Shhhh - Don’t Wake the Mets

I know we’ve been spoiled in recent years with wild free agent spending sprees but this winter feel extra quiet and extra depressing.¬†

I don’t expect to land Pujols or any big gun at all but I would like to see that our GM is doing more to improve the team than moving the OF walls.

Reyes has left the building and I guess we cant do anything until we know if he’s coming back or not. You would hope a team in NYC would have enough financial flexibility to begin adding some pieces regardless of the SS contract status but that’s not life with the Mets.

We’re subjected to updates on Metsblog about the jury for the Picard / Wilpon trial.

I really have to wonder aloud if the decision to move the walls was part of a PR move to distract us from the second consecutive winter with no improvements to speak of.

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  1. Met_Maven Says:

    Its still early in the post season. If the Mets don’t sign someone who will make a (positive) impact on the team by end of December / beginning of January, then I’d start complaining. It’s just a slow off season, why rush to sign someone just to say they signed a player. Alderson is smart. He knows he has a limited budget, so hes probably going over all potential players and seeing who will fit best. Bringing in the walls isn’t just a PR move. Its something that will help the Mets, and unfortunately help the opposing team, hit more long balls. The dimensions are similar to Shea so it seems the big fuss they’re making over it is just to start positive hype. You can’t say this is the second consecutive winter with no improvements to speak of until the off season is over and no signings have been done.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The eonomy is pretty bad in FL. The only thing worse off then the economy here is the Mets!

    The Mets were giving tickets away last year. There were 2 for 1’s, kids free and they even stooped as low as Gropon!


    They are cutting back on payroll and “Bargain Hunting Cellar Dweller Players This Winter”. We are probably looking at a last place finish next year, as the Nats and Fish will improve.

    So I will not be buying season tickets or even a multi game plan for Spring Training. I will buy tix on the secondary market at a discount, or out front the day of a game from a fan and I will go to the games I want on my terms.

    I will not park in your lot and will walk the one block and I will not order any concessions while I am at the game.

    A price increase in a down economy while you are putting a substandard product on the field is disgusting, yet so typical Mets!

    Thank you!…I feel much Better!

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I believe the winter meetings are a week away. That usually starts the flurry of trading and free agent signings!

    It looks like the same kind of winter as last year. we get the scraps and throw away free agents that nobody else wants.

    The Mets like to call them Low risk/High rewards players! Thats code for a cheap rental for a year!

  4. Luis Says:

    There is no $$. There is minimal chance that the Mets can finish over .500. There is no pitching on the team and few quality arms available that are affordable anyway.Why would the Mets spend money they should put into the Farm System? In a few years when they are poised to be good again, THAT is when to strike in the FA market.

  5. USMF Says:

    Sandy in running a Liquidation “Everything must go!” on the Mets. While replacing everything by shopping at the scratch and dent and Dollar store. Plus he’s running a street corner Three Card Monte game hoping that he can keep us distracted enough before we realize that we spent all our money on a slightly entertaining games that we ultimately always lose at.

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