J-E-T-S       GO BiG BLUE!!!

This Jets fan was elated to see the Giants  beat the Pats yet AGAIN.  I don’t hate the Giants like I do the Yankees. 

Football is different from baseball like that I think. We all have our favorite teams but while we may not root FOR the other team in town most wont root against.

But when the other guy is playing your arch rival in the Super Bowl it makes it very easy to adjust green to blue.

Congratulations to Eli, Tuck, Cruz, JPP and most of all Tom Coughlin who has endured far more negativity than he deserves.

I hope now that Coughlin has won his SECOND Super Bowl Giant fans and media can finally get off his back. 

Say what you want about his personality or coaching style but the dude wins Super Bowls - you can’t F with that

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  1. Original62Fan Says:

    Giant fans = Yankee fans. There’s no two ways about it.

  2. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    A friend of mine texted me yesterday to ask: “So is this Superbowl the equivalent of a Yanks/Phillies World series for you?” Not quite, because like BMF I don’t hate the Giants in the same way as I do the Yanks, but still not a lot of fun to watch the rival Giants against the hated Pats. I did enjoy watching Belichick’s team come up short, so for that pleasure, thanks Giants. Now can I go back to rooting against them?

    Pitchers and Catchers any day now.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    OK I go from a Super Bowl with a top notch team and agreat organization to a midget league Met team and a Bozo the clown ownership.

    I have lowered my expectations to zero for this 2012 Met team and they will not disappoint.

    Great season Giants!

    Two more weeks of joy and then the misery begins…….Can we say REBUILDING!

  4. Buck Says:

    Why are the Mets historically one of the last teams to report to Spring Training. You would think they would be chomping at the bit to get into camp with all of their issues that they need to work out!

  5. Met_Maven Says:

    Original62Fan I have to disagree. Giants fans > Yankee Fans. Every fan base has that one group of fans that “ruin” it for everyone else. In my experiences anyway, the Giants fans have been decent people. More often than not, the Yankee fans are arrogant, rude, and ignorant.

    As for the Mets, keep expectations lower than last year and they wont disappoint. No one is predicting them to be good this year so why let it get you down. Alderson is working with the little he’s been given and has done a good job. It’s going to take a couple of years to bounce back, but when that happens, it’ll be worth it.

    as for the Mets being one of the last teams to report to Spring Training, does it really make a difference? Its by what a couple of days? If anything they’d need to start Spring Training in November to get themselves prepped for the next season!


  6. schmifty Says:

    Living in New England just got 500% less annoying :)

  7. CowCrusher Says:

    Congrats to the Joisey J’ints……somebody please remind cuomo that East Rutherford has yet to be annexed by NY.

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