Buchholz Rare Depressed Athlete?

BMF was sorry to get word that RHP Taylor Buchholz will sit out the upcoming season as a result of battling depression. 

It sucks to be depressed and it must suck 10x more when it prevents you from playing Major League Baseball.

I like the guy and hopefully he can return at some point this year but this news got me to thinking you never really hear about athletes fighting depression do you?

Maybe I’m forgetting guys who publicly acknowledged depression?

 Either way I hope Buchholz gets into a better head space.

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  1. ACE Says:

    Being a Met broke him. This has been happening to Mets fans for years. 2012 could finish us all off.

  2. IrishMike Says:

    I can’t think of many athletes who have acknowledged suffering from depression while they are still playing. Ricky Williams? In baseball - Pete Harnisch? Most don’t come forward until after their playing days are over - perhaps because it remained undiagnosed and perhaps because even when it was the sporting world is (or certainly was not in the past) very forgiving to mental illnesses.

    Good for Bucholz for acknowledging this publicly and I hope he works through it and plays soon.

  3. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I’m depressed …

    Ronny Cedeno

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Who wouldn’t be depressed playing for this team?….Playing in a totally empty park, void of fans and knowing that last place awaits you!

    I just hope when they renovated that they built high fencing on the sides of the Shea bridge so that we don’t lose the 100 fans who will go to the game and want to jump off!

    Who knows more about depression than a Mets fans
    They should pass out anti depression pills as you enter the stadium!

  5. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    IM: yes, if you recall Harnisch’s condition wasn’t treated with a lot of sympathy by the club at the time. Before they knew what was really wrong Valentine accused him of being “afraid to pitch” and that got into the news. Later Harnisch had a huge screaming match against Valentine in a Las Vegas hotel lobby, if I recall and was soon dumped by the club. Interestingly he was traded to the Brewers for an outfielder named Donnie Moore, no relation to Donnie Ray Moore the well-known relief pitcher who killed himself at 35 years old, also at least partially due to depression.

  6. USMF Says:

    I feel bad about Pete…I seemed like he was just on the edge of making a real decent MLB career.

    I actually got to meet the guy back when he played here in Rochester. He did an appearance at a local card shop (Still have the signed 8×10 K Glossy). He seemed like a nice guy at the time, pretty humble and quite. I was only 13ish at the time, but he was pretty nice to me and my brother.

  7. Bake Turner Says:

    Bucholz, suck it up.

  8. IrishMike Says:

    bill l - I do recall that his condition was not treated with sympathy by the Mets organization but also remember that no one knew what his “condition” really was, including Harnisch himself. Even now I wouldn’t expect a manager to say “oh oh you are probably suffering from clinical depression let’s get you off to the doc” and I certainly wouldn’t have expected a manager to think that way then. Nowadays though the concept is better understood, most importantly by the players themselves so they are quicker to get to a doctor and try to zero in on the problem rather than just try to “suck it up” like that idiot above me said.

  9. CowCrusher Says:

    As someone who has been diagnosed with clinical depression. I can relate.
    Even with therapy.and medication it never really goes ‘away’.
    By no means should one use it as a crutch either, and should get the proper help they need.
    You just can’t let it run your life.

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    CowCrusher, I too can relate to the battle with depression. Sadly, no one really understands what its like to go through unless you’ve been diagnosed with it. With any luck, he can get the help he needs and bounce back.

  11. Patrick Says:

    A lot more athletes miss games due to depression. I feel that we’ve heard it more in the last 2-3 years. Last one that pops into my head is QB Vince Young.

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