Good For You St Loo

Great WS, unbelievable Game 6, very good game 7 and a perfect way to end the baseball season.

I’m happy for the Cards. Yeah I know ‘06 still stings but unless there is a really great story in the AL - like the ‘04 BoSox - I’m always gonna root for my league.

In fact it was a great year for the NL after we won the All-Star game, earned home-field advantage and watched it pay off with back-to-back W’s in games 6 & 7.

I know Larussa can rub you the wrong way - but he’s a great baseball manager.

Yes Pujols is a little annoying, but he’s a friggin BEAST with the bat in his hands. 

And hats off to David Freese who was OFF THE RICHTER SCALE hot from game 6 - 7 delivering a 2 run game tying triple in the 9th, the walk off solo shot in the 11th and a 2 run double to tie Game 7 in the 1st, all in the span of 3 AB’s — now THAT’S a WS MVP right there… not to mention a newly minted legend.

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  1. BrooklynBill Says:

    Yes, congrats to STL. I hate LaRussa but, they def earned it. At least the NL won.

    Freese, wow…what a post-season. One for the ages.

    Now…where the heck was Endy Chavez? Was he even on the roster? If so, Washington may have some explaining to do. Cruz badly misplaced that ball…if Endy is out there for defense, it’s the last out and Rangers are the WS champs. oh well…American League managers are not really used to having to actually manage…

  2. BrooklynBill Says:

    btw - If Texas doesn’t him, I’ll take him back!!

  3. Florida Met Fan Rich Says:

    The Cards are only the 2ndgame team to be one strike away in facing post season elimination. I think I can remember the other team!

    Wait till next year!….LETS GO METS!…

  4. BrooklynBill Says:


  5. CowCrusher Says:

    That’s right FMFR
    It was 25 years ago this week.
    Went to a Halloween party last night. I went as Mex and there was some dude walking around with a BoSox jersey with a rope around his neck. :)
    a few women showed up in some scantily clad stuff (of course, that’s not a Bad thing :) ) , the usual schoolgirl, leopard, cat and Yankee garb.
    But some other guy was walking around with a #44 Izzy Stl Cards jersey on…had to laugh at that one.
    I hope Mex would be proud. I even used “just for Men” to darken my ’stache.

  6. BlondiesJake Says:

    BMF, did you read what you wrote? In this blog you…

    -Say you would only root for AL team in WS if there’s a really great story. Let’s see…Rangers get back to WS without Cliff Lee, have a fan die from a ball tossed to him by Mr Redemption Josh Hamilton, have never won a title in franchise history…what else do you want?
    -You say it was great because the NL “earned” homefield advantage. The way to “earn” it is a joke. The fact a team that won a ton more games is the road team in Games 6 & 7 is a joke. The fact a Wild Card team that won fewer games than any playoff team had HF advantage is a joke.
    -You praise LaRussa as a great manager after the series in which he removed his closer after a lucky bloop and a single to set the stage for a Game 2 come-from-ahead loss and then completely botched the Game 5 bullpen situation. Your Cult of LaRussa membership card will arrive in the mail shortly.

    Of course, you were dead on about the series being great, Pujols being a great player but an a$$hole and Freese being exactly what an MVP should be, just sick how clutch he was in the last two games.

    Enjoy the offseason, I’m taking a much needed break from baseball and BMF.

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