Alderson Front and Center

Maybe it’s because the players are yet to report, or because there is no free agent acquisition, but Sandy Alderson sure seems to be the center of attention.

First off he’s been tweeting which is always an interesting test for someone north of say … 50 to delve into. But Alderson seems to have a great grasp on what works in a tweet. He’s cracking jokes about the chop shops out at Shea, PAC money for gas and even the Met ability to reimburse for gas money.

Cerrone is holding a poll to ask if his tone is “appropriate”. I’m sure there’s someone who doesn’t approve but for the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone serious would take issue with this. In fact it is a MUCH NEEDED refreshing. change and has increased his likability exponentially. 

Alderson also said he expects to have enough payroll flexibility to add to the major league roster if the team is in contention. Sorry but BMF is calling BS in that one.

Ain’t no way these cash strapped Wilpons are spending amy money to acquire talent in season. I think Alderson knows it and is covering his/their collective ass by making a statement he’ll never have to face the music. Sandy is savvy enough to know this team cant compete in the NL East this year therefore deadline deals will be a non-factor… Although I wouldn’t be shocked to see David Wright sent packing for prospects…

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  1. USMF Says:

    Kinda torn of Alderson and his tweeting thing…

    First off, I don’t like tweeting, it seems to always lead to bad things.

    2nd, this team is in the sh!t hole…everyone knows it…everyone is not happy…some are hopeful, while others are unsure and the rest are just straight out pissed.

    When the franchise is in such a mess and we’re looking at another two years of shopping for players at Walmart and holding a yard sale outside Citi to get rid of the rest of our “stars”, not too mention, letting one of our all time stars walk away without any effort to keep him…plus, the rest of the league already thinks we’re a joke…I’m not sure now is the best time to be cracking jokes.

    I know you can’t come out and say that this team sucks and any player who makes over 1mil will be gone as quickly as soon as someone will take them off your hands…but lets not pretend that signing two inconsistent and failed closers and a returning players from the DL means you’ve improved more than the rest of the division (or even at all)…this team is worse to start this season than they were last season…

    btw, does anyone realize that Philly Phan already has Wright written in to their line up for next year? ugh…why do I feel like we’re the Charlie Brown of MLB Franchises.

  2. Luis Says:



  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Contention?…..Did somebody say contention?..For what 4th place or to finish ahead of the Astros?

    The only flexibility we are going to have is how fast we can Jet off some high priced players before the trade deadline!

    They are selling tix and banking alot on Santanna coming back and I just don’t see it. I really doubt he is going to be in the rotation let alone the starter on opening day. I believe we will be doing well if he pitches 75-100 innings.

    This team is way worse of then last year and everybody else got way better. Thats 72 games against teams that got better in the NL East.

    This is gonna get ugly quick!…..Get the April plan for tix because we hit the basement by mid May!

  4. foxster Says:

    i used to look forward to the up coming base season. now? what’s to look forward to? another M. Donald Grant Era?

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