Megdal vs Mets

If you’re unaware Howard Megdal, who is a talented blogger and author of at least 2 books, will no longer be credentialed  at CityField. This is a direct response to his brutally honest insights to the Wilpon finances and chances of retaining ownership of the Mets.

First off  I’m a fan of Megdals determination to be a  voice of the fans in a more tangible manner than your average blogger.

And while part of me wants to be outraged by the infringement of any freedom of the press… The truth is I don’t blame ‘em for not credentialing him.

I mean what did he or anyone else think was going to happen? 

Of course BMF  pulls no punches when it comes to my opinion of the Wilponzi’s yet I believe I can look at this objectively. 

It’s not a right to be able to enter a baseball stadium as a member of the media, it’s a privilege. If you’re part of the BBWAA, ESPN or SNY than you’ve got some rights but for everyone else they have the right to deny you should they so choose.

I’m just saying.

But the good news for Megdal here is he’s got the Mets spotlight (or cross hairs) squarely fixed on him and his now very public adversarial relationship with ownership.

If played correctly (and I have no answers) this could be spun into his big break.

It’s your move Megdal!

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  1. CowCrusher Says:

    I think the Wilponzi’s are going to hold onto the Mets as long they can, especially til after the 2013 All-Star Game which is scheduled to be played at Shea 2.0….provided the Mayan calender thingy is not real.
    I am sure that they want to get every cut of what they can from merchandizing and what not….they need some cash to pay back the Bank of Bud….and I don’t mean the beverage.

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