Off-Season is BOOOORING

Taylor Tankersley.

I guess I should try and whip myself up into a state of excitement about the newest Met… but it just ain’t happening. 

Tankersley, Buchholtz, and Capuano. Not quite Pedo, Beltran and Santana but we gotta take what we can get these days.

I guess we’ve been spoiled by the big names we’ve landed in the past but we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel this winter.

Ironically this is a bizarrely quiet winter for the Yankees who have pretty much come up empty after getting the Heisman from Cliff Lee. I see that as a small and unexpected bonus for Met fans.

The good news is Chris Young may be on deck and after the aforementioned guys Young will feel like Lebron James.

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  1. Matthew Cerrone Says:

    The reality is, after the Winter Meetings, it’s pretty much been a boring off-season for every team, not just the Mets and Yankees.

  2. USMF Says:

    It’s what happens when you have only two star players hitting the FA market. Lee was a shocker that he picked Phil over and NY and Texas and I thought Crawford would have held out longer…but there’s not much else that could happen.

    Beltre is a very nice player, but not a big name…Edgar Renteria, Derrek Lee and Dunn are good, but past their prime and not exciting…the Greinke deal would be bigger news if it involved bigger name teams.

    It is surprising that the two big names that everyone assumed that the Spanks would get at least one, or possibly both passed them and their money up they way they did. I know this off season is disappointing of Met fans, but we new it was coming. For the Yanks to get burned by two star players really says something….I’d be concerned if I was a Yankee fan, especially with the money they spent just to get older and now all they can do is hope that a 38 year old Andy Pettitte decides to come back? eeks…

  3. El Duderino Says:

    So… how about them Jets?

  4. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Maybe it’s a good thing for the owner that the Loogey that Took Down the Bronx remains anonymous.
    Anyway, yes, boring. At least the names are interesting.

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    1 month till “Pitchera and Catchers Report boys!!

    Since we are going to be so good this year the Mets report three days later!

    Now that we are going to have about 100 pitchers in camp that nobody has ever heard of I thought I would apply for a bullpen catchers position!… Just the opposite from last year when we had 10 catchers at camp!

    Wasn’t to boring for the Red Sox this Year!!

    We need a new slogan for 2011…Whats it gonna be!

    “Well get em Next Year?” or “Stay out of the Basement!”

  6. Jeff Says:

    Boring? Nah. If we gotta rebuild on the cheap, then it’s still interesting to see HOW we get to where we want to be in a year or two. No more big wasted contracts, no more quick fixes — just careful, methodical progress that unloads deadweight from top to bottom.

    Is it sexy? Hell no! But then, neither were the years leading up to ‘69 & ‘86. As Mets fans, we should be used to this process already, eh?

    I only hope that this is the regime that finally puts us on a track to mimic the runs of the Braves & Yankees from the mid-90s on. ‘06 gave us a taste, so we know it can happen to some extent.

    IF that’s where we’re headed, I’ll take boring now and holler my head off for the Jets on Sunday while I’m waiting for Spring.

  7. Met_Maven Says:

    Everyone knows this is a “rebuilding” year for Alderson to see firsthand what he has to deal with & saying he won’t sign big money FAs. I for one am willing to wait this year out and watch them play sub .500 ball and see them call up guys on the farm who may or may not surprise us. For the most part the “barren” farm system seemed to surprise us all last year. Basically, we have to wait till this time next year for an “exciting” off-season to happen. I for one am willing to do so.

    Look at it this way, with no expectations the stadium will be empty which actually benefits the fans because:
    1) Easier to sneak into the “good” seats, get there for BP and stay field level all game.
    2) With the anticipated drop in attendance, everyone gets their own personal vendor
    3) With the Mets looking to keep the few fans that show up happy, more players are likely to sign autographs, especially the rookies / callups
    4) The worse a team does, the better the promotions
    5) Bad team = less Sunday 8PM ESPN games

    Stay positive Met fans, the Omar error is behind us, lets have faith the future will be better.


  8. JJ Says:

    I’d like to know what moves the Mets are making that don’t make the newspapers…what (if anything) has Alderson done to the scouting staff, to the minor league organization, to player development? Certainly not exciting stuff but the kind of stuff that’s the most important if we’re going to see this organization compete sometime this decade…

  9. Thomas Says:

    “Ironically this is a bizarrely quiet winter for the Yankees who have pretty much come up empty after getting the Heisman from Cliff Lee. I see that as a small and unexpected bonus for Met fans.”

    How Does one consider it a bonus for the Mets that a top free agent pitcher goes to a divisional rival who already possessed three number one pitchers as opposed to signing in the oppossite league?

    As for the off-season….i like what sandy is doing. The big names, all the money that has been spent, where has it gotten us? It’s time to step back and reevaluate, no use spending boat loads of money this year, when we can wait and see on a couple youngsters, wait to shed some undesirable contracts, and finally build a team right.

    I like the signings, low dollar, low risk, short term, high reward. If they bust, no big deal. If they succeed, great got them cheap and a chance to resign them. With 60 mil coming off next season and Reyes up for free agency, this is exactly what we need to be doing this off-season.

  10. johnny murphy Says:


    The Payroll is Back But the Magic Is Not

    At Least Bonilla’s Not On The Team

    Let’s Talk About 1986 AGAIN

    f**k K-Rod and His Vesting Appearances

    This Team Still Smells Like Omar

    Wow, These Slogans Are Unfunny And I Have New Respect For The Guys Who Write Letterman’s Top Ten

  11. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    I’m starting to miss the Lip. This off season is dullsville but at least no one has been accused of rape or beaten up anyone in his own family. Small victories.

    Anyway, I miss baseball like crazy. I would watch game tape of BP right now. Are we there yet?????

  12. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    What did Francis get to go to KC? 2 M for one year? and we can’t afford that? Is Young coming here? Do we want him here? is this a 70 win team? I think we all know the answer to that one ..

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