Pagan is Gone

BMF has always been a Pagan fan. I just like the guy as an all around ball player. He used to suck at base-running but he got a lot better. 

He’s got plenty of speed to swipe lotsa bases. He plays a great defense and he can hot for avg.

I believe in him and I think he’s more than a 1 year wonder. But I could easily be wrong on that so I understand Alderson’s decision to trade him…

… But Andres Torres??? Torres also only had 1 breakthrough year before slipping badly last season but the best version of Torres is inferior to the best possible Pagan.

And considering Torres is 34 years old I have to believe Pagan has a better chance to recapture 2010 glory…

But I might be wrong so I’m not bothered by this trade, which obtw also included Ramon Ramirez a reliever very tough on righties likely tipping the scales to a good deal for the Mets.

Then again I’m still sorta numb from the Reyes trauma so maybe I’m just not thinking this through…

Thoughts on the new Closer tomm…

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  1. USMF Says:

    I’m not so worried about losing Pagan…his had much more bad than good during his career and even his D last year sucked and he never seemed to know what the correct play was once he got the ball…

    My big concern is who’s gonna bat lead off? Who’s gonna steal bases? Torres can’t do and shouldn’t be starting…maybe a bench guy, but not an everyday player. Let’s be honest, the Giants wanted to dump Torres and made the Mets take him as a dumb in a Pagan/Ramirez trade.

    No we have Ramon Ramirez, Frank Francisco and Jon Rauch…not bad, but there are concerns with each. While it looks on the surface that the Pen is Fixed, there is plenty of reason to believe that each of these guys are going to struggle.

    Rauch has never been good…I’m not sure I’d trust Ramirez vs LH hitters and Francisco has never been a full time closer and has only one season with more than 20 saves.

    I just hope Sandy doesn’t go TV and tell Met Fans to stop bugging him about the Pen while he’s buying in Bagels.

  2. foxster Says:

    is there now a revolving turnstile in the Met office? you go through the turnstile, enter a revolving door and then a dfferent ball player emerges.

    why am i remeinded of the “deal” that brought Pepe Manguel to the Mets, when the GM at that time was quoted as saying that that “Met fans should give him some time to adjust and that the Mets had been after Pepe for sometime or maybe he was discussing Juan Samuel? it’s difficult to say because there have been so many “deals” for faceless nonentities, that spent so little time with the Mets that i’ve lost track. probably advancing years.

  3. Luis Says:

    Torres was a throw in-Pagan for a RP who can strikeout some people….Of course that still does not answer the CF Question-If Torres starts in CF and hits anywhere other than 8th, that is not good. IS there a CF in the minors? Or a trade in the works?

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Don’t look now boys, but as of right now we have a new starting CF and lead off man!

    I guess we must believe that our starting pitching is going to suck really bad, so we need to have 20 guys ready in the bullpen and a closer.

    I would like to see us get another quality starter, but I know we can’t afford it. But whats the sense of payinng big $$ for a closer and we are so far behind by the 7th inning that we never get to use him?

    I am sure there is a “Cheap Broken Down Closer Wanna Be” out their just licking his chops to be the Met closer. He will be the most rested player in the NL and will be picking splinters out of his butt all year!

  5. BrooklynBill Says:

    Guys Guys Guys - this is a terrific set of moves, bravo. Why aren’t we more upbeat?

    The Marlins are the off-season nimrods…how come nobody is getting on them for overpaying for Reyes? There was NO market for him - NONE. So why did they pay soooo much??

    Our bullpen was 2nd worst in the NL & needed to be upgraded. Check, done.

    Now, we need to find a radar gun obsessed GM we can deal Parnell and his 100mph straight-as-an-arrow fastball too for some LH help.

    I really hope they can offload mini-Pelf onto someone…that’s like an instant bullpen upgrade too.

  6. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    This team is gonna suck. David Wright is next up on the block, I’m sure.

  7. BrooklynBill Says:

    Again…the Marlins are on an all out care-free spending spree which I think is borderline reckless.

    First, they completely misread the Hanley Ramirez situation. Turns out he doesn’t want to move to make way for Jose (even if he is Godfather to his kids). Then, they overpaid for Jose. Now, they just shelled out 14MM/per for Mark Buerhle….I know the FA pitching market is thin but, does anyone really think he is a $14MM pitcher??

    I can only hope that all this headline grabbing, top feeding is something Sandy can continue to exploit…I’d rather operate under the radar and make the smaller, unsexy moves that will help improve our team.

    How many wins did our crappy bullpen cost us last year? I’m not sure exactly but they have probably done the math and I bet it was a lot.

  8. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Trade Wright .. but maybe wait to increase value

    we just picked up 4 players that probably wouldnt have been tendered .. and not for all that cheap.. shows Alderson in shooting for 2014 or 15 to be competitive


  9. Matt the Met Fan Says:


    Just heard Selig is giving Mets the Marlins 2nd round pick for losing Reyes even though Heath Bell was rated higher than Reyes??!!!

    Wow.. is Selig having sex with Wilpon!!?? First he lets the Mets extend the deadline on their debt to - by the way - all of MLB !! … now this?

    Or is it just plain pity?

  10. Sheila Says:

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