Listen to Beltran

BMF had to smile when I saw Beltran’s quote over on MetsBlog

“What happened in 2006, you have to turn the page.  That’s over.  We can’t bring 2006 back to 2012. It has been six years. If they want to continue to think about that moment, then that’s their problem.  Like I said, I have turned the page. I have really moved on.”

It’s so preposterous that some Met fans held that moment against Beltran for all these years. 

Holding that moment against Beltran  is a symbol of what’s wrong with the Mets. We suffer self inflicted wounds on every level of the organization.

First the owner’s meddling son poisons the front office, then all of the money vanishes when Wilpon finds himself in his second ponzi scheme in a decade.

The Asst GM challenges minor leaguers to a fist fight and  GM’s have been known to verbally attack 

And often the fans are no better. We pick a target, zero in on him until we ruin his career or run him out of town whichever comes first.  (Luis Castillo)

I realize Beltran was frustrating at times but I guarantee you we miss him this summer.

5 Responses to “Listen to Beltran”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Bravo BMF! I’m not against criticism but you said it best. Gotta let it go and cheer.

  2. Luis Says:

    The expectations for Beltran! were unreasonable to begin with- You knew that barring injury, he would hit between 280 and 320, 25-35 HR, 85-110 RBI, gold glove D. just those type numbers(which are pretty much what he did) are excellent, esp combined wi a GG CF. We missed him last year when he left…

  3. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Ronny Cedeno

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Who needs Beltran when we have Torres?…or whats his name.

  5. john smith Says:

    Beltran put up nice stats but was rarely a clutch guy.

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