Jose Rumors Headed to Hyperspace

As Tuesday’s news that Reyes has received 2 contract offers ”leaked” it signifies the beginning of what is sure to be a media frenzy in the new world of social media, media. This Brave new world is great for headlines but terrible for honesty, truth and journalistic integrity 

For example: the new buzz items include rumors that Jose has 2 serious offers on the table. 

But the Mets say they haven’t made any offer.

Allegedly Miami’s offering $90 million for 6 years. Someone suggested they Mets may be able to match that… But who knows with these Wilpons.

I’m all for reading all the rumors and gossip but encourage everyone to take any/all free agent rumors with a salt shaker of salt.

5 Responses to “Jose Rumors Headed to Hyperspace”

  1. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The Mets seem like they are in no hurry to do anything as far as putting a good product on the field.

    They are in a hurry to move fences, create new uniforms, design confusing ticket packages and add their “Dynamic pricing” through 2012. If they put up any more smoke screens, the American Cancer Society will ban them!

    What they really need to do is admit that the 2012 Mets will be REBUILDING. There I said it. Don’t mince words. We are cutting back on payroll and going with Buff/Mets.

    Look everyone knows we are not competing in 2012. If you don’t make the playoffs does it really matter that much if you finish .500 or in last place. The Marlins and Nationals are going to be a lot better also.

    If Reyes begins to get multiple offers, we will not be in the mix, so be it. Lets just not sign a bunch of “Homeless Free Agents” that nobody else wants.

  2. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The Mets are cutting back on payroll yet they have the nerve to raise Spring Training ticket prices this year!!!

    They must be really proud of the product they will be putting on the field for 2012!!!

    Funny, as they were cutting their payroll, I was kind of expecting a price reduction on seats this Spring Training!

    Silly Me!

  3. Howard Says:

    So I have a question for the group…..

    The Mets supposedly do not want to re-sign Reyes partially because by the time they get competitive enough to make the playoffs, Reyes will be late in the contract period, 3 or 4 years from now.

    But if we are not playing to win now, what good players will we have when the team is competitive again in 3 or 4 years and I am referring to:

    Dickey.. 37 yrs old
    Santana… 32 yrs old
    Wright….. Almost 29 yrs old
    Bay…. 33

    By the time we are competitive again, a big part of the nucleus will be on their last legs. Who are replacing those guys and with what money from the Wilpons?

    I do not understand the analysis of not resigning Reyes. If you want to be a good team, you need good players. And whether we sign good players in 2011 or 2014, the cost of good players is expensive.

    Are we taking the route of drafting guys? Well, we better have a great scouting system because most teams that rely on that strategy are not competitive year end, year out with the exception of the Rays.

  4. joeybrooklyn1976 Says:

    pictures of the new jersey’s, 50th anniversary events etc. When I read the email, my first thought was you know what I would like for a 50th anniversary celebration? To make the playoffs (and Jose Reyes if it is not a crazy deal). And I get angry. Then I see they are bringing banner day back.That would be a cool game to attend. Oh and they have a 5 pack of games starting at 50 dollars. I think “Maybe I’ll get that package.” And I want to hug Mr. Met, and paint my face blue and orange.

    This team is harder to quit than smoking.

    Howard I think the answer to your question is they want to build the farm. As you point out, that doesn’t usually work. The Rays were the worst team in baseball for 15 years before they became good. It has to be a mixture of both. Would be so bad if we had Reyes when the young pitchers are ready? If they are ever ready….

  5. USMF Says:

    Howard- sadly, Alderson and his brain trust don’t have the best track record when it comes to drafting players. Unfortunately, Sabermetrics don’t help when scouting young talent from Collage or High school.

    But why keep Wright if we don’t care to complete until 2015? Why does it take so long to turn things around? Omar did it in two years, why will it take Sandy four?

    We could see some major cut backs and trades if Wright and Santana rebound and gets their value back up. Or maybe Sandy is this great “poker player” and is bluffing everyone to think he has a bad hand.

    I know Omar’s Mets failed, but injuries and “almost making the playoffs” led to being more aggressive in the FA market which led to hurting the system and now because fans aren’t coming out money is not there. If Omar didn’t get overly aggressive and then desperate, his teams would have been looked at in a much better light.

    I don’t see how stripping this team down to nothing is supposed to bring fans to the park. How can you build a winner without a decent revenue stream?

    This team wan’t that bad. Even without Wright, Santana and Ike, they were above .500 until Sandy “punted” and traded away K-Rod and Beltran. I know the playoffs weren’t reasonable last year, but having a winning team would have kept people coming out.

    Winning teams have a few star players and fill in the rest of the spots with good players from the system and smart FA signings.

    Omar had the star players, he had some good players from the system (but the system was destroyed before he got here so he had nothing to work with) but his other FA weren’t smart.

    Sandy want’s to have no star players…all bargain FA’s (who are coming off of injury) and all players from the system.

    Why can’t we get a GM who knows how to balance out all three?

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