Mets Really F’d Up on Reyes

As Met fans we’re used to being losers. We’re used to everything going wrong. At this point we’re used to incompetent owners, GM’s and managers. But the one thing we’re no used to is losing franchise, potentially Hall of Fame players who were Mets fr day 1 leaving NY.

Of course Tom Seaver was exactly the scenario just described, and even Nolan Ryan fits the bill as well, but these guys departed over 30 years ago which is ancient history. Kasmir/Zambrano was more recent but the fireballing lefty has since flamed out.

But Reyes is something else. He’s an everyday player. The shortstop. The leadoff hitter. The emotional leader of the franchise. The batting crown champion and the most exciting player in the game.

And the Mets are letting him walk away to a division rival without even fighting to keep him.

The Marlins are reportedly giving him 6yrs and 106M. The Mets allegedly were in the willing to offer 5 years 85-95M range… but they never even bothered to offer.


We the fans are sitting here watching arguably the best player in the game leave for a rival at 27 years old… And the Mets never even made a play for him.

What a joke this franchise has become. As much as I hate the Yankees, they would NEVER let this happen. Derek Jeter would NEVER be allowed to leave for more money from Tampa Bay.

Who cares about the 6th year at this point. Reyes is one of the elite players in the sport and a lifelong Met he’s worth that extra year so just give it to him to keep him here.

As much as I always hated Steinbrenner I actually hate the Wilpons more. They are terrible owners and awful businessmen. They claim to have lost 70M last year on the Mets. That wouldn’t surprise because they seem completely inept at running a quality franchise. 

And I’m not buying the “Blame it on Madoff” excuse considering Madoff was the SECOND PONZI SCHEME THE WILPONZIs were caught up in.

Did Alderson even really want Jose back? Where was his sales job? It feels like he just let Jose leave without the least bit of resistance. 

Even if it’s just for show why wouldn’t the Mets make an attempt to keep Reyes?

This team is such a joke its embarrassing. 

25 Responses to “Mets Really F’d Up on Reyes”

  1. Lord Charles Says:

    Wait, the Mets are pathetic because they decided not to make an offer that was $10-$20M less than what the Marlins were offering?

    Give me a break.

    The Mets made the correct decision, and according to a Metsblog poll, 2/3 of Mets’ fans agree. BMF’s bias against the Wilpons is growing comical…

  2. JoeG Says:

    I’m just pissed that we had the chance to get something for Reyes and got absolutely nothing-that adds insult to injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. BrooklynBill Says:

    Football? The Mets don’t need football, BMF…the need the Pope!

    Wholeheartedly agree, LC…most of you who read my posts are probably not surprised. We should be praising Sandy and the SABR-Mets for having the discipline to stick to their guns. Marlins are playing with Monopoly money…they are on their way to reconstructing their own version of the Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla, Eddie Murray, Bret Saberhagen Mets. They are on a spending spree and over paying for everyone.

    It’ll be more fun beating them up with 1/2 the payroll next year.

  4. BrooklynBill Says:

    Adios Senor Reyes!!

    hey is this Reyes deal going to get BJ to come out of hibernation???

  5. Original62Fan Says:

    Maybe we can buy a disgruntled, banged up Hanley Ramirez.

  6. ProfessorReyes Says:

    I’m scared.

  7. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    LC: I think that BMF means the Mets were pathetic not to up their offer to equal/surpass Miami’s. And I can’t disagree. This is not an outrageous sum of money to pay out over six or seven years to an elite player in Baseball 2011. It just isn’t. The Mets (unlike their fan base) have never appreciated what they had in Reyes. The last contract he got seemed okay, until you compared it to the one they offered Wright. When you made that comparison, it was clear to see that the Mets were undervaluing Reyes. Then Wilpon made his idiotic remarks in the New Yorker article and now this not-even-tepid pursuit of their marquee player. I’m pretty disgusted with them at the moment. Ever since they tore down Shea to build their shrine to plutocracy (fewer seats for the everyman, more amenities for the affluent) it has been clear that the Mets are clueless when it comes to their fan base. The supposed 70 million they lost last year will seem like small potatoes after this year. In fact, I predict that the 100+ million they would have had to have shelled out to keep Reyes will seem like chump change after this year.
    Banner day should be fun.

  8. Common Sense Says:

    “As much as I always hated Steinbrenner I actually hate the Wilpons more. They are terrible owners and awful businessmen. They claim to have lost 70M last year on the Mets. That wouldn’t surprise because they seem completely inept at running a quality franchise. ”

    That’s the spirit! The way to fix this franchise is to make the Wilpons sell with a BOYCOTT. Bloggers like BMF can help lead the way.

    “BMF’s bias against the Wilpons is growing comical… ”

    Really? It’s not a bias - it’s an opinion entirely founded on history and facts. “Comical” is the San Diego Padres giving Omar Minaya a job at any level in the organization

  9. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Wondering how anyone can think the Mets did the “right thing?” in anyway at anytime with the Reyes situation? Or be happy with the way Wilpon is running this team… I understand BMF’s frustration watching the team you love being treated like a small market team New York??

    This team lost $ 70million and wants to cut $30-40M from payroll …

    Just come clean .. We all know this team wasn’t winning a Championship anytime soon.. and not getting anything but weak picks for assets like Capuano and Reyes and getting nothing in return is just bad business …

  10. foxster Says:

    why does it always seem that the Mets are in decline? long suffering Met fans are always asked for patience because better times are coming.

    it isn’t about one player but the general attitude that prevades the organization. as long as couple of bucks are coming through the turnstiles, upper management feels as if their obligatiions are met. however it’s clear that there is no feeling for the Met supporters who’ve stuck with the team through thick and mostly thin times. the most glaring evidence is that abomination of a ball park the Mets are now mired in. i was an old line Brooklyn Dodger fan, but the stadium is supposed to belong to the Mets, not Wilpon’s lost dream of the Dodgers.

    i’ve been a Met fan frfom almost the beginning (i was in the service and away for the first couple of years, and upon my return, it took a bit before i took any interest in baseball again), but i really despair of the Mets even contending again in my lifetime. i just refuse to get myself worked up over the Mets failure to be much more then doormats. there were great moments like 1969 and 1986. if thats all there is, then that’s all it was.

  11. USMF Says:

    How does a team in NY with a new ball park and their own TV network lose $70mil?

    Obviously, you can easily blame the poor finishes in 2009-10 because of injuries. But now you put no effort to improve the team in 2011 and it’s just getting worse in 2012. How much money do you think the team is gonna lose in 2012? How long until they trade Wright because the team isn’t making money?

    You could tell by Alderson’s comments last night that he was never in on Reyes or really cared to make a real effort. As soon as he started saying that the Reyes signing was all speculation and rumor, you could tell he never tried to keep Reyes. How do you not know if you’re “#1 priority in Reyes” is signing with another team? How do you let your best player walk away and you never made any real effort to keep him?

    Don’t tell me that Reyes’s contract is outrageous…it seems like a pretty fair deal and one that I would have tried topping.

    Don’t worry, that 3rd round pick will make up for it.

    Don’t tell me that this team will be better next year! Don’t tell me that this team will be favored going into ST…(yes, Sandy actually said that!).

    We’ve made no improvements…

    Adding Santana might be good, but he’s not going to be the pitcher he once was…

    Adding Ike? Ok I like Ike a lot, but let’s be honest here. He’s coming off a season ending injury and Ike has never played a full MLB season or put up the type of numbers that people are banking on with him. Plus, or production at first was pretty good while Ike was gone, so while his D and power will be a potential nice add…we aren’t gaining that much.

    Oh, I know….moving the fences will make Wright and Bay 30HR hitters again! I do believe that CityField has eff’ed up Wright’s and Bay’s approach causing then to look pitiful at the plate. But it might be too much to assume that moving the fences in a little is going to fix everything with them.

    ugg, I’m so pissed…I’m normally a very optimistic fan. But I see nothing to be optimistic about. I really hate this front office and I have a hard time seeing myself spending anytime watching next year.

  12. CowCrusher Says:

    Reyes pulled a “punk” move at his last at bat. Good riddance. ..being from the DR,:I wonder if he and Mr. “Chocketober” shared the same syringe and that may be the reason for his time off due to injuries?

  13. Howard Says:

    As much as I wanted Reyes back as all Mets fans realized his immense talent, the guy just does not stay on the field. And to be a winning ball team that has a chance to win a division, your best 2 or 3 every day players have got to be able to stay on the field for 150 games a year. I think Reyes is as talented as anyone but we all know that he can be counted on to miss 40 games next year at a minimum. What do you think will be the injury situation for Reyes once he hits 30+ years of age? The guy has chronic leg problems. And without his legs, what is he?

    As a Mets fan, the key to me will be if they put that $15 million a year they saved towards getting us some talent as in a good closer, 2nd or 3rd starter and a catcher.

    And with the fences pulled in, Reyes would not be as effective at Citifield too. I will miss him but we need our top players to stay on the field.

  14. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    CowCrusher: that’s a low blow.

  15. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    How do you think I feel? This team is RAISING SPRING TRAINING PRICES and then putting an inferior Double A team on the field! The Mets have alot of balls!…Nice touch!

    I am really surprised by alot of you BMFers that actually thought the Mets were going to sign Reyes. There was never a chance. Also if you were Jose Reyes wouldn’t you want to play for a contender?

    I believe the Marlins overpaid for him. What I don’t like is that we got nothing (3rd Round pick)in return for him. I am certain that at some point in time last year when he was a hot comodity we could have done better with a trade.

    I can’t wait till Saturday. I am going down to PSL for the Mets Hoiday (Clearance) Sale. I will check the clearence racks, Does anybody need a #7 jersey for about $3 buckcs?

    Should be some good deals I would guess. Who in their right mind would actually show their face at Shea 2, unless you go there disguised as an empty seat!

    We should be out of it by the 2nd week of Spring Training!

    I am sure there will be multiple shelves of “Basement Bertha” items to stock up on!

  16. BlondiesJake Says:

    The Mets made the right move. Reyes likely will be hurt a bunch of times during the deal. Plus, the Mets have solid middle infield replacements. And yes, the team looks like it’s attempting to transition to more of a power offense. (I’ll leave out how disgusted I was at his pre-planned removal from the final game after bunting for a hit to win the batting title)

    For all those griping about how the Mets could’ve dealt Reyes last year, how many of you wanted that to happen BEFORE he was injured. If they had dealt him when he was playing well and the team was in contention, the public outcry would’ve been outrageous.

    With or without Reyes, this team wasn’t going any further than last year’s team unless the starting and relief pitching issues are addressed. The team now has some payroll flexibility and legit prospects on the farm, which is what almost all of us wanted from the new GM.

    Sure, getting rid of the Wilpons would be nice, but we all know that’s not happening, because fans will never unite for the common good instead of their own selfish interests. Knowing all that, let’s see what else gets done with this team this offseason and the next couple of years before declaring Alderson the latest public enemy.

    OK, back to hibernation.

  17. CowCrusher Says:

    Maybe it’s a low blow…but how low does anyone here feel right now?
    When you see someone with so much promise start to dwindle due to injuries….you have to wonder why and at such a young age..remember. places like the DR outside of Canada, and US posessions don’t “require” testing for PEDs.

  18. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    ^BlondiesJake You must be talking about the Mercury Mets, because the team I saw was NEVER in contention for anything other than 3rd place at best!

    Trading him ANYTIME last year, even if he was on the DL at the time would have gotten us better than at 3rd round (At best and possibly a 4th rounder) from the fish!

    If you are planning on a ticket plan may I suggest:
    1) The “First Homestand Plan”
    2) The “April Iffy Plan”

    Hopefully we will still be in it till then if we play well!

  19. Fort Greene Met Fan Says:

    Ugh. This is horrible.

    I wonder how I’d look in one of those hideous Marlins jerseys?

    Maybe I’ll start watching tennis.

  20. Bay Ridge Phantom Says:

    This is the best day in recent Mets history.

    You don’t need someone who will spend half the rest of his career on the disabled list.

    This allows them to focus on what they need to focus on - rebuilding.

    Two years from now you will realize how great this move / non move is.

    Good job Mets.

  21. Jomama Says:

    Not as sad as I thought I’d be but now what do I do with my Reyes jersey?

  22. Bay Ridge Phantom Says:


    Launder it and put it away as a collectors item

  23. BrooklynBill Says:

    I guess I’m in the minority on here but to me it’s a non-event…it was a forgone conclusion that Reyes would not be back, I was well prepared for the news. We already have $60MM locked up in 3 players!!

    Last time I checked, you need to field quality at all 9 positions on a consistent basis if you want to win. You need a bullpen. You need a deep bench…and oh yeah, you need 5 starters!

    So, by not paying 20MM/yr for a SS, we’ll find someone to do a serviceable job @ SS…a plus, if it’s young player with some upside which, I think Tejada is. And, we’ll have the payroll flexibility to upgrade in the other areas - which we sorely need.

    In the mean time, the sports media will keep showing Jose’s highlights and the Marlins will flaunt their shiny new toy. In the short-term it will go down as a lousy move. But, long time Mets fans know how that story goes…spending a bunch of money doesn’t equate to winning and the initial press conference euphoria eventually wears off. We should all be thankful…for once the Mets made the right move.

  24. CowCrusher Says:

    Well said.

  25. El Duderino Says:

    Sandy Alderson is rebuilding the team, and the way he handled Reyes is loud and clear evidence of that. Is this the right thing to do? As an armchair manager it makes logical sense. The Mets are a few years away from being really competitive and by the time the rest of the pieces are finally there, Reyes would be well past his prime and sucking up a lot of resources. But man, as a FAN it really REALLY sucks… And there’s just no easy way to swallow that.

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