Jose SHOULDN’T Give Mets Discount

I want nothing more from this off-season than to retain Jose Reyes but if you were him would you give the Mets a hometown discount?

I wouldn’t and quite frankly nor should he.

Consider these facts:

• First and foremost the owner Fred Wilpon publicly dissed Jose in that magazine article saying “he’ll never get Carl Crawford money. He’s had everything wrong with him” If my boss blasted me like that there ain’t no way I sign for anything less than top dollar just as an F-U. The moment Fred said that Jose became exponentially harder to sign.

• Love them as we do the Mets are a league wide joke. *Maybe* this is changing under Alderson but the track record speaks for itself: everything always goes wrong around here. Free Agents go bust. Owners go broke. Entire teams collapse. Minor injuries are continually mistreated. The team has been snakebitten for 5 years. Wouldn’t he be better off somewhere else? 

• Will the Mets give him the best chance to win? No. With up to 12 teams rumored in the mix for Jose the Mets will be waay down on that list.

• If the Mets do give him a big deal the pressure that comes with it just might be crushing. He would be much better off with a less hostile, angry and bitter fanbase. Incidentally all the guff Jose took from the fans and media when he sat down after 1 H in 1 AB on the final day of the year isn’t helping at all.   

I love him, I want him back but I really can’t see Jose giving the Wilponzi’s ANY DISCOUNT AT ALL.

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  1. JoeG Says:

    IMO,Jose deserves the sh&tstorm he got after winning the batting title. Met fans have been pissed on for the last 5 years-the economy is bad-tickets are expensive-fans go out to the park to see HIM-what does he do-he bunts then sits-bush league move. I love Jose-but I am more than Ok with him leaving-Tom Seaver he ain’t-we’ll be bad this year-but brighter times will be ahead with Sandy at the helm. I criticize Sandy for not trading him at midseason for more young bodies-we could have asked for Belt from the Giants-I would have done that straight up in a heartbeat!

  2. Lord Charles Says:

    “Free Agents go bust. Owners go broke. Entire teams collapse. Minor injuries are continually mistreated. The team has been snakebitten for 5 years. Wouldn’t he be better off somewhere else?”

    While this is certainly true about the Mets, it is hardly unique to them…

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I think they should have traded him last July at the trade deadline if they could have gotten a decent package (possibly two) prospects, maybe the offers were lousy. We could have finished in fourth place without him as well.

    I do not think he owes the Mets nor should he consider giving them a discount, unless its about his family liking it here.

    Every players goal is to get a ring and that is not going to happen with the Mets for awhile, why not go for bigger money and increase you chances of winning a world series?

    Never did I think the Mets would make a valid attempt to sign him or Jose give them a break.

    As much as you would like to keep him the numbers just don’t work out with the salary cap they are projecting and the direction the team is heading as well.

    We are not going to be competitive next year and possibly 2013!…..Why would he want to stay here?

  4. Lord Charles Says:

    ^The problem with trading Reyes at the end of July is that by that time he had missed 2.5 weeks already, and in the 13 games since coming off the DL, he had a .686 OPS and only 2 SB. His value (for the rest of this season) had taken a major hit.

  5. USMF Says:

    What really scares me is; the biggest reason we are stuck in this mess is the huge drop in payroll. If Sandy had (or was willing to spend) the $130-140mil that Omar was able to do, then we could have plenty of money to resign Jose, get a decent platoon partner for Pagan, Sign a solid starter and get a good closer.

    Unfortunately, we are stuck…and seeing that we have Santana, Wright and Bay all on big contracts, we got %50 of our salary tied into three players. Do we have to wait until Wright is forced to leave and Bay and Santana’s contracts are up to spend money on real talent and not scrap heap, low risk-high potential injury type players? And what real talent is out their that will sign two year deals worth less than $5mil?

    Look around the league…most teams have a small hand full of players making up a huge percentage of their payrolls.

    These are the teams that don’t…

    Astros (losers)

    Athletics (losers)

    Braves (5 guys over $50mil on a $91mil payroll)

    Diamondbacks (losers)

    Dodgers (losers)

    Giants (but they have a lot of players who are now cheep at are soon due big pay increases)

    Orioles (losers)

    Padres (almost don’t count with their $45mil payroll)

    Pirates (same thing, only a $42mil payroll)

    Rays (the have a $42mil payroll and has to sell their stars off every year)

    Royals (um, $38mil payroll)

    Now the sub $45mil teams almost don’t count. They aren’t winning nor will win… except the Rays, whose payroll dropped by $30mil last year and only made the playoffs because Boston chocked.

    The Braves almost got to the playoffs…they spread their money around a little better, but still have several contacts over $10mil eating up their total payroll.

    The Giants payroll is quickly expanding, and they were able to win because they have a ton of young pitching talent who haven’t gotten their “paydays” yet and play in a weak division.

    The rest of those teams are losers…and that’s the plan what we are being sold…we have be a loser and hope that we get lucky and have young players who make the minimum give us a short window of winning before we have to trade them away? And that’s after letting Reyes and Wight leave and after Santana’s and Bay’s contract is up in three years?

    Can you win without big contracts? sure, it happens…but other than San Fran, when was the last time a low budget team won the World Series? And we have to wait and hope that it can happen in three + years?

    That might be OK with a smaller market with a team without a new stadium and their own network. But this is New York! there is no reason why we should have to watch a sub $100mil team lose 90 games every year while the better FAs go to other teams and our own stars leave.

    I don’t expect them to win every year, nor even necessarily make the playoffs every year. BUT THEY SHOULD AT LEAST HAVE AN EFFORT FROM THE FRONT OFFICE TO MAKE THE RUN! THEY SHOULD HAVE A CHANCE EVERY YEAR!

    At least under Omar, he tried to win…sure he made some poor decisions and injuries derailed 06, 07, 08 and 09, but we had hope going into almost every season! We had a reason to believe!

    Now what do we have to believe in?

  6. Lord Charles Says:

    “but other than San Fran, when was the last time a low budget team won the World Series? ”

    The Cardinals and Rangers both have payrolls lower than the Giants.

  7. USMF Says:

    The 2010 Giants had a pay roll around $95mil (exploded to $118mil in 2011) They did it with young pitching and being bad for a long time.

    This years Rangers had a payroll of $92mil on $37.2mil on Young, Beltre and Hamilton. They’ve been bad for a long time.

    The Cards payroll was $109mil. That’s with +$80mil on Holliday, Pujols, Carpenter, Furcal and Lohse (all making over $10mil last year.

    The Rangers have been losers for years until recently and are increasing their payroll to pay for their success. The Cards have done well with a lower payroll, but having the best player in the game helps along with having on of the best pitchers in the game making very little.

    My big point is, you need to have star players to win. You need to either pay for them as FA’s (or pay to keep them), or wait years and hope that you get enough young/cheep talent to build a winner before their performance makes them unaffordable.

    We are being told that we can’t afford Reyes or Wright. We have to wait until Bay and Santana are off the books. We’re not even sure if we can afford to offer Pelf and Pagan arbitration or afford to resign Cappy. There is no way that this is the type of team that NY should have.

    Sure spending $200mil + is just plain stupid, but a $140mil payroll should be obtainable. Keeping Reyes shouldn’t break the bank. If we want him, then we should be able to afford to keep him (even if he never repeats his 06-07 or 11 numbers and gets injured)

  8. Met_Maven Says:

    Big contracts / payroll doesn’t always translate into winning. Look at the Knicks. They had huge contracts and look what it got them. Once they got rid of the bad contracts and signed good players, they turned around and made the playoffs. While I want Reyes to stay, and think the team will be better if he is here, if he leaves, I won’t be one of the “irrational fans” who say they’ll boycott the team. If Reyes walks, the Mets will have more money to spend on what they really need: pitching. I would rather get a few good SPs and rebuild the bullpen than use all the money for this off season on one player.

  9. USMF Says:

    Yes, spending money doesn’t mean wining, but it usually helps. Majority of your perennial contenders spend money and lock up their big stars when they can.

    If you don’t spend money, you get stuck waiting for young players to develop and hope that they give you a two-three year run before you have to trade them. Then you usually have to wait a few more years to rebuild.

    Most of the lower pay roll teams that compete. still spend money on bigger named players. You can’t live buying from the scratch and bent bin every year and expect to win.

    Do they really expect that we can win without Reyes and Wright? Do we really want to wait until 2014 and hope that our younger pitchers develop and hope that Ike and Duda carry the offensive?

  10. Met_Maven Says:

    Yahoo sports put out a list of all 182 free agents and ranked them accordingly. Normally I think Yahoo is $hit, but this is just about spot on. If the Mets don’t sign Reyes, here’s the guys I’d make offers to:
    Hiroki Kuroda, SP; Javier Vazquez, SP; Paul Maholm, SP; Jonathan Broxton, RP; Jason Marquis, SP; Chris Capuano, SP; Joe Nathan, RP; Brad Lidge, RP; Matt Murton, OF; Cody Ross, OF; Dan Wheeler, RP; Kelly Shoppach, C.

    Not the best of the best, but good players who can make a difference and would be an upgrade to what we have now.

  11. BrooklynBill Says:

    Really is Yahoo out of their mind? Yu Darvish #3, come on…he doesn’teven have a single game of MLB experience. The guy is a total crap shoot.

    Almost every FA ranking or list that I see is missing JJ Hardy. Unless my sources are wrong, he’s a 2012 FA.

    .269/.310 30 HRs 27 2Bs 80 RBIs last year

    29, steady, has pop, won’t cost a small fortune yet his name never comes up. I’m pretty sure he lacks Jose’s dance moves tho.

  12. BrooklynBill Says:

    Hardy also 2011 2nd runner-up for the Gold Glove, if that award actually means anything anymore since David Wright one his.

  13. BrooklynBill Says:

    Nevermind…signed! 3yr $22M+ extension. oh well…

  14. Phantom Says:

    It will be a mistake for the ages if they resign this most injury prone of players.

    Walk away.

    They should have traded him.

    And yes, his bush league last at bat was disturbing. Bye bye Jose, you and your team-invented chant.

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