Reyes Plot Thickens 

BMF found it very interesting to hear Jose Reyes declare without hesitation the Mets made no offer and made zero effort to retain him.

This is in direct contrast to Sandy Alderson who reported the Mets were very much in it fri and sat night.

Hmmmm so who do we think might be telling the truth? I’m going with Reyes since he’s got no reason to lie.

Alderson on the other hand has very real motivation to feign Met interest in the fan favorite Reyes. 

I don’t even fault Alderson for faking the funk. I have to imagine part of the very messy job of rescuing the Mets is covering as much as possible for the on going Ponzi repurcussions. 

In fact it now seems painfully obvious, the Mets are “broke” (relatively speaking of course) and cannot possibly afford to keep Reyes so their GM was forced to CWA (Cover Wilponzi Ass) by pretending to be interested in Reyes knowing all along he was never coming back.

Meanwhile the Marlins are gonna kick piss out of the Mets this season both on and off the field.

They’re going to be MUCH better than us this season and will quickly be on their way to World Series Crown number 3 while we keep floundering at the bottom of the division faaaar from and Fall Classic appearance. 

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  1. USMF Says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Sandy didn’t make any real strong push to resign Reyes…If he really wanted to keep him, he would have done more than make a call to his agent and throw him a low ball offer after the Marlins already made a better offer.

    If Sandy wanted to keep him, he would have been talking to Reyes consistently…he would have had a big sit down with Reyes and say something like…”this is about all we can afford, but we have a plan to rebuild/reload and be ready to make a big push in 2013 and beyond.”..he would have said “Jose we want you here and more important, NY want’s you here.”

    But Sandy didn’t do that, Miami did…Was Sandy just making a show of attempting to make an offer that he knew Reyes would never take, or does Sandy really think he’s smarter than everyone else and thought he could play his game and come out a winner?

    What really sucks is…my top four all time Favorite Mets are Straw, Doc, Cone and Reyes…All four left the Mets…Three won Championships with the hated Spanks…Three left because of the Mets not willing to spend money to keep them, three of them because the Mets are so bad that they have to purge and rebuild…two left and pitched No-hitters for the Spanks…they all left to play for teams I hate….(Staw Dodgers/Spanks, Cone and Doc the Spanks and now Reyes to the Marlins)

    In Fact, none of the players on my all-time Mets list (Cone, Doc, Santana, Pete, Straw, Reyes, Fonzie, Piazza, Mex, Carter, Nails, Floyd and Beltran) have played there whole careers on the Mets…they all left or was signed/traded for.

    The only one left is Wright, and the Wrighting is on the Citi Wall (see what is did there “Wrighting” and “Citi Wall” Post, call me for a job)…Wright is probably on his way out next year…

    and guys who could be soon on my list, Neise, Murph and Ike are being used as potential trade pieces…

  2. JoeG Says:

    I think Sandy Alderson is a very bright guy….but he strikes me as a cold ,calculating unfeeling individual that could represent a problem in years to come when trying to get free agents to come over to the Mets(if that ever happens again)-he was sent here from Bud to right the ship finanically no matter what the cost. Its no doubt been a sad week for Met fans. I did not think Reyes was worth the money or the years….but it makes me sad that all we have to look forward to is more losing for the next 2-3 years-we are the laughing stock of baseball.

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    OMG is next year going to be a long & ugly year for the Mets! All that we seem to accomplish from the Winter Meetings was a major reduction in payroll and a couple of No Name/Scrap Heap Bullpen Rejects.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mets left Dallas by sneaking out the fire exit door and not paying the hotel bill to save a few bucks!

    It is really a double edged sword as the Fish and the Nats are going to be better which makes this twice as bad!

    Who in their right mind is going to show their face in Shea 2? The only way you could possibly go to those games is if someone is more embarresed then you to show up and gives you free tickets! Are people actually going to pay money to see this?…Really?

    Dosen’t really bother me that the Mets did not make an offer to Reyes because it would have been a low ball and not even close to the Fish’s first offer. Why not just let the fans think you are idiots, than by making some sh***y offer and proving it!

    I think I am going to start drinking heavily! Thank goodness I can use the holiday season as an excuse!….It aint easy being a Met Fan!

  4. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    USMF: here’s a thought to brighten your day. Luria won’t be able to hold this team together for too long. It’s a ‘one and done’ situation for him, as usual with the Marlins. Clear evidence of this is the absence of a no-trade clause in any of these Marlins FA contracts. So, figure 2014 at the latest, maybe sooner, attendance and interest flags in Miami, and the purge begins… you see where I’m going here, don’t you? Where does a 30 year old Reyes wind up in that scenario? By that time Jeter will be finishing up, and so what more likely scenario could there be than seeing a Reyes homecoming of sorts, back to NY and the dreaded Skanks where he would undoubtedly go on to give you a 4-4 on the hated championship list. Just sayin’

  5. BlondiesJake Says:

    It’s funny, many people here know the team needed to be fixed in a big way, both on the field and financially, and most people were in favor of that happening. Yet when the club starts doing just that, the same people scream about how terrible it is that the team is doing what they wanted, because now it looks bad.

  6. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    BJake: the only addition is see so far is the addition by subtraction of the departure of “dumb as a box of Pagans”– I, for one, would like to see the Mets spend the money needed to field a competitive team and to have spent the necessary money to have retained their best player. If the Mets think they can stop losing money by spending less and less of it, I think they are mistaken. Are fans really going to come out in large numbers to see this club, as currently constructed?

  7. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^BlondiesJake Glad your back!

    I don’t mind them rebuilding, just admit it and don’t try to lie or fool the fans. I would rather take a pass on this year then bring in a bunch of old guys just to piece together a team that wins 70 games. Lets just suck outright!

    Let admit it and expedite it. Lets lower the boom and get on with it, even though it is going to be painful. Lets move it along.

    Why keep Reyes last year if we knew we couldn’t sign him?…We could have done better than a third round pick.

    If we are gonna suck for two or three more years lets trade David Wright this year if he gets on a streak.

    They are doing it in an untruthful and slow painful fashion, as opposed to clearing the air and moving rather quickly and with some smar

  8. USMF Says:

    Bill- I heard that rumor/speculation the other day…It’s a possibility I don’t ever want to think about…but yeah, look at the track record and look at how Jose’s contract is divided out…

    6 years/$106M (2012-17), plus 2018 option

    -12:$10M, 13:$10M, 14:$16M, 15:$22M, 16:$22M, 17:$22M, 18:$22M club option ($4M buyout)

    -deal does not include no-trade protection

    To me, that’s a get him in, use and trade him is necessary…it’s very similar to how they built the Delgado contract…People don’t realize that the Mets payed the majority of that deal because the first year of the deal was worth nothing.

    Jake-I don’t mind the rebuilding process…but isn’t that we’ve supposed to be doing for the past couple of years? Now we have to wait for another 2-3 years and hope a bunch of AA players work out?

    In this town especially, you need to show progress…you need to put a watchable product on the field…you need to spend some money to make money…how is a -70 win team supposed to bring fans to the park and make the team money in the future? going down this road will only cost the team in the long run.

    Why can’t we have a GM that will sign the big deal, but also makes smart signings? and I’m not sure picking up a bunch of never was relievers and injury recovery starters and journeymen fielders who suck are smart signings.

    And not re-upping Reyes to a +100mil long term deal and 34 is a bad deal…signing him to that while entering his “prime years” is a good deal.

    When can we stop saying the “Team A” over paid for “Free Agent B”? so far every Free agent signing, the team supposedly “over paid” for him. It happens every year and yet it’s still considered overpaying…when will we adjust our thinking when it comes to MLB signings? Yeah they all make a ton of money to play a game…but if that’s what the market sets the price at then that’s what it is…

  9. JoeG Says:

    Hey-the Cards just lost Puols-at least we weren’t the only ones!

  10. BlondiesJake Says:

    USMF, in what way were the Mets doing anything to rebuild prior to Alderson taking over?

  11. USMF Says:

    Wasn’t going into the 2010 season and not replacing Delgado at 1st or signing any Free Agent pitchers the start of the rebuild process and last year not making any moves to improve the team while dumping several big contacts (good ones and bad ones) part of the rebuilding process?

    If not, what the hell has this team been doing the past two years?

  12. foxster Says:

    re the superior animated film Dispicable Me, when the character of the mean little kid Vector is stranded on the moon, he says “Oh Poo”. a perfect summation of the Mets current situation.

  13. JJ Says:

    Don’t blame Alderson for this mess…there was zero chance of signing Reyes courtesy of the teams wonderful ownership. This is a total mess and if we’re lucky this team will be competitive in 2015.

  14. BrooklynBill Says:

    I don’t get it…we are mad over what? These are all good, smart moves. Reyes was not worth the years or the $$. Mets are not the only team that thought so. NOBODY else even made an offer!!!!!! NOBODY. The Marlins are the fools, not the Mets.

    2011 bullpen was 2nd worst (who was worse, I’d like to know) in the NL last year…absolutely in need of an overhaul and Sandy did it. How many games did the crappy bullpen cost us last year? I bet it was a lot.

    Last year showed Pagan was not a ‘late bloomer’, he is in fact just an inconsistent player - too inconsistent to rely on as an everyday player. Part time players should not make $5MM/per. Give credit where credit is due…how Sandy pulled it off, I don’t know. It was a good move dumping him for relief help. Check his #s, Ramirez is no scrub, he will be effective in a pen that sorely needed depth.

    If the team plays a winning brand of baseball, I will go to CitiField and drink the $8.50 bud lights with or without an overpriced superstar in the lineup.

    Those who read my posts know I NEVER thought Reyes would be back, that when Sandy declared October ‘Jose Reyes Month’ it meant we would never re-sign him. Mystery to me why most ppl didn’t read it that way as well…esp with a steadily improving less expensive alternative in Tejada waiting in the wings.

    If Wright is traded, he gets traded - life will go on. Even the most diehard Mets fan can’t ignore the fact that while an all around good guy who came up thru our farm, DW has been on the decline offensively & defensively. His throwing is horrendous. He’s an easy out, often of the unproductive strikeout variety, and really on hits LHs well. At best, he should platoon @ 3B if he is still on the team.

    I think the Mets have a plan, I can see they are honest and disciplined about the plan, and genuinely interested in fielding the best team they can afford. I am satisfied so far…waiting to see what else they can do. Cut these guys some slack…

  15. BrooklynBill Says:

    Pujols to Anaheim is very interesting now…because what does that do to the market for Fielder?? The teams that can afford him don’t have 1B needs right now. The Marlins have already beefed up their payroll.

    Will he goto the Nats? What about us???? I love Ike but if we could dig up the dough and he was obtainable…….

  16. BlondiesJake Says:

    What alternate universe did I wake up into from my hibernation to see that I agree with BrooklynBill on almost every point (except Wright being a platoon player…he needs to play every day and see if he can return to form or at least rebuild his trade value).

  17. USMF Says:

    People keep saying that these FA’s aren’t worth the money, but yet they keep getting it…maybe it’s time we start waking up to what star’s are worth and what they can bring to a club…

    Let’s be honest, signing Reyes was as much about credibility and fan drawing power as it was about winning. Now having the 2nd best SS and one of the best leadoff hitters in the game only helps winning, it can’t be denied. In next season, the Met’s aren’t in position to compete with Philly and Atlanta…so I don’t see enough winning to bring the fans out. Now with the lose of Reyes, they’ve lost their biggest drawing power and have crushed an already dishearten fan base.

    Unless the pitching rotation pitches out of their mind and Bay and Wright return to previous forms, CitiField is going to be empty for years to come. Revenue is going to continue to fall and put this team farther in the hole. Which sounds like the plan when you hear them saying the 2014 or beyond is when they expect to compete.

    But with all that, it makes me laugh when Sandy says this team is going to be favored going into Spring. Don’t lie to us…tell us the truth, we aren’t stupid and we don’t like to be manipulated.

    And getting three relievers (one who’s never been good, one who lost his job as a closer and only topped 2o saves once) is not a guarantee fix of the bullpen. Besides, the pen was on of the best until they “punted” and traded K-Rod.

    But I am wondering, the Marlins were worse than the Mets last year and the Mets were pretty bad in the 2nd half…but Adding Reyes Bell and Buehrle are supposed to make them a +90win team? I’m not sure I buy into that.

  18. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    So this would be a perfect time for the New York Mets to RAISE SPRING TRAINING TICKET PRICES, like they did as they plan on putting a Double A team on the field!

    Makes perfect sense to me, cut the payroll to the bone and RAISE TICKET PRICES!

  19. BlondiesJake Says:

    FMFR, when did that happen? I haven’t seen you post about that 10x already. Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Common Sense Says:

    “Unless the pitching rotation pitches out of their mind and Bay and Wright return to previous forms, CitiField is going to be empty for years to come. Revenue is going to continue to fall and put this team farther in the hole.”

    Exactly. This is a good thing, I’m sad to say. This franchise will be atrocious as long as the Wilpons own it.

    If you have hope of watching a Mets team you’re proud of in your lifetime, you’ll hope for maximum financial pain for Fred Wilpon. He is by all accounts a nice man but he has utterly destroyed this franchise. I’m willing to put up with 5 years of 105 losses if it means avoiding 30 years of averaging 80-90 losses and plenty of off-field embarrassment. That’s what you can expect from Wilpon ownership.

    The power is ours. Keep posting here, keep hoping, but, for God’s sake, DON’T support the Wilpons with your money. If you do you can’t complain when this is still going on in 2025 under Jeff.

  21. USMF Says:

    I’ve never been a big Wilpon hater..but putting Jeffie in charge would be a bad move…While I do think many of the Wilpons’ baseball decisions could be questioned, Fred has always (until maybe recently) put winning above making money.

    Honestly, you can make a lot of money in MLB without winning or even trying to win and many owners are happy with that approach.

    I think now the Wilpons, because of losing revenue because of bad seasons and the hole little Madoff thing have forced MLB to put Sandy on charge and get the team back on track fiscally at all costs…and by all cost, I mean at no cost other than winning and the support of the fan base.

    Now we are stuck in limbo until this Madoff thing is settled and there is a very good chance that this will force the Wilpons to sell.

    Hopefully, something good will come out of it for us fans…as bad as things have been under Wilpon, I’ve always sad, a new owner doesn’t necessarily mean better ownership.

  22. BrooklynBill Says:

    USMF - Marlins didn’t have their ace for most of the 2011 season.

    The Marlins definitely have question marks. Is Stanton going to repeat last year’s #s? What’s up with Ramirez? Nolasco reminds me of Ollie P sometimes, electric stuff but erratic. He & Sanchez were sub .500 pitchers last year. Oh yeah, Guillen can be combustible and the expectations on his team are already high so all it may take is an extended losing streak for him to start feeling the heat and blow up. This is an owner who couldn’t get along with Joe Girardi!

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