Free Agents

Here is what I believe is the official free-agency list 
McLouth, Nate 
Sherrill, George 
Wilson, Jack 

Arizona Diamondbacks 
Marquis, Jason 
McDonald, John 
Nady, Xavier 
Overbay, Lyle 

Baltimore Orioles 
Guerrero, Vladimir 
Izturis, Cesar 

Boston Red Sox 
Bedard, Erik 
Drew, J.D. 
Jackson, Conor 
Miller, Trever 
Ortiz, David 
Boston Red Sox
Papelbon, Jon 
Varitek, Jason 
Wakefield, Tim 

Chicago Cubs 
Grabow, John 
Johnson, Reed 
Lopez, Rodrigo 
Ortiz, Ramon 
Pena, Carlos 
Wood, Kerry 

Cincinnati Reds 
Hernandez, Ramon J. 
Renteria, Edgar 
Willis, Dontrelle 

Cleveland Indians 
Durbin, Chad 
Fukudome, Kosuke 
Thome, Jim 

Colorado Rockies 
Cook, Aaron 
Ellis, Mark 
Millwood, Kevin 
Chicago White Sox
Castro, Ramon Abraham 
Pierre, Juan 
Vizquel, Omar 

Detroit Tigers 
Betemit, Wilson 
Guillen, Carlos 
Ordonez, Magglio 
Penny, Brad 
Santiago, Ramon 
Zumaya, Joel 

Miami Marlins 
Dobbs, Greg 
Lopez, Jose 
Vazquez, Javier C. 

Houston Astros 
Barmes, Clint 
Michaels, Jason 

Kansas City Royals 
Chen, Bruce 
Francis, Jeff 
Kendall, Jason 

Los Angeles Angels 
Branyan, Russ 
Pineiro, Joel 
Ramirez, Horacio 
Rodney, Fernando 

Los Angeles Dodgers
Broxton, Jonathan 
Carroll, Jamey 
Garland, Jon 
Kuroda, Hiroki 
MacDougal, Mike 
Miles, Aaron 
Padilla, Vicente 
Rivera, Juan 

Milwaukee Brewers 
Betancourt, Yuniesky 
Counsell, Craig 
Fielder, Prince 
Hairston Jr, Jerry 
Hawkins, LaTroy 
Kotsay, Mark S. 
Rodriguez, Francisco 
Saito, Takashi 

Minnesota Twins 
Capps, Matt 
Cuddyer, Mike 
Kubel, Jason 
Nathan, Joe 
New York Mets 
Batista, Miguel 
New York Mets
Capuano, Chris 
Hairston, Scott 
Harris, Willie 
Isringhausen, Jason 
Reyes, Jose 
Young, Chris 

New York Yankees 
Ayala, Luis 
Chavez, Eric 
Colon, Bartolo 
Garcia, Freddy Antonio 
Jones, Andruw 
Marte, Damaso 
Mitre, Sergio 
Posada, Jorge 

Oakland A’s
Crisp, Coco 
DeJesus, David 
Harden, Rich 
Matsui, Hideki 
Willingham, Josh 

Philadelphia Phillies 
Gload, Ross 
Ibanez, Raul J. 
Lidge, Bradley 
Madson, Ryan 
Oswalt, Roy 
Rollins, Jimmy 
Schneider, Brian 

Pittsburgh Pirates 
Lee, Derrek 
Ludwick, Ryan 

San Diego Padres 
Bell, Heath 
Harang, Aaron 
Hawpe, Brad 
Qualls, Chad 

Seattle Mariners 
Bard, Josh 
Kennedy, Adam 
Pena, Wily 
Wright, Jamey 

San Francisco Giants 
Beltran, Carlos 
Burrell, Pat 
Cabrera, Orlando 
De Rosa, Mark 
Mota, Guillermo 

St. Louis Cardinals 
Jackson, Edwin 
Laird, Gerald 
Pujols, Albert 
Punto, Nick 
Rhodes, Arthur 

Tampa Bay Rays 
Cruz, Juan 
Damon, Johnny 
Kotchman, Casey 

Texas Rangers 
Chavez, Endy 
Gonzalez, Mike 
Oliver, Darren 
Treanor, Matt 
Webb, Brandon 
Wilson, C.J. 

Toronto Blue Jays 
Camp, Shawn 
Francisco, Frank 
Johnson, Kelly 
Molina, Jose

Washington Nationals
Ankiel, Rick
Coffey, Todd 
Cora, Alex 
Gomes, Jonny 
Hernandez, Livan 
Nix, Laynce 
Rodriguez, Ivan 
Wang, Chien-Ming 

The following players are eligible for free agency pending option provisions in their Uniform Players Contract (UPC): 

Arizona Diamondbacks 
Duke, Zach 
Blanco, Henry 
Bloomquist, Willie 
Hill, Aaron 

Boston Red Sox 
Scutaro, Marco 
Wheeler, Daniel 

Chicago Cubs 
Ramirez, Aramis 

Cincinnati Reds 
Cordero, Francisco 
Phillips, Brandon 

Cleveland Indians

Colorado Rockies 
Giambi, Jason 

Los Angeles Angels 
Wells, Vernon 

New York Yankees 
Soriano, Rafael 
Sabathia, C.C. 
Cano, Robinson 
Swisher, Nick 

Pittsburgh Pirates 
Cedeno, Ronny 
Doumit, Ryan 
Maholm, Paul 
Snyder, Chris 

San Francisco Giants 
Affeldt, Jeremy 

St. Louis Cardinals 
Dotel, Octavio 
Furcal, Rafael 
Molina, Yadier 
Patterson, Corey 

Tampa Bay Rays 
Farnsworth, Kyle 
Shoppach, Kelly 

Toronto Blue Jays 
Encarnacion, Edwin 
Rauch, Jon

12 Responses to “Free Agents”

  1. JoeG Says:

    I hate the Marlins even more now that they are the Miami Marlins!!!!!

  2. John In Athens Says:

    Sign ‘em all and let Terry sort ‘em out!

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    I don’t think it really matter to us as we are not going to be a major player, or for that matter any player in the FA market!

    I would imagine we are going to be looking for the same type of players as we did last year.

    Maybe we can sneak out a pitcher or two after all the dust settles. I would think that is the best we can hope for.

    Not looking like an exciting winter for the Mets, except when we don’t sign Reyes.

  4. USMF Says:

    What’s the point,it’s not like we’re gonna see any major improvement made this off season. Our best hope is too maybe re-sign Reyes, which looks like a long shot right now. Sandy is not going to sign any big name FA’s.

    Most of the season is gonna be filled with “what is Wrights future”. We are gonna be stuck in the same situation again. Wright makes too much money for what he produces on the field. But can we watch our other top “home grown, fan fav, face of the Franchise” walk away because we don’t want to sign anyone to a big deal?

    The team has little money and little flexibility. Fans aren’t coming out to watch…income, then payroll will continue to decrease…

    sure, we’ll sit and hope that Wright and Bay respond to the OF changes and hit again. Hope that Ike comes back healthy and productive. Hope that Santana can be an ace. Hope that Neise and Gee improve. Hope that Pelf flips the switch. Hope that Pagan is gone or gets a brain. Hope that Tejada and Duda are legit everyday players. Hope that Murph has a position. Hope that all the young players we are banking on aren’t busts. and finally, hope that what ever happens to Wilpons doesn’t completely cripple the team for years to come.

    Yes, I’m being very cynical right now…but I haven’t felt like this for years…anyone remember Strawberry and Cone? That’s how I feel now with Reyes. All I can do is sit back and watch another one of my favorite all time players/Met walk away and we’ll be stuck as a 70 win team for 3-4 more years.

  5. ProfessorReyes Says:

    bubye Tony L.

    Ew. I don’t feel really good or clean about any of these guys, except maybe CJ and for sentimental reasons, Dontrelle. Yuk… After all the hard play this year I don’t really want to see Any retreads on the field! Especially some retread that’s already crested. Sorry Endy, that includes you….

  6. ProfessorReyes Says:

    p.s. Cheer up USMF, most of these guys are getting re-signed anyway, right?

  7. Met_Maven Says:

    Right now the Mets just need to focus on re-signing Reyes. Unfortunately, any signings that would help the team can’t be done until Jose decides to stay or go. If he stays, we’re definately not gettinag any big or mid level FAs. If he goes, I could see Alderson signing a couple of mid-level FAs. Its too bad BMF didn’t post what their projected salaries would be, there are a few guys who would fit in good with the Mets should they fall in the right price range of course.

    BTW, was anyone else shocked that LaRussa decided to retire? That came out of nowhere! Maybe Alswerson will coax him out of retirement to come to the Mets LOL

  8. USMF Says:

    Maybe LaRussa realized that Pujols wasn’t coming back and he’s the only reason they ever won.

  9. the dude formerly known as bill l. Says:

    LaRussa retired! I predict this may bring BJake back from his sabbatical for a brief cameo.

  10. BrooklynBill Says:

    Craig, Furcal, Pinto, Freese, Schumaker…if the Cards can win the WS with names like these then there is hope for us.

    Good riddens to LaRussa. I think USMF hit the nail on the head…

  11. the kettle... Says:

    at least the walls will be blue

  12. BrooklynBill Says:

    Reds picked up $12MM option on Brandon Phillips so there goes that idea.

    BMF - I think you left of JJ Hardy (who I think would be a nice addition, especially with the new dimensions)

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