Jon Rauch.

Jon Rauch.

I’ll say it again, John Rauch.

Does that name get you excited? Me neither, too bad that may be the most titillating free agent we land all winter.

In fact the way it’s beginning to sound the Wilpons may never sign a big player ever again.

The Daily News now tells us if the Wilpons don’t repay that bridge loan in short order the banks are gonna start putting the squeeze on them which might be the end of the Wilpons owning the Mets.

And if Picard wins a substantial clawback in the Wilponzi case the Mets will need to be sold.


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  1. Luis Says:

    Squeeze them!!! Go Picard!!In looking at the Wilpon era you have some of the most inept ownership in histor given the vast resources at their disposal.It is truly astounding if you look at it objectively.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Nothing says REBUILDING and PUNT for this yearas Jon Rauch! The only thing this team will be contending for is the #1 draft pick or 4th place.

    Did anyone really buy a season ticket for this team? Woyld you actually admit it? This team is going to be UNwatchable, as compared to all others in the NL East.

    Once you get past those two words, and take this team for what it is crappy, then you can get ready for next year.

    I will be getting a summer time hobby, because there will be plenty of free time, as we will be out of it before then.

    I am wondering if this team will sell out the stadium for opening day?….Doubtful!

    You can also understand why the Wilpons are broke, as nobody in their right mind would actually pay to watch this team play!…Stub Hub sellers are going to have to add something of value, besides the Mets tickets in order to sell them.

    I don’t think you really have to be concerned about the new pricing program!

  3. Patrick Says:

    2006 seems soooo far away.

  4. USMF Says:

    I don’t hate the Wilpons…Despite all the issues that are surrounding the Mets franchise, many are because of mistakes made by Fred investing with Madoff and other mistakes made by ownership, Fred has put winning over making money…it just doesn’t hasn’t worked out for the team…

    I can never cheer for Picard, the more you read on him, he is a slimy lying scumbag of a lawyer how is making plenty of back doors deals letting some of the biggest offenders in the Madoff scam off the hook for virtually nothing.

    But if you add up all the financial issues and loans that need payback…40mil to BOA, 25mil to MLB, 17mil for Sterling employees and possibly another 385mil to Picard …plus you add in the money they owe on SNY and CityField…and even though the Wilpons were net winners in the Ponzie scem, they still lost 100s of millions (I think around 700mil, if I remember correctly) of money they thought they had that’s now gone. (a lot of the Sterling empire was built on Wilpon having that money)

    I’d say the Wilpons will be forced into bankruptcy and forced to sell (at Least) controlling interest in the Mets if not the hole thing by 2013.

    Unfortunately, were does that leave the Mets? I’d say not in a very good place.

    Teams have basically two different ways to make money. They can spend money on improving their roster and hope that it leads to winning which leads to fans spending money on tickets, concessions and club merchandise. This is a risky way to run a club…when things go badly (like they’ve done for the Mets) the team end up getting very little for their investment and team will start losing and fans find better ways to spend their money. Now spending doesn’t necessarily mean winning…look at the past ten years…the big spenders win the WS about half the time…the other half is usually won by a team that will spend a little, but also have some great young players come up a contribute.

    But even though spending doesn’t even mean you’ll make the playoffs…teams that do spend still have the fans behind them and they can still make money. Anyone think that Boston is going to have any money issues after last years collapse?

    I believe that the Mets got into the perfect storm of injuries, bad signings, ownership issues and bad PR which lead them into the hole they’re in now…Even if the Mets spent 150mil on the roster this year, who’d feel any better about the direction of the club?

    The other way for teams to make money is to do very little. Don’t spend on the roster, keep payroll down and draw money in from the luxury tax and other revenue sharing streams. Sure, you’ll rarely win, you might get lucky and and have a good season or two, but it’s very hard to compete vs. the big spenders…but why does that matter? the team/owners are making money and it’s the safest way to make a profit. If by chance the team does win, you may not get the same boost that the big spenders get, but you’ll come out pretty decently. Sure, you’ll get guys who think they can beat the system using the Money Ball myth…and sure, finding the best value in players is a smart way to go, but when has a “Money Ball” team ever won a playoff series? How ofter do the even make the playoffs?

    Out of the eight teams that made the playoffs last year, only three were below the MLB average payroll…Texas was right in the middle. and for every Tampa, there is a KC, Huston, SD, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Baltimore.

    You look at a team like Milwaukee..if they don’t spend money on keeping Fielder, who thinks that they’ll be in the playoffs next year? or St. Louis? How is losing the best hitting in the game going to help their playoff chances?

    Sadly, this is were the Mets are now…I don’t blame Sandy 100%, but it’s obvious that his first goal is to cut all spending and get the team profitable again. Winning is now secondary. I don’t care how much people say Sandy’s about wining in the future, he’s not in it for the future…he’s here just to get the team making money. Sure, he’s going to try to win, but it’s not the priority.

    Hopefully, when the Wipons are forced to sell, we’ll get owners who can find the balance between building a team with a solid system, but is willing to spend the money to help the team win and keep them winning.

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    We must lead the league in getting crappy free agents that nobody has ever heard of!

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    Jon Rauch gets me more excited than the some of names we’ve run out there in the past.

    Pitching in general, especially the bullpen, was an area that needed upgrading - badly. Now what, we’re unhappy about that?

    re: the Wilpons, the question I have is how come we’re in so much financial trouble all the sudden? Was there something else Madoff’s firm was doing for them that they can’t get by without now that he’s jail?????

  7. Met_Maven Says:

    When I read Jon Rauch, I was like “Who?” Yes, he’s not a big name free agent. I’m sure hes not even a small name free agent. At this point I don’t care. Have the last few years been a disappointment? Yes. Was last year a disappointment? Not really. The Mets were in striking distance of .500 all season. We traded away KRod & Beltran which we all knew was going to happen. Reyes leaving wasn’t that big of a surprise. This season might be a repeat of last year. I have a feeling the Mets will do better than everyone predicts. I say their wins for this year are within +/- 2 games of last year.

    Also, a lot of Met fans have lost the concept of the big picture. Everyone wanted to get rid of Omar. He bogged the team down with big contracts. Signed a lot of good players but also a lot of bad players. The Wilpons want to win and, up until this year, have spent boatloads of money doing so. Last year they bring in Alderson and everyone was happy. Then this “disaster” of an off season comes and people are saying the Mets wont contend in their lifetime. What people, especially New York fans, don’t get is that rebuilding (oh my God I said the ‘R’ word about a NY team!) takes time. Alderson has been her one year, why does everyone feel that after one year there should be a complete turnaround? Its going to take time. Yes, we’ve been waiting since ‘06 to be “relevant” again, but ‘07, ‘08 ‘09 & ‘10 we were being dragged down. Last year, all things considered, wasn’t a let down. Its going to take a few years to get out of the Mess that Omar and The Wilpons created. I love the Mets and want to see them on top. If it means sitting through an offseason or two of signings like Rauch before we contend again, so be it. I’d rather be patient and win than spend money just because this is New York and you have to spend money all the time. The Knicks were in a similar situation, they had to deal with the bad contracts and once those were able to get unloaded, run out, whatever, they were able to get good young players and build a team that will contend. It may take a few years but its worth it.

  8. Lord Charles Says:

    ^IMO, if moving the fences in helps Wright go back to being Wright, and Davis and Santana are healthy, then the Mets will likely be better than they were last year, and the Rauch signing will have a fairly significant impact.

    If those things don’t happen, then yes, it will be a long season and the Rauch signing will little-to-no impact.

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