R.A. Summits

Congratulations to RA who successfully climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. How bad ass is that!?!

I never would’ve thought the old knuckleballer would accomplish the most impressive physical feat of the year. Then again who the Hell else on a baseball team is crazy enough to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro other than a knuckler.

Dickey has slowly but surely become one of Themistocles popular Mets. In fact he may be the second most liked player on the club right now.

Wright is still number one in fan’s hearts - no argument there but who aside from RA is tops in fans hearts? 

Reyes is gone. Beltran too. Ike Davis vanished thanks to the Met medical staff. Big Pelf has frustrated too many fans to be on top of this list.

Santana has been gone so long I question if he’ll ever come back. 

Jason Bay ? Ha! Who else is there? Tejada? Murphy? Parnell?

Seriously I think Dickey is the second most liked Met, probably closer to Wright than one would think.

Not bad for a guy who pulled himself off the scrap heap by learning the knuckle ball.

4 Responses to “R.A. Summits”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Does Reyes get booed when he plays in New York at the Mets Ballpark?

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Would have to agree that R.A. is in second place on the list. Although I would penalize Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy because they have been injuried.

    Thats not many Mets left that fans can hang their hats on. I am sure this will be part of the decrease in people showing up to watch them this year.

  3. USMF Says:

    I love R.A.D., he may never be known as a all time great Met…but he’s got the whole Disney Underdog Story thing going for him.

    He’s smart, a gamer and a leader. He’s got that whole Blue Collar, Workman I don’t give a sh!t what you say…I’ll do what I think is right attitude that Mets fans seem to love.

    Wright is still number #1, he’s good looking, a hard worker, a life long Mets fan and he’s always gonna say and do the right thing.

    Unfortunately for Wright, he’s in a big time decline and it will be almost impossible for him to live up to the Fans expectations.

    I do wonder, how many R.A.D. jersey’s do they sell? I checked the web site…ton of Santana and Wright…some Ike, still a lot of Reyes and Beltran…I even see a Milledge, Bay and Sheffield.

    I don’t see any Dickey featured memorabilia.

  4. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    I love our Dickey …..

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