Hold Everything — There May Be Hope 

BMF heard the best Met news I’ve gotten in quite a while: New York Times reported the Mets “might have to confront the prospect of selling the team entirely.”

WOW that is music to my ears. How fantastic would it be to rid this wants to be great franchise of the ineptitude of the Wilponzis.

The latest news is the Mets needed to borrow another $40 million in what’s being termed a “bridge loan”. In theory it’s to help them keep operating while they try to raise funds through by selling minority shares in the team.

According to NYT the inside word is “if a full lineup of minority stake investors was not in place by next spring, and cash not in hand, [Fred Wilpon] and [Saul Katz] might have to confront the prospect of selling the team entirely.”

Obtw the Mets were unable to pay back their original $25 million loan from Major League Baseball.

Of course with Alderson revealing they lost $70 million in 2011 no wonder they were never in on the Reyes bidding.

In fact I think this makes it painfully obvious the Mets were NEVER so much as considering bringing Jose back it was merely a smoke screen to try and deflect a complete tsunami of bad PR.

It’s a pathetic state that we’re in when the owners of the Mets are reviled by the entire fan base. 

But if we could be so lucky as to have the Wilpons sell we would really have a chance of turning this loser franchise around.

So I emplore any/all Met fans from to refrain from giving them ANY MONEY WHATSOEVER. I realize the few bucks they may make off of holiday merchandise is likely inconsequential to their multi-multi-million dollar problems but now is the time for Met fans to untie in a concerted effort to CLEAN HOUSE of OWNERSHIP!!!!!

Pleeeeezeee Santa all I want for Christmas is the Wilpons to fail to raise enough money and be forced to sell… Is that so much to ask?

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  1. Luis Says:

    100% in agreement- Just think for a moment, the Mets, the ONLY NL team in NY-the largest potential market in the world-unable to consistently win over the decades…Ownership unable to spend large amounts of $$ on the BEST scouts and instructors and to develop a quality farm system. The Wilpons are an embarassment to the game and they MUST go.

  2. Patrick Says:

    The first thought that popped into my head, we’re gonna lose David Wright too. This is his contract year. I can’t take this…

  3. JoeG Says:

    This is an outrage…..Not only should the Wilpons go…..but I can’t wait for Bud Selig to step down ….he has been a horrible commisioner….under his watch, the most hallowed records in sports fell to known steroid cheats without his office lifting a finger. Bud assisted the downfall of the Mets by his chummy relationship with Freddie. He should have forced the Wilpons to sell for the best interest of the franchise just like the Dodgers-they’re in better shape than we are!
    I, for one, will not attend a game this year either in NewYork or here in Florida. I am thinking about not getting the MLB package this year. I will not buy any merchandise. Thank god I never paid 300.00 for a Jose Reyes signed ball from MLB.com.
    This pains me and will probably not do any good-but who does business like this??????
    Can’t wait until banner day…………….

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I was just down at the stadium in PSL this Sat. for the Holiday Sale. I arrived at 10:00AM for the start of it.

    Guess what? me and my girlfriend were the only two people there. It was raining and the weather was bad, but I had to wonder if it was just the weather or are people really boycotting this team?

    By the time I got done shopping there were a total of eight people there. The mood is really gloom and doom from the people I spoke to.

    Usually this is the time when hope comes into play but there was none of it at the ballpark.

    Spring training tix are not selling well and they haven’t either bothered to email an order for for season/flex packs like they usually do.

    I will be buying my tix from fans the day of the game or on the secondary market at discounted prices. Thats what you get for RAISING SPRING TRAINING TICKET PRICES.

    Things just do not feel right this year in Met land! I think I am on board and agree that maybe we don’t PUNT on fourth down this year. I think we should quick kick on the third down and spare the fans some agony.

    The priority on Spring training will be getting a nice tan on the berm this year!

  5. Jomama Says:

    Sadly, as long as I’m 2,000 miles away, I will always buy the MLB package so that my wife, new daughter and yours truly can watch the abomination that is the Mets. Having watched at least 120 games each year, this won’t change. Now in terms of merchandise, I’m still a whore (the kids gotta represent here in Seattle) but now my biggest problem is what to do with my Reyes jersey. As for Wright walking this year - so be it, I really wouldn’t be surprised or unhappy. He gave it his all and no one’s gonna question his desire.

  6. USMF Says:

    I’ve always said that I’m not a Wilpon hater and despite the issues this team had, Wilpon has always tried to win…surprisingly, not every owner takes that approach…it’s actually easier to lose and make money than to try to win and make money.

    Just because the Mets might (will IMEO) get new owners, it’s not certain that they would want to win or know how to do it.

    But let’s look at the bigger picture…Mets own MLB 25mil, the own the banks 40mil, plus they are still on the hook for another 83-382mil for the Madoff crap and another 18mil from a lawsuit from his employees because of the 401K money Wilpon invested in Madoff, plus you toss in the money they thought they had with Madoff that is now gone,

    You add the money that they are losing due to poor attendance at CityField and poor ratings on SNY…and money Sterling Equities has to be losing because of the economy. I see know way the Wilpons can keep a controlling interest in the Mets.

    I see the minority sell of shares of a team as a attempt to buy time in hope that their fortunes turn around.

    I think that by 2014, there will be new controlling owners of the Mets…hopefully it’ll be owners that want to win.

  7. Paul Says:

    Not sure that new owners would necessarily be better… whoever buys the team may inherit some or all of the debt, and would be committing a substantial portion of their wealth towards making the purchase (and likely picking up more debt to pay for the team.)

    With George Steinbrenner no longer with us, I don’t believe there’s a single owner in sports that puts winning ahead of profits. The best we can hope for is one that sees winning as a way to reach bigger profits.

  8. Warren Says:

    Agree 100%…They’ll never win while Jeff Wilpon is there…

  9. ProfessorReyes Says:

    BMF, glad to see you are taking your meds again, after that HanRam post!!!! Big pat on the back to ya.

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