guys are like that. They just need more seasoning. I for one have no problem watching these guys play their guts out.

    As for Kazmir, let him have his “tryout” if he shows he has good stuff, sign him. He could have a good year. Look at Izzy. He came out of nowhere. Nobody thought he’d have a good a season as he had. Granted he was injured towards the end of the season, but he’s also significantly older than Kazmir.

    Lastly, RIP Gary Carter. He was and always will be my favorite Met. My father took me to my first game on July 11, 86. The crowd was pumped, the Mets were playing the Braves, Gary Carter hits a 3 run HR in his 1st AB and a grand slam on his 2nd! Fan for Carter and the Mets for life. He was truly a genuine good guy. There won’t be another like him If more pro athletes were like Gary Carter, pro sports would be better for everyone. RIP Gary Carter.

    Gary Carters final MLB at bat http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=20086255&source=MLB&gid=1992_09_27_chnmlb_monmlb_1

  10. Helix Says:

    Well played Met Maven… The Kid was truly a class act.

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