Rex’s Jets Remind me of ‘86 Mets

With the Jets playing on Championship Sunday for the second straight year it’s time for everyone who’s been complaining about Rex Ryan’s swagger to please STAND DOWN.

I’m looking at YOU Jet fans!

They win under Rex Ryan - nuff said.

Rex believes they can win, his players believe it and none of them are scared to say so. Even better is once they say it they’re probably gonna come into your house and kick your ass.

Sorta like that legendary Met team from 1986. Davey’s boys thought they were the best team in the league, they didn’t care who knew it and they’d gladly go on the road and kick your ass.

The Jets haven’t been derailed by Sexy Mexican reporters, tripping coaches or foot fetishes - in fact they seem to get stronger with each obstacle they face.

The Mets didn’t care about drunken brawls, arrests in Texas or cocaine infused road trips - all they did was win the World Series.

The bad-boy Mets had Straw, Mex, and Kevin Mitchell.

The bad-ass Jets have Cromartie, Santonio and Bart Scott.

Beating Pittsburgh, with Polamalu this time, is a tall order but after knocking off Peyton and Brady in back-to-back road games this team can beat anyone.

I will admit the nervous Met/Jet fan in me worries the Jets may have just played their Super Bowl.

But I gotta believe Rex will cook something up to push his players buttons and have the Jets ready to invade Pittsburgh.

5 Responses to “Rex’s Jets Remind me of ‘86 Mets”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Holy crap, BMF! Now I know why I’ve been following these guys all year, and me being a part-time NY Giants fan all these years.

    You’re dead-on: same attitude, same grit, but most important–same talent set & will to win.

    Go Jets, and may some of what they got find it’s way into the Mets locker room this year!

  2. rj Says:

    It’s not beating Pittsburgh with Polamalu that’s a tall order. It’s beating Pitt, The Refs and the NFL that is the tall order. History states that Pitt will win not because of how great they are but because who backs them. I don’t care what you say but go ahead and read the history on Pitt, The Refs, the NFL and read about all of the weird and bad calls that went Pitt’s way before you comment..I hope they just let the teams play and I hope it doesn’t turn out to be another bad holding call that negates a Ravens TD or another bad Defensive holding call that gets Pitt a TD..It’s almost like the Yankees.. I mean whose going to sell more merch and earn for the MLB the Yanks or Royals? The Yanks or Orioles?? Pitt or the Ravens? I’m hoping the NFL thinks that the Jets can bring in just as much revenue in the future as Pitt..

  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    GREAT point, BMF! No wonder I’m so excited.

    Can we get Rex to manage the Mets in the offseason?

  4. CowCrusher Says:

    Go Steelers !!!! ;)

  5. rj Says:

    Hey cowcrusher when are they giving the Superbowl XL rings back? You know the one they were on their middle finger? As in the Refs Fvcked Seattle.

    GO JETS!

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