Reyes SHOULD Leave Mets

Time for some “Real Talk” regarding Jose Reyes

As much as we all love and want Reyes back if I were him I wouldn’t sign with the Mets. Think about it from his point of view:

Would I rather take (what’s likely to be) the highest deal on the market being offered by Miami or would I prefer to give a discount to the Wilpons who said in NY Magazine that I was never gonna get “Carl Crawford money” and I’ve “had everything wrong ” with me? 

Do I go to Miami where I’m welcomed as a hero or do I return to the Wilponzis who threw me under the bus in print last June?

Should I join a franchise that is rebooting itself with a new stadium, new uni’s, new manager, recharged fan base and all or do I return for another depressing season with the forever floundering Mets?

Do I join the Marlin’s Latino movement currently blooming in So Florida a city where they celebrate Latin America’s baseball culture or do I return to NY where a lot of people complained when the Mets were “too Latin”?

Do I join an organization that has proved it can win more than 1 WS within a decade or do I stay with the Mets who are still holding onto 1986.

Is it worth it to stay in NY because if we ever do win it there we’ll be legends forever after??? 

That’s the one intangible that actually swings in our direction…

12 Responses to “Reyes SHOULD Leave Mets”

  1. JoeG Says:

    Recharged fan base???????? I live down here…..I have never seen a worse fan base-a bunch of know nothing,salsa dancing,front running idiots! I have been to a number of Met/Marlin games-I have never seen more than 20,000 at a game. the only reason the Heat sell out is b/c of the Holy trio-and watch that start to dissipate. If they are recharged they will have to prove it to me-they’ll draw this year-but in the years to come….all bets are off……BANK ON IT-you want that Jose-YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!

  2. Patrick Says:

    Gotta agree with JoeG. The fan base isn’t going to be any better. The location of the new stadium won’t bring in more people.
    I’m also not so sure that Latino stuff is that important for Reyes. Baseball is important to him. The Marlin franchise reboots itself all of the time, this isn’t anything special.
    Sorry BMF but you’re not selling me on this Jose-Should-Be-A-Marlin post.
    We’ve also stuck with Jose through the plethora of injuries he’s had. Would other franchises have done that? Does that cross Reyes’s mind?

  3. Buck Says:

    BMF….perhaps you should move to Miami also. Let’s not forget that we live in the greatest city in the world! Also, let’s drop the fact the Wilpon made fun of Jose in a year old New Yorker magazine and put your ‘big boy’ pants on BMF….this is not a bunch of 8 year olds playing stoop ball these are grown men. It also sounds like to me that you think the Marlins are the best run organization in all of baseball……PLEASE! I know the Mets have a ton of issues and I dislike the Wilpons also but don’t tell me thatthe Mets are the only team in MLB that have issues…..with very few exceptions…they all do!

  4. JoeG Says:

    Jose can hang with Pitbull and Lifehouse….and be involved with all the other ridiculous post game concerts and other crap the Marlins pull to get fans in the seats-the Marlins organization sucks…….I am a true Met fan….I live in Florida….I could not even consider becoming a Marlins fan-the Mets could suck for another decade and I would still root for ‘em….Jose or no Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. USMF Says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but Reyes isn’t going to get “Crawford Money” and Reyes has had a lot wrong with him.

    We are in a no win situation…Reyes leaves and goes to Florida…we get only one sandwich draft pick and Florida gets better while the Mets continue to sink, less fans come out and watch, revenue drops even more, Wright is traded (or leaves via free agency) and we are stuck as a 70 win team hoping that we get better in 3-4 years because draft picks always work out. (yes that was sarcasm)


    We keep Reyes, and be slightly better, more of a 78win team, but we will be in the race to parts of the season…fans come out for a while, but our lack of pitching depth (because Sandy didn’t try to upgrade the rotation) causes us to sink in the standings and fans stop coming out or watching… Wright gets traded because we can’t afford to have more than three big contracts and Reyes gets blamed for all our problems. Oh, and Florida signs Fielder of Pujols instead and knock us into the basement.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with this team, especially with the front office. I know signing players to big contracts isn’t the key to winning, but you do have to have some big players to win and those big players get big contracts. It’s OK to buy at the “flee markets” and “Walmarts” of the Free agency world, but if all you buy is crap nobody else want’s, then you’re going to get crap nobody else wants. You have buy nice things once and a while, or else nobody is going to come see you.

    In the entertainment world, especially NY, people need a reason to come out. Even the best fans aren’t going to waste time/money on a bunch of mediocre players losing 95-100 games.

    It seems we went from a GM who gambled on free agents and trades, was willing to spend money to try to improve the team while ignoring proper development of minor league talent to a GM who won’t take a gamble who seems hell bent on building a winner using a team making minimum and wage and tells us we have to wait several years for minor league players to be ready.

    All the while, he’s going to distract us by painting the walls and making the field smaller and giving us different uniforms instead of improving the team that is actually playing on the field or wearing those new uniforms.

    Why can’t we have a GM that understands the value of signing Free Agents and developing talent at the same time. You don’t let your best player walk in his prime to get draft picks, you let him walk at the end of his prime to get draft picks! Don’t tell me we can’t sign anybody because “you already have your two 20mil players” you only got one 20mil player and could probably sign Reyes for under 20mil if you showed him some love (and years).

  6. BrooklynBill Says:

    One 20 mil player…but also an 18 & 16 who suck, to put if frankly.

    Reyes can go where ever he wants for as many millions and years as some dumb GM is willing to give him…as long as it’s not the GM responsible for my team.

    As for Wright, the argument isn’t is he worth 16MM/yr anymore…the new argument is, is he even a good 3B? He’s become the streaky Chuck Knoblauch of 3B.

    Sandy could part with both & I’d be fine with the moves, no seller’s remorse whatsoever.

  7. USMF Says:

    I’d feel better losing Wright than losing Reyes. Reyes is still performing at a high level while Wright is not. We have several potential players in the system who could replace Wright and non who could replace Reyes.

    If we are in a total slash the budget and rebuild mode, then fine tell us. I’m not happy with that approach, but a least they’d be honest with us.

    Don’t let Reyes leave and blame it on him and don’t cut our payroll and have the roster filled with mediocre talent but then tell us that we are trying to win. Don’t try to distract us with new walls and uniforms and expect us buy tickets or watch while we don’t notice that we are in last place because we don’t have very little quality on the roster.

  8. BrooklynBill Says:

    I know, USMF. “Rebuilding Mode” is a difficult spot to be in for any NY GM. Nobody wants to use that label but I think unofficially, we’re in that mode right now. Pretty sure Sandy & crew realize it’s 3-5 yr plan…at least I hope they do. If a fan doesn’t realize this & looks at every move we make (and don’t make) with this perspective, then they are inevitably going to be royally po’d.

  9. CowCrusher Says:

    I have to agree with the previous posters. Most southeast Floridians are more football centric regardless of the ethnicity. To paint all legal Americans of Latin ancestry as baseball fans means you have not hung out in the Miami metro area or any place in that region all the way up to Palm Beach.
    The Fish just don’t have fanbase and most of the people who have retired there provided that they are not snowbirds will probably be fans of the opposing team.
    Go to a Florida Panthers game and only real sellouts are when they play against teams like the “Icelanders”, Sabres, Bruins, Devils and Rangers.

  10. BrooklynBill Says:

    Basking in 95 degree 100% humidity for 2.5-3hrs to watch the Marlins play the Padres is not very high on my bucket list. I’d rather be on the beach or better yet, on a boat fishing for Marlins, not watching them.

  11. BrooklynBill Says:

    Even with a roof, I ain’t going…too much golf, boating, fishing to do.

  12. Luis Says:

    It is a safe bet Reyes will not hit .330 again(amybe ever)-he is a good offensive SS, but remember-this was his contract year. I suspect he will be a .280 ish guy wi 45-60 SB-10-20 triples and 5-15 HR-Should score close to a 100 runs as long as he is healthy-This is excellent production for a SS(in the post steroid era), but can be replaced by getting more production out of some other positions as well. Wi the Kemp signing at $20 million a year, I dont think Reyes is in that same category so maybe he will take 16 million-Still overpaid I feel, but what if he took a 2 year deal for 20 a year, and tested the waters again in 2 years?

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