Hallelujah - AT&T Loses iPhone Exclusivity!!!

If you’re like BMF you’ve become an obsessive slave to your iPhone despite the constant and infuriating lack of service.

Y’know fun stuff like fake signal bars, no service in midtown¬†and monthly price gouging. BMF can’t even send a friggin’ text from my own couch. I have to walk to the window.

I swear I hate AT&T as much as I hate the Yankees. 

Luckily my foresight has paid off - I’ve resisted getting the new iPhone4 because of the new 2 contract that came with it. So now i’m free to leave the moment the Verizon store has ‘em in stock.

Slogan Suggestion:
“Verizon iPhone - Let Freedom Ring”

2 Responses to “Hallelujah - AT&T Loses iPhone Exclusivity!!!”

  1. CowCrusher Says:

    Might as well as go with Verizon since they do sponsor the Mets.

  2. R2D2 Says:

    Droid is better… I have AT&T and no service problems except at Shea & The Garden (both Olive & Madison Square)… probably those Verizion bastards blocking my signal LOL

    Anyway, who cares about the phones, all I want is my Mets to get back on the field! I miss baseball!

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