Alderson’s Rep on Line with Reyes

If Reyes doesn’t resign and walks away for nothing more than a compensatory pick Alderson is gonna take A LOT of heat for not trading Jose when he could have gotten something in return.

We all respect Sandy Alderson. He arrived with glowing reports from his days as a GM and an MLB executive. It felt like we finally had a GM who knew what he was doing AND would behave himself in public and private. And best of all he was a guy  Jeff Wilpon couldn’t boss around.

That was all great. 

But now as we enter the 2011-12 hot stove season its time for Alderson to deliver.

If you think about it Sandy already made the decision not to trade Reyes during the season. Which to me says he thought he’d be able to re-sign him, right? 

If the Mets were making a concerted effort but just got outbid by another team so be it. 

I mean if you knew you weren’t going to make a real effort to re-sign him the ONLY sensible move is  to deal him mid-season.

I know we weren’t getting a Herchel Walker-esque package in return but we could have gotten SOMETHING.

Now it sounds like the Mets aren’t being even slightly aggressive about resigning Jose.

So if we weren’t going to make a serious run at him in winter WHY WAS HE STILL ON TEAM AFTER TRADE DEADLINE??!!??

As far as BMF is concerned this is potentially a MAJOR GAFFE that can very well turn the fanbase against Alderson.

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  1. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    Alderson is not going to set the market value here. He’s going to wait and see what others offer, and then make Reyes a proposal. It seems like a sensible plan to me. As a type “A” free agent, the compensatory picks are designed to cushion the blow of a loss like this, and are potentially much more valuable than what the Mets would have received for an injured rental of Reyes at the trading deadline this summer.

  2. Luis Says:

    Good post by Dude. Also if you get a sandwich pick that can also be pretty valuable(isn’t that how we got Wright?). I am not sure Jose would have brought much at the deadline. I like this approach by Alderson-Calm, reasoned, objective. If this was Omar….I shudder to think

  3. USMF Says:

    I completely agree with what dude-Bill just said. I think (hope) that all this “concerned about injuries” leaks is just a ploy to keep his market value down.

    But…I’m very worried about the direction Alderson is taking the team. And by “direction” I mean; who knows what the E’ff he’s doing. Running this team like a mid-small market franchise is not a good idea. Letting Reyes walk and possibly trading Wright and then telling us that we have to wait until Bay’s and Santana’s contracts are done because they are crippling contracts is just stupid.

    Yes, Bay has vastly underperformed…and yes Wright is getting over paid for his recent performance and true, Santana got paid $22mil to recover from injury and is due another $50mil for the next two years.

    But a team in NY should be able to survive deals like these and keep going. We shouldn’t be hearing that it’s going to take 3-4 years to rebuild this team. Do the Spanks, Phills, Braves and RedSox completely fall apart when they give out bad contracts? (yes, they all have them) No, they keep moving on and keep trying to win.

    Don’t tell me that 2011 the Mets are trying to win and then trade our best hitter and our best reliever. I’m not arguing against the trades, but don’t lie to me either. Did the Cards, Giants and Rays look at the standings at the All Star break and give up? Did the D-Backs look at how bad they started the season and say, it’s just not our year, maybe in 2014 we’ll give it another shot?

    Teams that win, put a large percentage of their payroll on a few very good group of core players and then build around them. Don’t tell me that we can’t afford to do the same. We can’t afford not to do it. Shopping in the “scratch and dent” bin hoping to find a one year bargain is not the way to make money in this town. You need a team that people feel good about, and then you need to win… or at least have over a .500 record.

    So far, Sandy hasn’t done much. I give him credit for cutting Castillo and Perez. Sure, trading Beltran for Wheeler might work out great, trading K-Rod got us out of that option.

    But that option wasn’t a bad deal…Omar got K-Rod to take less money per year and back loaded a option that basically said, you stay healthy and close, you’ll get paid. Now Sandy came in and said, we have to slash our budget and can’t afford that option. K-Rod has said that he would have waived the option and reworked a new contract. But Sandy didn’t care…now he dumped our closer for two weak pitchers. Now, we don’t have a closer and we’re hoping that we can sign another player coming off major surgery. That’s just great.

    All of the success we had last year is because of the team Omar built. We gave up and lost last year because of Sandy.

    Remember “In Omar we Trust”?

    Omar made a ton of mistakes…but he took a horrible team and got us to the NLDS in two years. He didn’t say, we’ll let’s get rid of everybody and hope that we’ll turn it around in a few years.

    Omar’s legacy would be much different if it weren’t for the injuries. Yes, many you could see coming, just as many you couldn’t. But Omar spent and tried every year and gave fans hope.

    We’re just sitting here, believing that Sandy is smart and will turn things around. I’m not impressed yet, I’m still not sure Sandy isn’t just a shill for the commissioner.

  4. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Since we are so far into this now, I think Sandy is making the right move by sitting pat. Its kind of like shopping on Ebay. You don’t bid early and keep jacking the price up. You swoop in at the end if you really want him……I don’t think they want him almost at any price!

    What I don’t like is that we are being B.S.ed by the front office. Met Fans are really smart and astute.

    Met fans understand rebuiling! Lord knows we have been doing it forever! Just level with us!

    Don’t tell us that we are not signing Jose or any other decent free agents and that we are cutting payroll yet we are going to be competitive…for what the cellar!

    Oh and by the way make sure you get your season ticket deposits in by today but you are not going to be able to name more than 3 Mets who are going to be on the 2012 roster!……………

    Its a surprise!!!

    Can we keep talking about the wall so we don’t have to deal with the roster yet!….Maybe we can remodel some bathrooms or change hot dog suppliers!

  5. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    and furthermore….

    A Mets official was quoted during the week. “We know we are not going to win it all in 2012. We have to hope the Phillies get old and we are in position to take advantage of that in 2013-14, and we have to figure out ways to speed the process to get there.

    ”Great strategy! We have to wait for the Filthies to get old!!!!…..Nice!…priceless!….I love this team

  6. USMF Says:

    FMFR-Who the hell else operates like that? Did any other team give up because the Red Sox and Phillies were destined to play in the WS last year? Did anyone else give up because the Yanks spend $200mil every year?

    But this is the type of attitude we are all getting behind because we all seem to trust that Alderson is smart and knows what he’s doing.

    You can’t tell me that this team can’t survive with a payroll over $100mil. You can’t tell me that people are going to come out to the park to watch these guys. You can’t tell me that spending $120mil on Reyes, a good Starting pitcher (like Buehrle) and decent closet that people won’t be excited for 2012?

    You dump three of our best players (Reyes, Beltran and K-Rod) and keep the same losers (Pelf, Pagan and Bay) and expect us to watch? or even spend money on you? are you Eff’ing stupid? I don’t want them to spend money for the sake of spending money…do it smarter that Omar did it…but you gotta spend on something! you gotta show improvements!…just don’t spit in my face and tell me it’s raining.

  7. Met_Maven Says:

    I agree with TDFKABL. The mets need to reduce the budget for the next few years, so why be the first to bid for Reyes. Yes, it was great that Omar was willing to spend. the fact he built a team that made it deep into the playoffs after 2 years is amazing and if there were no injuries I’m sure the Mets would have won the WS in ‘06 and gone back or at least made a threat in ‘07 & ‘08. That didn’t pan out and Omar went to bog us down with bad contracts. Its the same thing that happened to the Knicks. They were tied up with bad contracts with kept them down for years. Once the contracts were gone and smart signings were made, the Knicks went back to the playoffs.

    Big payroll doesn’t translate into championships. While I agree, you need to sign good players at high contracts b/c they deserve it, overpaying for one person means you can’t pay for the role players you need. Look at the payroll of the teams who won the WS since 2000: ‘00 Yankees - $92 mil, ‘01 Dbacks - $81mil, ‘02 Angels - $61 Mil, ‘03 marlins - $50 mil, ‘04 Red Sox - $133 Mil, ‘05 White Sox - $75 mil, ‘06 Cardinals - $89 Mil, ‘07 Red Sox - $143 Mil, ‘08 Phillies - $98 mil, ‘09 Yanks - $201 mil, ‘10 Giants - $97 mil, ‘11 Cardinals - $105 mil. That averages out to $102 mil per WS title. Of the past 12 WS Champions, only 4 have had payrolls over $100 mil. You don’t need to have a big payroll to win a world series you need good players, a mix of vets, young guys, role players. If having the biggest payroll translated into championships, the Yankees would have won every year.

  8. USMF Says:

    Some of your numbers can be a little skewed if not put in proper perspective.

    In 2000, the Yanks had the highest payroll in Baseball…$92mil different between now and then. Back then, no team had a payroll over $100mil…in 07, 7 teams topped $100mil…last year, there was 12 teams spending over $100mil. It wasn’t until 07 that there was even more than five teams with a +$100mil payroll.

    Most of the winning teams have had payrolls in the higher percent range of that year…it’s had to judge because the Spanks completely screwed everyone by setting the curve so high..sometimes spending $80mil more than the 2nd highest team.

    Sure, you’re going to see some teams jump up to the top who maintain lower payrolls…but these teams drop just as quickly because they are forced into trading away their young talent.

    Teams that consistently making playoff appearances are the teams that are in the top third in payrolls.. .(expect the Twins, who did in being towards the bottom of the middle third in total payroll).

    I’m saying that we should have big payroll, but we should have a quality payroll with quality players. We shouldn’t have to watch our best players leave because we can’t afford to keep them…we should be able to spend enough money to keep them completive.

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Rumor has it that the Florida (Miami) Marlins have made an offer to Reyes and they are meeting with them tomorrow!

  10. JoeG Says:

    Boy would he look bad in those ugly new uniforms!!!!!!!

  11. BrooklynBill Says:

    What? Are we upset that our new GM isn’t making knee-jerk boneheaded decisions or showing his hand to the rest of the table??

    Come on guys, seriously…writing a check with someone else’s money is the easy part. We all know it takes a lot more than that to not only field a competitive team next year, but position the team for success in the future…give Sandy more credit, he’s earned it from this fan thus far.

  12. BrooklynBill Says:

    btw - as of now, it would appear that there’s more interest in Furcal than Reyes…I think that says a lot.

    I would be shocked if his agent isn’t waiting things out to see what Rollins signs for first.

  13. Common Sense Says:

    “..for an injured rental of Reyes at the trading deadline this summer. ”

    But why not move him earlier? Everyone in the world knew a hammy was a possibility, and then it happened.

    Perhaps no one wanted to talk trades in June but Reyes’ stock was high.

    It’s all water under the bridge but it’s another dumb move by the Mets. My guess is that Alderson was inclined to unload him but got some pressure from Jeff, the guy who wants people buying Reyes jerseys.

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