Bad Feeling About Reyes

I dunno, something doesn’t feel right about the Mets chances to resign Reyes.

Maybe it’s because all these other players are re-upping with their teams and the Mets aren’t planning to take advantage of the exclusivity period during which only they can negotiate with Jose.

It just seems like if we were going to be serious about retaining the SS we would put together an offer right now in an attempt to capitalize on his love for the Mets. 

Maybe they think the market will prove to be low for Jose and it will cost them less to wait until he hits the open market.

Maybe they know Jose is determined to test the waters in an effort to raise his price tag.

It’s too bad. If we were the Yankees we’d resign our guy before anyone else could get to him. Of course I don’t want to be the Yankees but you get the point.

I hope I’m wrong… I really do…

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    Re-sign or overpay? which do we want??

    I’m not interested in signing him at the rumored terms. Supposedly coming off a career year when it wasn’t. He may’ve backed into the batting title last season but he is 6 years removed from his ‘career’ year.

  2. Big D Says:

    At least we are going to have a blue wall in the outfield now!

  3. JoeG Says:

    Too many holes to fill to commit 20 mill to one player-we stunk with him-we’ll stink without him-the key is pitching/pitching and bullpen (did I mention pitching?)

  4. Lord Charles Says:

    Good move: moving the walls in.

    Bad move: painting them blue.

  5. USMF Says:

    I would love it if the Mets just went and got the deal with Reyes done, but waiting is really the smart move.

    I think Reyes will allow the Mets to counter offer any deals he’s offered, so Sandy only has to make his deal slightly better. Jose’s family is here and there are some big bucks to be made in NY endorsements to pad the income (they can’t be all Jeter and Wright trying to sell us cars).

    Plus, we really don’t know what the market for Jose is..right now it seems like the Red Sox, Yanks, Braves and Marlins are out.

    The Giants don’t appear to have a ton of money to spend, the Cards have to spend all their cash on Phat Albert. Who knows what Theo’s approach in his first year with the Cubs will be. I’ve also heard that the Angels don’t have too much money to spend.

    If the Brewers are unwilling to spend big money on Fielder, then I don’t see them spending it on Reyes. The Phils already have a ton of big inflating contracts on the books now, I’m not sure they’ll add another (especially on a hated Met).

    The Nats already got burned on Werth, who knows if they are willing to gamble big again.

    Most of the other teams have small market payrolls or already have a good SS in place.

    The only teams I’m worried about right now are the Tigers and Rangers. Both are playoff teams, the Tigers have shown that they are willing to spend money on players and they got some cash coming off the books.

    Seeing how revenue is down across the league and how teams have looked stupid throwing big cash at good (not great talent) and Fielder and Pujols will be the bigger focuses, I’m not sure what kind of offers Jose is gonna get.

    I think a deal around 4+option worth a total of $90-95mil will be what Jose will be getting. But it’s best to see what the market places his value and then make your move. We definitely can’t afford to overbid on Jose, but we don’t want to insult him with a low ball offer either.

    Maybe BMF could start a pool on team and contract terms Jose signs for.

    Other good news I believe that Buehrle is a Type B Free Agent, that makes him an even more attractive sign.

  6. USMF Says:

    LC, what’s wrong with Blue Walls?

  7. Lord Charles Says:

    I just think it looks tacky. I always felt that the current color had a subdued elegance to it; let the Yankees have their blue walls.

    As for Reyes, I totally agree that the Mets have nothing to lose by waiting, because you are right; I think the demand for him is going to be surprisingly low, at least at his current (desired) pricing. I too could see the Tigers being a player, but not the Rangers. Andrus is only 22, and at worst, a poor man’s Reyes. Plus, it really sounds like they are going to go hard after Prince.

  8. USMF Says:

    LC, you’ve got to be the only Met fan who liked the walls the blackish color…I didn’t mind it though, it’s more about the action in the game, not the colors in the stadium.

    I wonder if they are going to make them “Mets Blue” or a darker less intense blue?

    I can’t see anyone giving Reyes more than $18mil(average) per year. Definitely not more than $20mil.

    MLB Trade rumors say our biggest FA signings are going to be Jonathan Broxton and Jason Marquis. Broxton is interesting but risky…and can we please get away from the Marquis rumors for once…if it didn’t happen five years ago (and every year after that), it’s not gonna happen now.

    I do think that we’ll be in on trying to sign Joe Nathan or Brad Lidge. Don’t know if we’ll get either, but I can see at least a bid on them.

  9. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Never have I really thougtht that the Mets EVER had any intention to sign Jose. The idea of waiting does make sense, since it allows the season ticket holders to be suckered in putting down deposits not knowing if they are going to sign him or not.

    Look lets face it, we are cutting payroll and going no where next year! What makes you think Jose wants to play on a team that is not going to compete. He knows if the Mets pay him there is nothing left for the rest of the team!

    I am with BrooklynBill & JoeG! We can finish in last place with or without him next year.

    Lets rid ourselves of all the bad long term contracts we have and not add another!

  10. Lord Charles Says:

    Yeah, I know I’m in the minority about the wall color, but in the end you are right: next season, if the games are interesting, I will hardly spend a minute thinking about what color the wall is.

    Broxton is intriguing to me. Given that the Mets most likely will not compete next year, I am more of a fan of letting Parnell close for a full year (and I mean really be the closer: not close one game, pitch the 7th next game, like hes was used after KRod was traded). If he proves to be terrible, fine, move on.

    But Broxton might be the best of both worlds, because if he is healthy, he will be a steal; and if he gets hurt, the Mets can still give Parnell a long as the closer.

  11. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    Real baseball teams are talking about upgrading their teams, accquiring free agents and trying to get better next year.

    We get to talk about a wall! Will this be the biggest story this off season?….Good Grief!!

    This is nothing but a big smoke screen!….They thought the timing would be perfect as to deflect the fact that they are going to do nothing with Jose.

    But the “All You Can Eat Fat Man” C.C. rained on their parade and stole the sports pages again!

    Lets see what color should the wall be?…..Maybe we should be looking for some “Free Agent Painters”, instead of ball players!

  12. foxster Says:

    well if all else fails and we find yet again another wasted season for Met fans, we could use the new wall for banging our heads against in sheer FRUSTRATION. sad but true, during my many years with the Mets i have learned that the most consistent thing about our team is their inconsistency.

  13. USMF Says:

    I thought that at the beginning of 2011, Sandy had no intentions of re-signing Reyes…Reyes has had injuries in the previous years and like many players, the numbers in the score card don’t necessarily give a accurate representation of what Reyes brings to the table to winning games.

    Some players are better than their stats and others not as good.

    I think Sandy took 2011 as a chance to evaluate the team and see what changes could/should be made.

    I think now, Sandy does want to keep Jose…he sees what Jose does to win games and what he means to this franchise, but he will not over pay or commit too many years.

    I think Sandy is very shrewd. While Omar just said and did what ever he was thinking, Sandy is much more calculating. Every piece of information he puts out is very well thought over and given with intent.

    It’s November 1st, I want to wait until April before I judge the direction of the team and winning the back pages means nothing just like winning the off season means nothing.

  14. BrooklynBill Says:

    FMFR - you’re cracking me up! maybe we can find some FA painters who can also hit!

    USMF - I agree Sandy is very shrewd…I think he likes Jose the player, but Jose the contract not as much…signing him may tie his hands too much and delay the rebuilding. I do think there is an element of appeasing the fan base, especially the NY latino fan base that is factoring into the process…otherwise, I suspect they would’ve moved on by now.

    As I’ve noticed over the last few months, where you come down on the subject of Jose is pretty contentious around here…some fans say he is the greatest Met player ever! Some people, mostly outside the NY area, think Jose Reyes is the poster boy for overrated. I’m sorta in between…I like him, hope that he’ll stay, but at the same time I think his best years are behind him and overpaying will leave us little room to fill other gaping holes.

  15. BrooklynBill Says:

    Oh, on Andrus…judging by his 2011 stats and having seen him play in the WS, if I were Texas I’d lock him up. 23 years old, stole 30+ bases, .347 OBP, scored 97 runs…why mess around with changing anything at SS? Why would they want to exchange their very solid, young SS, who will command $3-4MM/yr for Jose Reyes? I’d rather have Andrus on the Mets in heartbeat.

  16. Lord Charles Says:

    ^So would I. If the Rangers sign Prince, then they will have the most ridiculous IF in baseball next year (Fielder, Kinsler, Beltre and Andrus).

  17. USMF Says:

    BB-sadly, from what I’m hearing, the money Sandy has to spend on Reyes has nothing to do with the money he has for the rest of the roster…meaning the payroll will either be $110mil with Reyes or under $100mil w/out Reyes.

    As for Reyes’s place in Mets history (and my own personal ranking) I do think he’s one of the top five all time Met position players and easily the best SS the Mets have ever had.

    Sadly, that’s not too hard, the Mets have had some all time great seasons by different players, but they really haven’t had too many great careers, and many of our best players have come from other teams or left for other teams. Imagine if Seaver, Ryan, Mex, Carter, Pedro, Straw, Gooden, Fonize, Kent,Cone, Beltran, Glavin and Piazza got to play their entire career’s here?

    I’m gonna be completely pissed off if another all time great Met leaves. Can we please have one star play his entire career here? Next year we’re gonna see the same thing with Wright.

    Back on point…Reyes, before this season was easily a top 5 overall player at his position and in 2011, he was #2 overall…that’s not overrating him, that’s a fact. Unlike some SS’s, Reyes plays both sides of the ball very well.

    I love Reyes, always have. I have had a man crush on him when he came to Rochester during his brief stint in AAA before getting promoted. Reyes couldn’t speak very good English, but the love and joy just exploded from him. He is one of the most exciting players in MLB, the the most exciting player who isn’t a HR hitter or a pitcher.

    I think there is a lot of people who hate him because he’s from NY. NY players get a ton of national press that it kinda pisses people off.

  18. Lord Charles Says:

    “I have had a man crush on him when he came to Rochester during his brief stint in AAA before getting promoted.”

    Ditto. Was at the DH that Sunday against the Wings when he an Morneau both put on a hitting show. You could tell then that both of them were playing at a different level than most AAA’ers.

  19. BrooklynBill Says:

    Good news!! Frank McCourt has agreed to sell the Dodgers!! This means the team the Wilpons really want is up for sale! Maybe they’ll buy them & sell the Mets to a real owner…

  20. Common Sense Says:

    For all the ppl who say the Mets had no intention of signing Jose…did you say it would’ve been smart to trade him before the trading deadline and/or before he had his inevitable hammy?

    For once, not trying to stir up s**t here. Just wondering how ppl think. If you think their intention is to let him go, then 1) why didn’t you advocate trading him and getting something greater than nothing for him? and 2) why did you shout down ppl who suggested that moving him was the right move?

    Anyone interested in a civil debate around facts and logic? That’s what gets me about this site…the arguments are usually emotional. How do the mets justifly letting him walk and doing nothing when his stock was soaring in June and July?

    It’s NUTS!!

  21. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Because more than likely, the compensatory draft picks will be of more value than what they would have gotten for him in July.

  22. USMF Says:

    Common Sense-You’ve been kicked out of our’ve been ignored in corporate America…you’ve been banned from our schools…Why do you think that Met Fans would listen to you? Met Fans are the most reactionary, irrational and emotional (sometimes suicidal) creatures on the planet! We are what you see when you look up the term “sadist”.

    We can’t be happy unless we are unhappy. Who cares about the facts, what I think is more important. We love to rewrite history and change our opinions by the second… and no matter the outcome, we’ll swear that we were right for the beginning and what ever happens proves we were right. (in fact, we are the perfect fit for running our federal government)

    Why am I even addressing you??? You don’t belong here…in fact you’re dead, a ghost, a found memory of a time long ago when people cared about their community, health care was affordable, US made the best stuff and people didn’t spend 110% beyond their means and blame and then someone else for their problems.

    Seriously, don’t get too worked up over what people say here…BMF has always been more about the emotions than the facts. It kinda like sitting a dive (in a good way) bar talking to all your drunk buddies vs sitting in a work meeting where numbers rule every decision.

  23. Jomama Says:

    I love Reyes but waiting is the best thing right now. No rush at all to sign him and nothing more than 4 years with a 5th option. I think everyone realizes how fragile he is and if he’s not 100%, he’s useless. Reyes is an all or nothing type player and if his legs go, we’re looking at Jeter lite.

  24. Common Sense Says:

    Ahh..some good responses.

    Maybe this “kindness” thing has something going for it.

    Not sarcasm. I’ll try to be nicer. I’m very angry at the wilpons for destroying my franchise and I think we’re all pulling in the same direction. I am not optimistic about the situation though. freddie must go.

  25. Lord Charles Says:

    ^Not picking a fight, but did the Wilpon’s really “destroy the Mets?”

    When he bought in (at 1%) in 1980, the Mets were awful.

    He then bought in at 50% in 1986, which obviously didn’t hurt the team.

    And when he bought them outright in 2002, they were awful again, but at least half of that blame can easily be attributed to Doubleday.

    In reality, the Mets franchise has always been kind of destroyed, with intermittent flashes of hope.

    (And I do give him credit for bringing Alderson in. So long as he continues to have $100-$120M a year to spend on salary, he can build a competitive team.)

  26. BrooklynBill Says:

    I think given the situation, Alderson was the common sense pick for GM…Mets needed an experienced baseball executive and he was the best around. I think the media had him pegged as the new GM long before the Wilpons knew who he was.

    Guys - the Wilpons are going to by the Dodgers and then move them back to NY! Their old stadium is waiting for them and we’re even painting the OF wall Dodger blue! haha

    I was always pro-trading Reyes.

  27. BrooklynBill Says:

    At the same time, I’ve been saying I’d like to keep him but at the right price. It’s a crowded FA SS field, the potential big market suitors limited…that and the DL stints are probably going to help but I still don’t see Sandy resigning him.

  28. Met_Maven Says:

    I want to keep Reyes, when he’s healthy he is a tremendous asset in the lineup. Even if he misses 20 games a season the team is better with him. However, the Mets have been burned with big contracts before. If he signs at a “reasonable” rate, I’m all for it. However, letting him go could also be helpful to the team. Alderson has brains. He won’t sign a ridiculous contract just for the sake of signing a big contract ala Omar. Instead of giving Reyes $20 mill / year He might be able to use that Reyes money and whatever else of the budget that was allocated to the 2012 payroll to sign decent pitching, fielding and bench players.

    Instead of seeing this Reyes thing as a negative or a positive, I see it as having the potential of bringing about 2 positives. If he stays, we have a great player on a team that needs one. If he walks, we have a lot of money to bring in the talent where it is needed. Just my 2¢

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