Castillo, Going…Going… About to be Gone?

Looks like the release of Luis Castillo may be coming to fruition. 

BMF isn’t accustomed to my team making the right move so I was elated to hear Buster Onley’s report of continued internal discussions about eating the 6M.

I’ve always been a Castillo fan and I still won’t kill him. He’s better than he gets credit for on both sides of the ball…. But he’s gotta go.

Here are my top 3 reasons to cut Castillo:

• We’re not making a splash by signing anyone this winter so why not make a splash by cutting someone?

• It’ll be worth 6M in PR alone. If the  Mets cut him the fan base will get an immediate adrenalin boost. It’ll jumpstart the fanbase to begin rooting for the ‘11 team.

• We need the future at second base and Castillo is too painfully tied to the past. 

14 Responses to “Castillo, Going…Going… About to be Gone?”

  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    “So, does that mean Hu’s on second?”
    “I’m not asking you Who’s on Second….”

    J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!!

  2. USMF Says:

    I’d be surprised to see Castillo or Perez cut before ST starts. I just don’t see Sandy cutting a player before knowing what they might be able to bring to the table this year.

    I don’t think either player has a lot to offer anymore…I’ve always liked Castillo throughout his career, but with his range at 2nd getting smaller every year and his lack of power and the decline in his OBP, the two major parts of his game that made him a great player have quickly slipped away.

    Perez can’t start anymore and unless he proves he can pitch effectively every other day, he’s just taking up a space in the pen. Now Perez has been down this road before ad bounced back, but after two years of complete crappieness and loss of velocity, I don’t see him even being good as a Loogy.

    I liked Perez in the past, but even because of my obscene loyalty I was really hoping that he signed some place else two years ago. Many people have said that Perez was a GM killer before Omar gave him his big deal, and it looks like they were right.

    Imagine if Perez was able to be healthy and be a 10-15 game winner the past two years, there’s be a good chance that the Mets could have competed last year and Omar would still be here. On top of that, out factor in the unexpected injuries to Delgado and Beltran in 09…there’s a good chance that the Mets would be in a much different place right now.

    Anyways, hopefully Sandy dose the right thing and doesn’t do something just because the fan base wants it.

  3. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    CUT HIM.

  4. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Or how about the fact that he can’t hit? ….. has bad knees … has no range … and I can still see him dropping that popup that cost us the Yankee game …

    $6 million ? thats addition by subtraction

    next up: OLLIE come on down and collect your money Ahole …

    (USMF - “Imagine if Perez was able to be healthy and be a 10-15 game winner the past two years..” - this goes under and if Pigs could fly category .. yeh if only I had those numbers in last weeks Mega game I’d be rich … dude, seriously? )

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I don’t think it makes alot of sense to cut him right now and I’m not so sure they will do that now.

    Do you really think the fans will get”immediate adrenalin boost”? Its not like we got a superstar to take his place! There are 6 average players who will come to Spring Training to compete with him for the job.

    I say keep him around maybe he has a good Spring Training and we can get some value for him or only pay 1/2 his contract!

  6. ProfessorReyes Says:

    Bubye Louis…

    When he leaves Ollie should give at least half his owed money to charity. A NY/NJ/CT charity.

  7. Mr. Met Says:

    Didn’t Ollie P already donate his money to charity, I think it was the, umm, I can’t pitch but I’m gettin paid anyway charity, located directly in his own back pocket.

  8. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Ah, I love that charity, Little Lefty Losers. Or was it KrazyKakes Kars for Kids? Or the Wittle “Which One’s Home Plate?” Wascals?

    CUT HIM.

  9. Original62Fan Says:

    BMF - Three very LAME reasons.

  10. Big D Says:

    He should have been cut after dropping Teixeira’s pop up.

  11. Met_Maven Says:

    I agree Original62Fan that those are lame reasons but he is a lame player. I don’t think he fits in well with the club and he should be cut, but at least let him get to spring training. Who knows, if he shows he’s made improvement, we could trade him for a minor leaguer or something kinda valuable (yes, we’d eat his contract then too but we’d also be getting something in return). And if he shows up same old Castillo, we cut him then and still eat the contract. Either way, I don’t see him ending the spring as a Met. Unless he really impresses us.

    As for OP, I’d cut him now. I don’t care if he becomes a 20 win ace with another team, I want him gone. He’s a problem that the Mets don’t need. Out with the old, in with the new.

    Happy New Year to all the BMFrs out there! Lets hope 2011 offers us a glimpse into a bright future! Can’t wait to see the promotions they have for the 25th anniversary of the great ‘86 team!

    Here’s to Sandy and Terry righting the ship!
    Let’s Go Mets 2011… and beyond!

  12. USMF Says:

    I love how now everyone is saying that the Mets aren’t going to release Castillo until they see him in spring training.

    Strange, that’s what I (and others) said yesterday.

    It’s typical NY Media BS…I’m sure the Mets have discussed releasing Castillo and Perez along with trading everyone including Beltran, Reyes and even Wright. Obviously, none of these discussions amounted to anything. They are “what if” conversations that help gage the future game plan of the roster.

  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Spring Training report dates set
    Finally, some exciting news for Mets fans. The team announced today that the Spring Training report date is Tuesday, Feb. 15 for pitchers and catchers, and Saturday, Feb. 19 for everyone else. The first pitcher/catcher workout will take place on Feb. 17, the first full-squad workout on Feb. 21.


  14. Leshko Metz Says:

    Yeah! I can’t wait to see that scowling, warthog looking, gimpy, lazy, Omar’s man crush, easy pop fly dropping, still catching pop ups one handed like he’s Amos Otis, refusing to run out ground balls, symbol of Met mediocrity again!!!

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