In the End F-Mart Quietly Exits Franchise

After all the things we’ve heard, read and said about our once untouchable prospect, Fernando Martinez was unceremoniously claimed off waivers by the Houston Astros. And so it’s over. 

He’s still young. He’s still got a chance to blossom… Although it’s not looking promising for the oft injured, arthritic knee’d outfielder.

It’s crazy to think Minaya refused to part with him. And that’s not a knock on Omar, BMF didn’t want to lose him either. 

But cases like this make me think you should always trade your prospect for an established player. For every Reyes there are lots of F-Marts, Escobars and can’t miss kids who don’t pan out.

Plus in the end Reyes is gone too.


Fred Willon said in WSJ ”I think we’re going to be better than you think. We would hope that Mets fans enjoy going to the ballpark and give this team a try.”

Hahaha nothing more than a pathetic attempt to get fans to believe in the team enough to buy the Wilpon’s overpriced tickets.

He really thinks we’re going to be good?

Sure we lose the best player we’ve ever had to a rival and added a few spare parts while the rest of the NL East improved their teams.

Hey Fred - do yourself a favor and stop talking to the media.

4 Responses to “In the End F-Mart Quietly Exits Franchise”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Just seems kind of strange that they let F-Mart go and we got nothing in return, expect the 20K waiver fee.

    Its not like everybody we have on our 40 man roster is a super star. Your gonna tell me we couldn’t trade him for a prospect or two or even a bag of baseballs?

    There must be something really wrong with his knees that we don’t know about. I am sure Houston will give him a fair shot to make the team and give him alot of AB’s during spring training.

    The Astros train close to my home so I am going to their first two games vs. the Nats,(March 3-4) since the Mets don’t play till March 5th. I just hope he doesn’t come back to haunt us!

    Met spring training tix go on sale on Sat. and I will be down at the stadium with a couple of friends. The Mets really put on a good show with a streetfair, live music, national anthem try outs. They have also renovated the stadium.

    “We expect to probably have over 1,000 people buy tickets,” said Stephen Fox, the St. Lucie Mets’ manager of tickets and merchandise. “It’s pretty much because of the Yankees. Last year it was the Red Sox. We don’t have them this year, but the Yankees haven’t been here in like 15 years.

    Hoping that this gets me in a better “Mets Mood”, as I have been disgruntled about this year team. i am sure a few Bloody Mary’s will help my moral out. Can’t wait to hear what other Met fans are thinking!

    I will report the real numbers who actually show and maybe send up a few pics.

  2. JJ Says:

    The only difference between Fred Wilpon and Lorinda DeRoulet is Wilpon pees standing up…I assume. Other than that they’ve both peddled us bags of crap to steal our money.

  3. JJ Says:

    And another thought…how does the waiver move on the once untouchable Martinez make us all feel about the “can’t miss” pitching prospects in this organization?

  4. AJW Says:

    DeRoulet was forever known in Met lore as DeMULElet because of that stupid mule just as Wilpon will forever be known as Madoff’s mark.

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