What Happens Beyond Walls?

So we all know they’re moving the fences in out at CityField. But what’s happening to the new square footage on the other side?¬†

Seems to me it’s a great opportunity to put in some new seats and create some super cool new up close and personal fan experiences.

We’ve never really had OF walls with fans right up against them. Shea had those bleachers but the first row was set back from the wall but I’m talking about Wrigley Field, put your beer on the wall sort of seats.

Yankee Stadium does it and with fans that close to the opposing played strange things can happen - cough cough Jeffery Maier.

Seats on the wall would be great out there and would actually improve on what’s already a pretty damn good stadium.

One would think a big time franchise that just squeezed itself into a 45K stadium would leap at the opportunity to add what would be at least a couple hundred seats.

But unless I’ve missed something, I don’t think the Mets are adding seats. I’m guessing they don’t want to or simply can’t spend the money to add seats. Plus I guess if you’re not selling out why add more seats to go unsold.

You have to believe eventually they’ll fill those areas in with seating but maybe not till the next ownership group comes in.

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  1. USMF Says:

    From what I remember, they are going to add a few rows of seats on the LF wall and the Mo Zone area will be a “picnic” type area…I don’t know whats going to happen to the right-Center Gap area near the bullpen.

    I assume that the pen will be expanded to reach the new field, but there is section of seats that did reach the field that are now gonna come up short…I wonder what the plan is gonna be for that area?

    What ever they do, I hope it looks like it belongs and not just an ugly tack on.

  2. Luis Says:

    Off topic, but where is KRod? Has he signed. Not a big fan, but he does have success..

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The last thing the Mets need to do is add more seats! This place is going to be a ghost town this year!

    There are going to be so many empty seats this year that you will be able to hear the players conversations on the field.

    I would hate to think that we are all done this winter and that bunch on the 40 man roster is rewally going to be the 2012 mets….Really?

  4. CW Says:

    Here is a link to the renderings of the new seating areas. It’s essentialy what USMF said with LF having a single row of seats with a drink rail behind it and RF will just extend the Modells Clubhouse picnic area. Should look pretty cool but I believe they will be group sales only, no singles.


  5. CowCrusher Says:

    Looks like somebody made a typo regarding the LF wall and inverted the numbers. It should be 358 not 385 if the new wall is supposed to be closer to the plate.
    Hey Fred, get some of your money back from the consultant/contractor for their error!:)

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Cowcrusher: it’s correct– look again. It’s just 385 at that point; compared to its former dimensions, it’s much smaller.

  7. CowCrusher Says:

    If the new walls are represented by the blue lines and numbers plus you have an isosceles triangle formed by the lines, then the distance should be the same. Also if the 384 ft in orange is correct wouldn’t the blue line closer to plate be less and not more?
    To be honest, it’s not going to cause the end of the world, but I think one of the numbers is incorrect.

  8. JJ Says:

    I’d rather see Johnny Franco return than either additional seats or KRod…

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