Bankruptcy Consultants??? Uh-Oh …

Is this the beginning of the official end the the Wilpon Mets? 

I ain’t no economical genius but it seems to me if you’re lawyering up with bankruptcy experts you stand a pretty good chance of losing control of your franchise. 

Buzz on Mets blog is the Wilpons are “confident” they’re going to retain control… BMF likes to call that “Madoff Confidence” similar to the misplaced trust they gave Bernie. 

Amazin Avenue’s Eno Sarris has on good authority, “a team sale with or without bankruptcy is on the table,” 

I guess as a Mets fan who has lost all faith in the Wilpons I’ll take this progression to bankruptcy consultation, as good news.

9 Responses to “Bankruptcy Consultants??? Uh-Oh …”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Bankruptcy consultants coming in and sales going well on minority shares does not make senses. They have not sold any minority shares I bet.

    These bankruptcy consultants come in and can help the Mets avoid much of the large debt, whole still retaining ownership.

    This is unique because MLB can and eventually should step in and force the sell……Bud will need to do the right thing for once.

    There are no ties in baseball …..right Bud?

  2. JoeG Says:

    Bud Selig needs to step in now and force the Wilpons to sell-this is not fair to the city and the fans who have supported this team for 50 years-brighter days are ahead for the Cubs and the Dodgers-why not us???????????

  3. Luis Says:

    PLEASE sell!!! Just think- the LARGEST market in the US, ONLY NL team in said market and no ability to put together a consistently competitive team….amazing

  4. USMF Says:

    I think brighter days are ahead for us…it may take a couple of years, but it will happen…not not convened that the Cubs will ever see brighter days.

    I think MLB has already secretly taken over the Mets…I think Sandy was MLB’s hire, not Wilpon.

    Anyone notice that in the past, Fred was in on every big deal and decision that past GM’s made? Now Fred is nowhere in the picture. He’s never even mentioned when people talk about the running of the franchise. Even Jeffie-boy is non-existent.

    Fred is on his way out…it’s obvious…they may have not made it official, and they are probably still in denial about it and are trying every last ditch effort to avoid it…

  5. CowCrusher Says:

    I put my trust in the “Bank of Seinfeld”;-)
    All the work Bill Shea did going down the tubes…ol’ Bill must be rolling over in his grave.

  6. ACE Says:

    Maybe they would sell the team and walk away if MLB allows them to still go to singles bars and hand out Mets business cards that say “owner” on them.

  7. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    You guys need to remember Baseball’s curse of Antitrust and Bud’s friendship with Fred … Though the hiring of a bankruptcy firm is encouraging …

    Maybe Jeff W will have to go out and get his first real job ..

  8. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Maybe the consultants will convince them of the wisdom of cutting ties and walking away with what they can get, either in lessened obligations or real money. Well I’m no Ron Paul supporter but I might agree with this “let the puppies die!” philosophy …. unless nobody steps up to fill the vacuum, then we’re in REAL trouble.

  9. Says:

    Unhappy with the Mets? There’s always the Yankees…

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