Mets Reload with Harris and Chavez

OK so maybe “reload” is a stretch for Willie Harris and Raul Chavez. 

How bout “rebuild” … nah … “retool” … maybe just “tinker”?

Tinker is probably still too strong for the light hitting Willie Harris and the ex-ballplayer Raul Chavez (the 38 year old backstop hasn’t played since 2009 due to injury) 

Harris of course was a Met killer so we’re prob good for 2 additional wins merely because he won’t beat us. I actually like Harris as a player. He’s sorta like an Endy Chavez type, with a lower avg and OBP. 

Harris could def be a 4th OF’er off the bench for us but with Beltran, Bay and Pagan it’s safe to say our 4th OF will need to play everyday at some point. 

Harris is not an everyday player but if/when someone hits the DL perhaps we promote F-Mart or someone else?

As for Chavez I don’t know what to say other than I hope we never need him to be anything more than our Sunday catcher.

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  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    1 Month till “Pitchers and Catchers” Report”….Just not our guys!

    Heading to PSL today as the Mets put single game tickets on sale today. They open up the stadium and let you pick your seats out!

    I will take some pics of “Digital Domain Park” and of the crowd (Or lack of one) and send them up!


  2. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Hey that’s great! We call him Willie Harris Maris here. (Only because of “Major League,” not because of his actual performance.)
    I’m slightly pumped by this!

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ProfessorReyes: Certainly you jest!…”I’m slightly pumped by this!”…This guy hit .181 abd the catcher is worse!…These guys are stiffs!

    We are signing guys not even the Pirates want! In fact, we are the Pirates of the NL East

    How low have we set the bar? We are reloading and pumped for these guys!!

    I say we hold tryouts for all BMFers and we can do better then those two!

    This is going to be a long year and it hasn’t even started yet!


  4. JJ Says:

    Willie Harris and Raul Chavez…come on…are Joel Youngblod and Mackey Sasser next?? This is actually comical. They’ve done about as good a job at lowering expectations as they possibly can.

    The 2011 season ends…”wow the mets won 78 games…great job guys keep up the good work”.

  5. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    JJ .. I loved Joel Youngblood !! but I seriously get your point …

    So what if we still haven’t figured out who the catcher will be ? or who will start at 2B? and the lineup is filled with “IF’s” ..and until Johan gets back (if he gets back) no idea who the #4 or 5 starter is .. and there is still that sticky situations with Ollie, Castillo, and KROD .. So WHAT ?? its the Mets and I am stuck with them …yikes

    If God can only give me a Jet win today? ..maybe then I can smile when I think of the Mets?..

  6. Met_Maven Says:

    I don’t get why people are surprised “We are signing guys not even the Pirates want! In fact, we are the Pirates of the NL East” The Mets have come out and said, they aren’t spending any extra money… THIS YEAR… so when they go out and sign a very low tier player, why the shock? This year will be a bust. No expectations to live up to. If they get over 75 wins, that’s great. If not, we weren’t expecting them to anyway. What we have to do is sit and wait till next year. After this season a lot of $ becomes available after bad contracts run out. Why sign someone for big $ just to sign someone? That’s what Omar did and how did that work out? Take this year for what it is and don’t bitch till next off season if nothing gets done.

    Win, lose or tie, Met fan till I die!

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I am not surprised!…If that is the CRAP we are going to sign I would rather play 3 men short and save the $$

    Bring up the kids!!!…Lets play AAA ball!!!…

    I just hope nthey are not surprised when there are 10 people (vendors included) in the seats when we are 27 games back in May!

    BMF…Get the JETS banner up and lets talk about a real team next week!!!!

  8. CowCrusher Says:

    Can’t really root for a team that plays in Jersey but has an “NY” on their helmets. At least the Devils and Nets own up to it.
    Go Steelers!….I want to see Rex Ryan cry!;)
    Oh yeah, Let’s Go Mets and Bisons!

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