Hanley Ramirez Would be Fun

I know he’s acted like a lazy S.O.B. at time but if the Mets traded for HanRam it sure would male me feel better about losing Reyes.

Word is the Fish are shopping him because he’s said he’s unwilling to change positions to 3rd Base.The problem is he’s due 15M, 15.5M and 16M over the next 3 years and while I’m sure Alderson wouldn’t be able to offer that much money but he would be committed for 3 years less than Jose got.

Ramirez would def generate excitement , sell tickets and I betcha he’s be motivated as Hell if he left FLA for NYC… I’m just saying…

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  1. Lord Charles Says:

    No, no, no… a thousand times, no. Hanley is the biggest dog in all of baseball.

  2. IrishMike Says:

    People who think Reyes was selfish or immature or not a team player or whatever the complaint du jour was are just going to love rooting for this guy. Han Ram puts up numbers (some times) but he’s not a guy I want to have to root for.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    BMF: Lay off the spiked eggnog! You are out of your mind!

    First of all the guy is a major clubhouse cancer. I wouldn’t want this guy for free. He is a team killer. You already state he is a lazy SOB.

    Plus he is coming off shoulder surgery. You already know he is not a team player, by whinning about moving to third base.

    NO WAY!!! He single handily can kill a franchise!

  4. Craig Swan Says:

    Whatever you do don’t build the organization from within. Sandy is the devil. Go out and buy buy buy…. trade trade trade… Big market!

  5. Met_Maven Says:

    I know its a slow off season for the Mets, but posting a ridiculous post just because is uncalled for!

  6. Omar Minaya Says:

    Good point. He’s an expensive dog with a bad attitude.

    As soon as I get my Mets job back I will sign him.

    BTW, saw Moises Alou the other day….he’s quite fit. I’m thinking 2 years with a club option on the 3rd year. Same with Julio Franco.

    Hanley Ramirez, Moises Alou, Julio Franco. Someone get me Petey’s cell number. I have a vision and it will only cost $150 million per year.

    Thanks for the post BMF. It inspired me.

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