Can Jeremy Lin Pitch? 

Of all the teams in NY the Knicks have far and away the most popular athlete in the Big Apple in Jeremy Lin.

This is almost unfathomable considering the Giants won the Super Bowl less than 5 days ago. But Linsanity has knocked Eli, Manningham, JPP and Victor Cruz out of the spotlight for the American born chinese baller who obtw played his college ball at Harvard.

Too bad he’s not a baseball player because we Met fans need a reason to believe again. We need a savior. And not a big ticket free agent (especially cuz that ain’t happening) rather we need a storybook tale of an athlete with all the odds against him. A guy no one gave a realistic chance who defies the odds and makes it big.

I wish Lin were ours. i wish he was a Met. If only he could pitch… or hit.

Never expected I’d be longing for a Knick to join the Mets but it is what it is… 

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  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    He’d have to be willing to switch numbers, though. I think the team is looking towards retiring the #17. Here’s the thing about Lin, though– he’s like a lot of the current Mets. Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, Dillon Gee: “who are these guys?” That’s where the fun will lie as a Mets fan this year, with guys like these and whoever else is down sleeping on the farm. It’s not with the big free agents, as you point out, as the Mets aren’t competing there this year, at least. So, that’s why I’m excited about the season: to see where our Jeremy Lin’s are going to come from. Meanwhile, I’m loving what Lin has been doing for the Knickerbockers. Loving it. Makes the wait for opening day a lot easier. Oh, and by the way, the Rangers are having a season for the ages, if you’re feeling bored.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Did you mention fun and Mets basball in the same sentence?

    What fun is it going to be being 15 games back and out of it by mid May?

    Our whole roster is filled with ““who are these guys?” Thats why they have numbers and names on their backs.

    Me, I actually prefer to see real professional baseball players, not a bunch of double A guys pretending to be major league players while they are charging big league prices.

    That is why they have Spring training, to sort out whose/who. Thats where it is fun, watching the young team. They also have Sept call ups for this.

    You might think it is fun, but not for a whole baseball season. I would feel cheated paying those Shea 2 prices to see this band of minor leaguers trot out on the field

    I want to see how much fun you are having when we are out of it by mid May and battling the Astros for the worst team in the National league.

    The real question is can any of our so called Met pitchers, actually PITCH!

  3. misterioso Says:

    I totally agree with BMF and the dude. Just when the Knick season was becoming depressing Lin came out of nowhere and revitalized the team. The last 3 games were so exciting to watch. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    How could so many pros (scouts, coaches. etc) have been wrong? Is there a Lin in the Met system? I’d even take a half a Lin. We’ll have to play the games to find out.

  4. Met_Maven Says:

    Just for fun, I think BMF should take note of how many people say they aren’t going to New Shea this year b/c they refuse to support the team and give the Wilpons any money. Then come June, July & August when they will most likely be out of any form of contention, see how many of those people are complaining that no one is coming out to support the team and how the Mets have no real fans. We all know the team will be bad for at least another year or so. Why is everyone appearing to act so shocked that this season will more or less be a bust. Realistically, I can see them finishing at 77 wins. Not great, but not the 54 wins Fatcesca predicted.

  5. IrishMike Says:

    Met_Maven I don’t think any of your points hit the mark quite honestly. I don’t see a pattern of BMFers claiming that the fans need to pack the stadium even when the team stinks. Or demanding a boycott because the team stinks. Do whatever you want. And who exactly is shocked that this year’s time will be a bust?

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Even though MSG is blocked out on Time Warner Cable (aka the Antichrist) in Brooklyn and I have to watch the highlight reels on YouTube to see anything.

    I tried to watch Mets Hot Stove the other night, what a joke! I actually felt bad for Kevin Burkhart. The entire thing was like, “Can ______ make it through the season? Can ______ play at the major league level? Will _____’s body fall apart by the All Star Break.” So depressing. I may take this season off.

  7. AJW Says:

    Did Francesa actually put the Mets down for 54 wins? sounds like fatso’s in mid season form in the diss department. Why does anybody still listen to this gasbag? I wonder if he discussed it with his good friend the dude formerly known as Alberto Albuquerque? Lets face it Francesa was dead in the water after the Revis interview but a funny thing happened, a Jets collapse and a Penn State pedophile gave him new life and a steady stream of callers. Maybe the Mets can tear down the lights at Citi and have only day games….that would preempt a lot of his shows.

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