Mets Need Football

BMF found myself at Yankee Stadium Wed AM at a press conference for the NYC Public High School Championship Football Game.

As some of you know I’ve been super busy producing “City Gridiron” my docu-series on PSAL (Public School Athletic League) Varsity Football.

This is my 3rd season covering football and we’re on every Sunday at 11A on PIX ch 11.

I followed 3 teams this season Canarsie, Lincoln and Erasmus Hall who has NYC’s top recruit Wayne Morgan. 

After 12 weeks of games 2 of my City Gridiron teams are playing in the championship game at yankee stadium Tues Dec 6th  - Erasmus Hall vs Lincoln

This brings me to the same point I made last year: Why don’t the Mets host football games at CityField during the winter?

They could surely land a regular season game just like the Yankees had Army v Rutgers. Additionally there should be a Bowl game in Queens. “The New York City Bowl” or “Metropolitian Bowl” or “Metro Bowl” find a sponsor, seek out a local team such as Syracuse, Rutgers or UConn and have ourselves a bowl game.

I would think these cash strapped Wilponzis would see a payday and jump at it but for some reason known only to them they’d rather leave their stadium dormant from Oct-March.

Please don’t tell me the Mets are considering Jason Varitek. Good Lord the only backstop more past his prime than Varitek is Posada. Thankfully the Mets already passed on Jorge.

Heath Bell to FLA? Or should I say Miami. I think that’s a good sign by them. The Fish are serious again and something tells me they’re gonna finish above us this season. 

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  1. Big D Says:

    Unfortunatley the yanks already have a bowl game that started last year, the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. It’s between a Big East and Big 12 team. Seems like if the Mets added one now it would just be another attempt at trying to be like the yanks which they are not. They should try for a NHL Winter Classic instead and just hope the islanders aren’t involved in it.

    Good article over on grantland that breaks down what each NL team needs, some more specific than others:

  2. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Great idea BMF ..

    However I am still in mourning over the painful loss of Nick Evans to the Pirates .. Nick, we hardly knew ye .. well thats not really true since you got called up (really down) from Buffalo about 25 times ..

  3. USMF Says:

    Ok, before I read what “Big D’s” link says, I’m gonna guess is going to say OF help, Middle infield help, but mostly Starting Pitching and Bullpen help, especially in the closer roll…

    Sadly, even if the Mets resign Reyes, if they don’t do something to improve their Bullpen and then their rotation, they aren’t going to be more than a 70 win team next year…if they don’t resign Reyes, it’s going to be a sub 70 win team and nobody is going to come to any games and we’ll be out of it by May and the lose of revenue will force payroll down even farther and force a trade of Wright and possibly Santana.

    Right now we are hoping that Ike can come back healthy and become the hitter we think he’s capable of being…we hope that moving the wall in will fix the screwed up approaches of Bay and Wright and they’ll hit like it’s 2008…we hope that Santana will be close to the pitcher of old…we hope that Duda is a legit everyday player…we hope that Pelf doesn’t suck again…we hope that Neise and Gee will continue to improve and be the solid MLB pitchers we’ve seen they could be…and we hope that Tejada can be an everyday player and/or Murphy can play everyday and learn a position.

    Even with all that hope, we still don’t have a legit MLB closer and trading K-Rod is a big reason why a team that was a game over .500 with a decent Bullpen became a team eight games under .500 with a terrible pen.

    But really, we are supposed to hope that players currently in AA will turn the team around in 2-3 years…

    I’m sorry, but we’ve been betting on “hope” for far to long… every team has to “hope” for the best when it comes to certain parts of their roster, no roster is perfect and not every player can be banked on to be healthy and productive, but when we have to hope that every player on the 25 man roster does good, we’re in serious trouble. We don’t have one player even close to a guarantee to a sure thing next year.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Easier said then done! The NCAA has a moratorium on adding bowl games. There are already 35 of them. They barley have enough teams to fill them Last time I looked there were 71 teams bowl eligible (.500 or better) Eastern Michigan, USC are ineleigible and Miami has decided not to go to a bowl!

    Lets NOT sign these one year broken down old guys, just because they are CHEAP!! That gets you nowhere in the long run.

    I think we have to face reality and acknowledge that this team is heading for the last place or 4th place finish again.

    Get there early and often. I would suggest the April and May play because I believe this team is going to be worse than last years. Plus the Nats and Fish (Heath Bell) will be better.

    No offense but if Jose Reyes wants to win a championship, he would be out of his mind to resign with us!

    Normally I would be in high sprits this time of year but I am not. The Mets have RAISED season ticket prices for Spring Training. I have passed this year on season tickets. They are playing the Yankees this year and have packaged it with a three other crappy games and I have passed on that. They off a five pack, NO THANKS AGAIN!

    I am buying my tix at discount secondary sites or from a fan the day of game.

    I hope it changes, but as of right now I have ZERO MET ENTUSIASM!

    I hope the new year brings FMFR an attitude adjustment!

  5. CowCrusher Says:

    Syracuse a “local team”? Give me a break..that tax sucking overated school is just out for the money. They want to have “home” games in NYC while stiffing the city of Syracuse and Onondaga County out of much needed revenue. Screw those bastards!
    One positive is if Jason V. is signed by the METS, his cousin lives right down the street from me and likes to torment the neighbor across the street who happens to be a big skanks fan when Jason visits.

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    Cappy to the Dodgers, oh well.

    Another hole to fill, sad to see him go.

    CitiField has hosted a few soccer games or shall I say ‘futbol matches’ but, they do seem to be missing out on a revenue oppty when it comes local college football games.

    So who do we add to the rotation to replace Capuano??

  7. JJ Says:

    Yankee Stadium, for better or worse, has a history of football. The Classic ND - Army Gipper Game…ND and Army 0-0 tie…the 1958 Championship Game. Trying to get into
    a football competition only makes this worse.

  8. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Do we get a draft pick for Capuano? goody!

    again why didn’t we trade him at the deadline?

  9. BrooklynBill Says:

    hey about Varitek…I’m not a huge fan don’t get me wrong. But…if our rotation is looking pretty young (say, Harvey & Wheeler in addition to Gee & Niese are all in the mix), wouldn’t it make some baseball sense to go with a veteran backstop???

    We probably dont need Piazza-like offense out of the position…more important that he has good chemistry with the young staff, calls a good game, and actually CATCHES THE BALL! Which apparently, Thole has a problem with.

  10. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Just say NO to old washed. Up guys who are over the hill! We can finish in the basement of 4th place with or without them!

    Why waste money on. “Foster Free Agents” that nobody else deems signable.

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Rutgers vs Iowa State in Pinstripe Bowl!

    Adios Jose!

  12. Matt the Met Fan Says:

    Reyes is gone during these meetings .. and we get 2 draft picks !! and someone like Jack Wilson to replace him ..

    Please Fred ..sell the team .. who am I kidding ..

  13. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Jose is a Fish….ugh!

  14. USMF Says:

    Sadly, Sandy let Reyes go without even trying…all we get in return is one 3rd round pick.

    Way to build a team…I’m so pissed. First Straw, then Cone and now Reyes (Seaver is before my time).

    f**k you Mr. Alderson…I give up.

  15. Met_Maven Says:

    USMF, the Wilpons gave Alderson a budget to work with. If he would have given Jose the $110 mil contract, he would have had an extremely small budget to get Starting pitching, bullpen help, a closer and bench players. You can’t blame Sandy for this. Blame the Wilpons.

  16. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Met_Maven: the 110 million would have been paid out over multiple years, six or seven. So that’s only 15-18 million per season. That’s not going to fill Sandy’s Christmas list. I agree you have to blame the Wilpons, however. If the Mets can’t afford to compete with this kind of offer, they can’t afford to be competitive in baseball 2011 and they should sell the club and get out. And it’s about quality, not quantity: you can put 18 million dollars worth of crap players to fill some of these holes, but you’re not getting another Reyes–a homegrown Met, who was one of your best ever players, and one of the biggest fan favorites EVER.

  17. USMF Says:

    Alderson already said that the money he “reserved for Reyes” won’t be spent on other FA’s if he doesn’t sign him.

    So by that thinking, the Budget would be 110mil w/ Reyes or 95mil w/out him.

    I’ve been fearing that they’ve been feeding us a bunch of crap about the direction of the team…first id Reyes, then Wright and Santana if he can..,say goodbye to winning, Say hello to last place,

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